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Barb Wire


  This movie was kinda fun.  It had sets that looked like they came out of  Escape from New York or  Mad Max (okay, you got me.  I like post apocalyptic movies).  The beginning gave me flashbacks to Barberella  mixed with Flashdance  but was even better done.  Almost non-stop action, so much so that I kept forgetting what the story was about.  Chase scenes, cops on the take, a fascist government and a overly trendy bar was what most of the movie seemed to be about.  Even though the dialogue sucked and the jokes weren't all that funny, I think the part I liked most about this movie was after the credits on the video tape when Pamela did some more of that routine from the beginning of the movie with the water being sprayed on her and writhing around.  I thought the trapeze was a nice touch, too.  What?  You mean you didn't watch the movie all the way through past the ending credits?  Man, I always do!  You never know what you're gonna find!  ;-)  Bet they didn't let you see it in the theaters, though.  They probably put the lights up when the credits start.  Typical.  They make you pay all that money and they still won't even let you watch the whole movie.  Maybe they wanna make you clear out faster so they can make the next group of people sit through more of those ads before the movie starts.  :-(

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