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IMHO: Greedy Businesses

  My main beef with greedy businesses is that they raise their prices when the minimum wage goes up here in the U.S., or even if the politicians are debating about raising the minimum wage.  Why do they do that?!  This is why the prices on things never seem to go down.  Because the greedy people who run these businesses are so intent on keeping the poverty level people poor!  Why is that?  It's like being a slave or something!  You think you might actually get yourself off of the eternal depressing treadmill of working for a living and barely making enough money to support yourself (and possibly your family if you have one), when all of a sudden some greedy business, whether it's a store or a utility company shoves you back in it and says "Where do you think you're going?  You thought you had some small measure of hope?  You thought things might actually start to look better for you?  You think we would let you climb any higher in life or even have a chance to buy some new clothes before the old ones were nothing better than rags?  Well, guess what?  You thought wrong!!!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!  Sucker!!!"

  Of course, there isn't anything the people can do about it, and if they think about it for long, they would probably realize that there really is no hope, things will never get better for them and they might even be inclined to think of or even commit suicide (be careful who you call if you're that depressed, or you might be kidnapped at gunpoint, handcuffed, have your clothes stolen from you, imprisoned without trial, and tortured with drugs, even in america!).  Not that the greedy businesses would care!

  It's really too bad that we can't trade and sell things between ourselves and just avoid those jerks entirely.  Like every week or so meet at a location and bring home-made food, clothing, stuff you've got that's just sitting around your house that you're not using any more or maybe a product that you made yourself like stereo speakers (I made some nice speakers for myself using 15" woofers), software, computer equipment, knick knacks or whatever and just do business between ourselves.  Maybe even use the barter system.  Like, "If you fix my car, I'll give you my VCR" or just exchange product for product with a little cash to cover any difference in value or something like that.  But of course, there's probably a law or something against that sort of thing . . .

  Some of the more greedier businesses even want you to sell your older stuff to them while telling you that it's only worth about 10% of what you bought it for so they can mark it up and make a big profit off of it.  Wouldn't want people to think that they could get along without those greedy businesses, now would we?  Oh, no!  Hey, I can dream can't I?  Wait, don't tell me, they're gonna make that illegal too, huh?  Wouldn't surprise me any!

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