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  'Volunteer' programs

  I've seen this on the news and Cnet a lot.  I think it might be a good thing if people volunteer their time to help others.  But, forcing someone to do volunteer work like some school systems isn't a good thing.  In fact, it seems very similar to child labor.  Nope, scratch that.  It's worse.  They're not getting paid for it so it's actually child slavery.  Yeah, yeah, I can already hear some of you complaining about it being for a 'good cause' but you've gotta ask yourself; do the ends really justify the means?


  Sun day, June 7th, 1998 i.c.c.

  I've recently heard from someone that kids in certain schools are being told that they don't get to graduate unless they 'volunteer'.  Nice way to make children into slaves.  If they don't do it, they don't get a diploma and it makes them look like drop-outs when they go to apply for a job.  IMHO, the schools are no better than blackmailers. They're using the same tactics.  What's even worse is that when kids that really do volunteer (without being forced to or blackmailed into it) go out and do some of this stuff with kids that are forced to be there, they quickly lose any of the good feelings they had by doing so.

  The solution (IMHO) is to make it a truly volunteer only thing.  It should make people feel better about what they're doing and the word of mouth of those that've participated in the program should get others 'infected' with the feeling that it might be nice to do it as well.  Maybe the people participating in this sort of thing will learn that it feels good to help others and just maybe it'll make them nicer to other people.  Okay, so I know that this will more than likely never be done, but I'm trying.

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