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  Trusting people in ActiveWorlds

  Important note:  The last I checked, AW has decided that tourists should be restricted to only a few worlds, so many things on this page and others may not apply to them.  I'm not going to change the wording because I'm not sure if ActiveWorlds is going to keep restricting the tourists to only a few worlds or will eventually change their minds and allow tourists to roam freely again.  Also, I have stopped recommending ActiveWorlds to both people in the real world and on-line as well as on my 3D Chat page.

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  Don't trust anyone right away no matter how nice they seem!  Most people appear to be nice, but in reality, they're extremely mean, sadistic, and cruel.  :-(  Like I've been telling people for years, trust is earned, not given.  The longer you wait before you trust someone, the better the odds are that you won't be hurt.  Get to know them first in a variety of situations and see how they respond to each.  This may give you a look at what they're like inside, as you'll observe their reactions to various things, including different topics you discuss, but you should also remember that it could just be an act.  A lot of people in AW are very good actors and even I've been fooled.

  Remember not to give out any personal information, especially the kind that will allow someone to track you down, because the person you're talking to may do just that, and it's doubtful that they'll be wanting to come over and have a cold beer or a cup of tea with you.  Some people may even try to kill you, like slavemaster did to some people who shouldn't have been so trusting.  The more information you give them, the easier it is for them to find you.  If they ask you something about your personal life, whether it concerns your job, family, where you go to school, or whatever, it's usually best not to talk about it until you know them better.  If they ask you something like "What's the matter, don't you trust me?", you should go ahead and tell them that you don't, yet.  After all, you don't know them that well.  If they're understanding, they may be worth trusting after a long time, but if they're not, you should find someone else to talk to.

  Also, don't give your password out to anybody, no matter who they say they are, or if they try to convince you that you can trust them almost immediately (usually a bad sign if they start insisting, and they get mad because you won't).  You shouldn't give it out to anyone who works for ActiveWorlds (or they just claim to), either, since they don't need your password.

  Even your privilege password (or ppw as it's sometimes called) shouldn't be given out to anyone unless you trust them implicitly, because it can be used to create things in that world or in other worlds (like a huge sign, saying nasty things about people using really offensive language) that you will get blamed for, because your name is on it in the object's properties (in some worlds, you can right-click on an object so see its properties).  They can also use your privilege password to destroy any or all of the things that you've built in any world that you still have build rights in.

  Since your password may also be located in your Aworld.ini file along with your e-mail address and the privilege password for whoever is letting you use it for their account, you shouldn't give them a copy of that file, either.  While the passwords within it may be encrypted, by putting it into their own ActiveWorlds program folder, they can then access your account (if you were silly enough to have set it to remember your password), or at the very least, be able to use the ppw of the person in your ppw log in.

  Do yourself a favor, don't have it remember your password.  Write it down on a piece of paper somewhere if you don't think you can memorize it.  It's best to use something no one would asscociate with you and use a combination of about six to eight letters and numbers.  Also, remember to keep the e-mail address you have listed in your citizen information up to date.  I suggest using a Web based e-mail address in case you lose your ISP and your password at the same time.  Then you can just ask AW to send you a password in the e-mail and (if they can be bothered to reply) they'll send it to that e-mail address and you should be able to log in again with it.


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