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Netscape changes I'd like to see

  A spell-checker in their e-mail program and HTML editor.

  Update:  They put one in for both their e-mail program and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor, but it sometimes has problems with words that have a hyphen (-) in them.  Example: If you put a hyphenated word into the spell-checker of either your own invention or one that wasn't put there originally, and you spell-check the page or message, it'll highlight the word and show you the same word with the same spelling to replace it with.  What's really interesting here, is that it's a Netscape spell-checker, but it doesn't have the word plug-in or spell-checker in it, even though you're using the latter.

  Making it easier to put in javascript (or at least the basic stuff).

  Making the news reader as fast or faster than WinVN.

  Making it possible and easy to use PGP encryption/decryption with the e-mail program.

  Update:  I found a solution that's very easy to use.  More info on it on my e-mail privacy / Encryption page.

  A thesaurus in the e-mail and HTML editor that'll look over your page or message to see if you've repeated a word too frequently (number of times that are too many determined by user or a percentage of the total words if it'll work that way) and then offer you alternative words to use and even show you what the definitions are under them.

  While we're at it, maybe even a grammar and style checker for those of us who never really paid much attention in English class?

  Having a way to bypass the automatic loading of ads, sound files, and plug-ins would be nice, too, while we're at it.  Maybe it can be made to prompt you if you want to load it so you can pick and choose?  Not the ads, of course, but the other stuff.

  Update:  There used to be a program called @guard or Atguard that blocked ads, but only if they were the older rectangular ones.  Think it was bought out and put into another program, though.

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