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OuterWorlds:  The Basics
  If you're a brand new user to OuterWorlds, this is a good page to learn the basic info about the program.  This page has been arranged to help you in a progressive manner starting from the very basics to more advanced subjects.  Links to further reading are at the bottom of the page if you need it.


Links to specific sections:

  Advanced mode, and how to see more in the picture window.

  How to download faster and what those black triangles are.

  Movement control.

  How to run.

  If you're stuck, and you want to move through things, or walk through walls.

  Finding people to chat with.

  Things you can do like playing games.

  How to fly.

  See yourself.

  Change your appearance.

  Dancing, waving, jumping and other actions.

  Say people's names when chatting.


  How to mute people if they're bothering you.


  Flooding the chat.

  Conduct and ratings.

  How to avoid being impersonated and OuterWorlds citizenships.

  Impersonations part 2.

  Enlarging your OW (OuterWorlds) window.

  Making the chat text bigger or smaller.

  How to teleport.

  Sorting the Worlds List.

  Viruses and privacy.

  Logging in problems.

  Cache corruption and deleting your cache.

  Log your chats and save them.

  Contact OuterWorlds.

  Stolen passwords and citizenships.

  If you need more help.



  Advanced mode and how to see more in the picture window:  If you just got into OuterWorlds, first thing you should do is go to advanced mode if it's not in it already.  If you don't see the button, don't worry about it.  Then turn off the built-in Web browser by clicking the Web button or just going to the word Show near the top of the window, clicking on that, then if it's checked, click on the word Web to turn it off.  That should clear up more space for your picture window.

Black triangles when you first enter a world:  If you are seeing little black triangles, please be patient while everything downloads.  Those little triangles are usually people, objects, or buildings.  The first time you go to a world, it may take a few seconds to minutes to load everything depending upon the type of connection you have with the Internet.  To make things that are nearest you download faster, and to make it easier to move around, look up at the top of your OuterWorlds window and find the word Visibility.  That's one of the drop-down menus.  Click on the word, and when the menu opens up, find the number that's closest to the top of the list that isn't grayed out and select it.  The default setting is Float, which varies the distance you see objects at depending upon what you have in your settings.  If you're sure your computer can handle it, and you have a good connection, you can try increasing the distance until you see as far as you want to.  Until you've become a more experienced user, though, you may wish to leave it on "Float" or one of the lower visibility settings as setting it too high slows down your computer.


  How to move:  Anytime you want to move, you should click in the picture window where you see people or buildings (or whatever) to make sure it's selected, then use the direction arrows on your keypad to move.  Best thing to click on is the ground or the sky.  If you try to click anywhere else, you may activate something like a teleport, a song file, or even make a page open up beside your picture window.  Most of the things you see don't do that sort of thing, but some objects do.  In the newest versions of OuterWorlds, you'll see a hand when you put your mouse over an object that has a link on it or does an action in OuterWorlds like a teleport.

  To move faster:  Want to run and you feel a need for speed?  Hold down the Ctrl key while moving using the direction keys on your keyboard.  Thankfully, there aren't any speed limits in OuterWorlds yet, so it's kind of fun to go running down a street in some worlds.

  If you're stuck and you can't move:  In some worlds, you can't move through things by using the shift key and a direction arrow key to get un-stuck, but in most other worlds you can.  If you're in one of the worlds where they won't let you, and you're stuck, you'll have to go somewhere else, then return.  Just left click on one of the grayed-out worlds in the World List (if you don't see the world list, hit the F9 key on your keyboard and select the Worlds tab).  It probably won't let you in, so you'll be told that, and sent back to where you were.  This is usually called 'bouncing' and is also sometimes used when a world doesn't want to load.  If you don't want to open up the worlds list, you can just click on "Teleport" at the top of your screen, then click on "to" and then click "OK".  That'll teleport you to the middle of the world, its GZ.  GZ means Ground Zero.  This is also useful if you get lost and want to return to the place you came into the world at.  Remember, if you get too far away from other people, you won't be able to chat with them because you'll be out of their hearing range.

  Finding people to chat with:  If there's nobody in the world you're in to chat with, you can use the World List to find out where everybody is.  Try the worlds with the most population, first, click on them to enter, and say something when you go in.  You should then wait at least a minute or two for somebody to see you speak and to give them time to type something in, as they may be in another program window, and are taking time to switch back to the OW one.  If nobody says something back, they may be AFK (Away From Keyboard) doing something in the real world, or even sleeping.  ;-)

  Need something to do and there's nobody to chat with?  Try playing games.  In some worlds, like ThisIsIt (my own world) there are bots that play games with you like trivia.  When you enter a world, you should read the world's information page to learn about it.  It may have information on games, or places to explore.  Some have hidden places that you can find if you use your imagination.  Hee hee hee  The best time to find somebody to chat with is in the early evening hours in the United States, or between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. VRT (Virtual Reality Time).  The VRT clock should be near the bottom of your OW window if you are using one of the newer versions of the OuterWorlds program.  If you are not, and you want to see it, hit the word Show near the top of your OW window, then the word VRT clock, and it will appear near the bottom of your OW window.

  Flying:  In some worlds, you can fly!  To 'fly' (go up and down), make sure you have the picture window selected by clicking in it, then use the + key on your number pad.  To go down, use the - key on the number pad.  Happy landings!

  To see yourself:  You can see what you look like by clicking on the Front Camera button near the top of your screen.  It looks like the number 2 with a little eye beside it.  If you're using an older version of OuterWorlds, you can click the little camera, then continue clicking it until you see yourself in the view that you like the best.  If you don't like the way you look, you can change into a different avatar.  An avatar is the body you use while in the OuterWorlds 3D chat program.

  Changing your appearance by changing your avatar:  To change your avatar, you can click on the word Avatar near the top of your screen, then select from the choices there.  Tourists get only two choices, whereas registered citizens can sometimes have over a hundred avatars to choose from in some worlds.  You can look at the avatar list for the world ThisIsIt to see one example of this.

  Actions: Want to dance, wave, jump, or just do a little jig?  Then try one of the action buttons you see just under the other buttons near the top of your window.  In most worlds, there are less than ten actions, but in some, there are many more, and the action buttons use abbreviations instead of whole words.  For example, the dances may be listed as D, D2, D3 and so on, and the happy actions can be listed as H, H2, H3 and H4.  You get the idea.  To see yourself in different views, click the End key on your keyboard, after you've clicked inside the picture window.  To go back to first person view, click on the eye button near the top of your OW program window, that's right beside the camera, or push the Home key on your keyboard.  In the newer versions of OuterWorlds, you can also jump up about one meter in the air by hitting the 0 key on your Number Pad if you have "Num Lock" turned off, and you're standing on something like the ground, but you should click inside the picture window first, to select it.  In some worlds, however, it only jumps up a little.

  When chatting, use their names in a busy chat so they know you're talking to them:  If you want to say something to someone, help them to realize you're talking to them by saying their name first, or in the sentence you type to them.  That helps to eliminate confusion, especially in a busy area.  Obviously, if you're in an area with only one other person in it or you're the only ones who are talking, you don't really need to do this.

  Blue words are whispers:  Blue words in the scrolling chat text box means that someone is whispering to you.  If you're in a world where you're not allowed to whisper to people, you cannot whisper back to them.  However, in most worlds, you can.  If you do not have the Whisper thing turned on, you can do that by clicking on "Show" near the top of your OuterWorlds window, and then "Whisper", or pushing the F8 key.  Then it will show a Whisper To drop down box that you can select who to whisper to, and a place where you can type in what to say to them.  If you don't want to listen to the person whispering to you, you can mute them.  The whispers from people with [ ] on each end of their names are bots.  Most of them only say hi to you and nothing more, but others respond to words and phrases.

  Muting people you don't want to hear:  To 'Mute' someone that is bothering you, right click on their avatar with your mouse and click "Mute".  Or, you can right-click on their name in the chat window and select "Mute" there.

  Shouting by using all caps:  If you use all capital letters in your words, some users may consider it shouting and take offense.  They might even mute you.  Make sure your Caps Lock is turned off.  Most people only use caps for an entire word for emphasis, but rarely for an entire sentence.

  Flooding the chat may get you ejected:  You may get ejected for flooding the chat in certain worlds by typing in a bunch of stuff too fast into the main chat, or hitting the Enter key too many times in a certain amount of time in certain worlds but you'll likely get a warning first.  In other worlds where there are bots who are told to eject for it, you may not get a warning.  It's important not to say "scrolling" when talking about this, because it confuses some of the new users who think that when they scroll back in the text, it does the same thing to everybody else's chat text.

  Conduct and ratings:  The world OW is G rated, and a lot of children go there because it's the default first loading world for their OuterWorlds browser.  There's one basic rule in OuterWorlds, and it's called respect.  Put it this way:  If you start cussing and there's a little kid there, don't expect people to be very happy about it.  You can tell what ratings each world has by the letters or numbers written on the little balls by the names of the worlds in the World List to your left.  The world that has a little globe on it is the world you are currently in.  If you need to know what rating it has and you can't tell because of the globe there, you can choose Options from the top of the window, then World, and then "Features..." and once you do that, you look under the General section by clicking the + by the word.  In that section, you will find the World Rating.

  Impersonations: Don't want to be impersonated?  Then be sure you don't have capital i's or lower case L's in your name.  If you use one, someone can use the other and impersonate you.  This is why you frequently see people with capital L's in their names in OuterWorlds.  You should also bear in mind that if you're a tourist, the minute you log off, someone else can use the name that you were using.  This is important to remember in case someone seems to be confusing you with another person.  They've likely had a conversation with another user that was using the same name that you are now.  If you want to reserve your name so nobody else can use it or impersonate you after you've logged off, consider getting an OuterWorlds citizenship (click here for more information).  OuterWorlds is much cheaper than other programs.  It'll also let you send telegrams (instant messages), allow you to be eligible to be on the teams if you want to be a VR DJ or host a game, let you win VR $ which lets you buy things like property, and you get to use the Contacts List so you can put other people on it to see if they're on or not.

  Impersonations part 2:  One other little piece of information on impersonations.  Because the OuterWorlds program allows periods in names it's almost possible to make it look like you're another person, but if you look closely at a similar name, you'll probably see the little period at the end of their name right before the :  This is especially something that world owners and those with eject rights in a world should pay attention to.  If someone is causing trouble, right click on the name of the person on the sentence itself that is considered bad and eject them quickly if you're going to before they have a chance to change their names.  Either that, or if you're a citizen, get a bot to eject for certain things in your world.  Prestons are probably the easiest to use, and they're free, too.  :-)  More info on them here.  If you want to run a bot in the OuterWorlds program, remember you have to put in the Universe field.  Only paying users (citizens) can use bots, not tourists (those who use OuterWorlds for free).

  Enlarging your OW (OuterWorlds) window:  To make your OW window bigger, take your cursor and grab one of the bottom corners and drag it to fit your main screen, or just hit the Maximize button. Also click on the word Show near the top of your OW window and uncheck Web if it's checked.  This will enlarge the picture window where you see objects and people at.  If you're running OuterWorlds on an older computer, it may be best if you look straight up in the air first by using the Page Up and Page Down keys on your keyboard.

  Make the chat text bigger or smaller:  If you have a mouse with a wheel on it, simply click into the main chat text, push and hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while at the same time, you move the mouse wheel forward or back until you get the chat text the size you want.


  Teleporting: To teleport, just click on the word Teleport near the top of the screen, then click on the word To... and when the Teleport box opens up, put the world name in the top box like "thisisit" (without the quotes), the co-ords (or just leave it empty to go to the GZ, or Ground Zero of the world) in the bottom box, then click OK.  This will take you to the place you typed in.  In worlds that allow you to do 'local teleports' which are teleporting manually inside of a world, you can also enter the co-ords like "5s 8w" (again without the quotes) and hit OK.  If you're not allowed to do it there, you'll simply be taken to the GZ.

  Sorting the Worlds List:  You first make sure you have the Worlds List up by selecting Show near the top of your screen, then Tabs (either that, or press the F9 key.  That toggles the tabs on and off), and click on the tab that says Worlds.  Then, after you see the Worlds List, you can either click on the little box that says the number of worlds there are and that'll show the worlds in alphabetical order, or, if you click on the little box that says how many users there are, it'll sort it by population showing the most populated worlds near the top of the world list.

  Accepting files and giving out info that can be used to contact you:  Please do not accept files from anyone you don't know and trust (they could give you a virus) and please do not give out your IP address, ICQ number, e-mail address, telephone number, home address, or any other information in open chat (or whispers) that bad people can use to contact you.  Do you truly know what kind of a person you're chatting to is?  Just because someone acts nice, it doesn't mean they are nice.  It could be an act.  Use caution and be safe.

  Logging in problems:  If you're having problems logging in, maybe you can just wait a few minutes or an hour or so, then try again later.  If you still have problems after that, it may be time to write to support for help.  The e-mail address for support is

  Cache corruption:  If you have problems running OuterWorlds, or you sometimes see avatars with almost totally white skins or clothing, you can close the program and delete the cache folder and that sometimes helps to straighten it out.  But you'll have to re-load all the stuff again when you start OuterWorlds back up.  Your cache folder should be in the same folder you installed the OuterWorlds program.  In fact, you should make a habit of deleting the cache folder once every week to a month so you can see any changes that may have been made to avatar lists in the various worlds.


Recording / logging your chats and saving them: Go to the top of your OuterWorlds program window and select Options, then Settings and then click on the Chat tab.  In this section, you need to make sure that "Log chat to file" is checked.  After a while (from days to months, depending on how much you use OuterWorlds and how many chats you get into) you'll need to back up your chats.  To do this, open up Windows Explorer, My Computer or whatever you use to browse the contents of your hard drives and go to your main drive (usually called C:) and create a folder called Backups then one inside of that named Chats, then (if you have more than one chat program) another inside of that named OW.  Then close your OuterWorlds program, go to the folder where you have it installed, open up the chat.txt file (if it's fairly large, and you're using an older operating system, it may ask you if you want to use WordPad to open it with so you should do that), see what date it says it starts at, select Save As from the File menu, then type in something like Chat from 8-15-2019 to 9-20-2019.doc (or .rtf, or .txt or whatever) and browse to the folder where you want to keep the chats stored in like the one you created earlier.  After you've done that, you can close the Chat file, then browse back to the folder where you have your OuterWorlds program installed in and delete the chat.txt file.  Then when you re-start OW, it'll simply create a new chat.txt file provided you haven't turned off the chat logging in your settings.  You'll need to do this 'backing up thing' once in a while, and how often depends upon how much you use OW and how many chats you get into.  If you like, you can just check the chat.txt file's size once in a while and when it gets over 500 KB, it's usually a good time to do it.


  Contacting OuterWorlds:  You can e-mail OuterWorlds at for tech support, or just use their support form located here.


  Stolen passwords and/or citizenships:  They can be reported by writing an e-mail to  and they should be able to help you.  Remember, don't give passwords out to anybody, or write them down where other people may find them.

  Builders: If you build, try to remember to cover the land you think you'll need first.  If you're building in a world that uses plots, that means covering the entire plot.  That'll keep other people from building on your plot, provided you're not a tourist, and the world has a registry.  If it does, people get messages from the Building Inspector telling them they can't encroach.  Don't know what you want to build?  Look around if you like for ideas.  Some people build houses, parks, or even castles!  Make up a Notepad or WordPad file of your favorite objects to use.  See an object you like?  Right-click on it to see its properties, then copy the object name from the object field, and paste it into that file you created.  This will help you avoid misspelling the name of the object.  You may also have to copy what's in the Action field to duplicate whatever it's doing or the texture or color it has on it.  For more tips on building, please see the Building in OuterWorlds page.


  More helpful information for new users:

  OuterWorlds Help Pages.  If you've got all the above down, this is the next logical place to go, and it's organized rather nicely.  You should look through it before you contact OuterWorlds, since a lot of the questions people have can be answered by reading it.


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