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Underworld Movie Review

  This movie came out on September 19th, 2003.  Although I wasn't going to review this movie until I've seen it in the theater because I didn't want to only review a trailer, and whatever hype I've heard like I did with Clive Barker's Saint Sinner, I was asked for my take on this movie, so here you go.  For the record, I'm not paid for this, I have very few contacts in the entertainment business, and I tend to be honest, so this is an honest Underworld movie review.

  I'll add more to this, or maybe wait until after I've seen it, if I can afford to go to the theater.  Anyone want to pay for cab fare from Chenoa Illinois to Bloomington-Normal Illinois then back, a box of popcorn, a soda, and a ticket?  LOL  Okay, so it would probably be cheaper just to send me a DVD of the movie...  Click here to learn my mailing address if you're so inclined.  Please note, that I will still give an honest review of the movie after seeing it, so if you think a bribe will help you get a good review, you can forget about it.


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  The Underworld Movie:



  First impression of the Underworld Movie:

  Seems to be a lot like the Matrix, Blade, and even An American Werewolf in Paris movies.  The music, the costumes, the guns, all seem to be mostly from the first two movies, but the CGI stuff looks more like it's from the latter movie.  At least it's slightly better quality than I've seen in the past, although you still see the odd colors in it, especially when there's a background that uses a night sky.

  I won't be like other people and go into a big deal of how Underworld ripped off the Matrix, Blade and the couple of dozen other movies that have the same style to them.  It's not worth it, and maybe I'll just try to judge this movie on its own.

  Underworld movie music:

  The song I heard during the Underworld movie trailer was Agent Provocateur's Red Tape.  This was also featured on the movie 'The Jackal' (1997) which starred Bruce Willis, Richard Gere, Sidney Poitier, and Diane Venora.  I'm hoping that at least half of the rest of the music featured in this movie is as good.

  Underworld movie plot:

  It seems a lot like the stuff from the White Wolf RPG games of Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Vampire: The Masquerade.  The two forces are fighting over territory, in this case, a city.  As expected with most movies, there's a bit of... fratenizing between a couple of people on the opposing sides of the struggle.  So, the vampire may be sleeping with the enemy (a werewolf).  What will their kids be like?  Will they have the capabilities of both parents, as well as their weaknesses?

  You've got to wonder if whether or not they'll have clans of vampires and tribes of werewolves like in the RPGs.  Then there's the traits or gifts of each.  Powers, if you prefer that word better.  You know, like the typical vampire ones where they can turn into beasts like wolves and bats, or maybe some kind of a fog or mist.  The werewolf ones aren't as well-known.  Well, okay, maybe changing into a wolf, werewolf, being stealthy, and for some, having better luck with simple machines in the case of werewolves in the city (Btw, there's usually a nice turn-out in New York's Central Park during big power blackouts.  Hee hee hee  Just don't understand why the humans are showing up for it now...), but not many others.  But then, summoning a moon bridge in a movie probably doesn't sound as exciting as a big fight scene.

  As for the Romeo and Juliet thing going on...  There's rumors of it going around, but unlike the Montagues and Capulets, the warring families featured in Shakespeare's play, these people have a much more fierce competition going on, and the war between them is fought with more than simple daggers, swords, and poison.

  Official wordings from the Underworld movie:

"Beneath the city streets, fueding Vampire and Lycan clans battle for supremacy over the Underworld.  Their war has raged for centuries, unseen by human eyes - until now."

  Okee, dokee.  Now that part reminded me a lot of the opening comments of the orginal Highlander movie.  Yeah, I know, Lycan is probably short for lycanthrope.  Oh, that was a stretch.  Not!

  Then of course, there's the main line from the movie:

  "When the battle begins, which side will you choose?"

  This isn't too close to the stuff in the X-men movie, but it is fairly similar.

  "Enter the underworld"

  Okay...  Is this kind of like joining the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  ;-)

  Interesting Underworld movie cast members:

  Selene, played by Kate Beckinsale.  She reminds me of a combination of Le Femme Nikita, Leeloo from the movie 5th Element, and a female version of Blade or Trinity from the Matrix movies.  The 'throwing star' I saw in the trailer looks closer to a circular saw blade than a suriken.  It was a bit over-sized to be a regular hira shuriken, the kind most people think of when they hear the name shuriken, but about the size of a teppan, around 5" wide.  Of course, they probably won't give much detail about the weaponry in the movie...  Oh, but I just love the tight costume!  ;-)

  Lucian, played by Michael Sheen.  In the trailer, the guy had moves that looked a lot like Wolverine's from the X-men.

  The movie Underworld was directed by:

  Len Wiseman.  Think the only thing I know that he was involved with in a movie related way was with the props for the movies Stargate (1994), which is one of my more favorite movies, and Independence Day (1996).  Since those two movies didn't look too bad, maybe this movie has a chance.  Also, I was told he's engaged to Kate Beckinsale, the actress who plays Selene in the Underworld movie, but I'm not sure if it's true or not.  Usually I don't comment on such things, but it's related to the movie, so I threw it in here.  For all I know, it could be just a way to get more media coverage about the movie.

  Underworld movie's rating:

R.  Supposedly for gore, strong violence, and language.

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