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  This is a list of people who are not welcome in ThisIsIt / This Is It

  If your name is here, it is likely because you acted sadistically and cruel to somebody.

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  The names of those who are banned:


  Aragorn (citnumber: 4443)

  Aragorn was ejected from ThisIsIt / This Is It on April 20th, 2005, after he came in and was insultive.  He even called me ego-centric, and insisted that I believed that the world revolved around me.  Gee, if that's true, then why do I spend so much of my spare time helping people and making helpful and informative Web pages?  However, I know why people choose the names they do when they insult others.  They usually choose the names that they believe apply to them.  For example, somebody who uses the name Aragorn in chats (they got the name from the king of all men in the Lord of the Rings) who claims somebody else is ego-centric.  ;-)  Earlier, on November 4th, 2003 during a trivia game, he said that I wasn't telling the truth about the gor / goreans.  Really, Aragorn?  Then all those people who were killed by the gor / goreans are only role-playing being dead?  Maybe you should try convincing their parents of that...


  Danii (citnumber: 944)

  Ejected me on 10-26-2004 during an official OuterWorlds trivia game for daring to defend myself against lies and verbal attacks.  When asked why she did it, she claimed it was OuterWorlds' policy to punish both those attacking people and the victims who dare to try to defend themselves against such terrorists.  The excuse "we were just following orders" didn't work for the Nazis during the Nazi war crimes trials in Nuremberg, and it's not going to work here, either, with me.  You're an adult, you're supposed to know the difference between right and wrong.  If you were a cop, would you shoot both a rapist and his victim who dared to fight back, just to keep order?  The principle is the same, there is only a difference of degree.  :-(


  holleewood (citnumber: 5389)

  Came into ThisIsIt on 02-21-2005, and wandered around the world and ignored people when we tried to talk to him, even going so far as to try seven different languages.  Still moving around, and ignoring people like some kind of rude snob, we teleported him to another world after suggesting that if he's going to be rude, he should do it in another world.  He came back and still ignored us when we tried talking to him, but then finally said something and immediately left:


  holleewood: ive been on the program bout 5 mints i havnt found anything yet

  holleewood: i hope people are nicer then you


  I sent him this telegram:

  You were rude.  We tried talking to you in many languages, including english, but you were rude and ignored us.

  You said you want to find people that are nice when you yourself are not nice.  Why?  So you can be rude to them, also?

  Do not return to my world.  You are not welcome here.


  Sounded kind of like a gor / gorean.  They're the kind of people who like to blame somebody for something they themselves are doing.  :-P

  But, even if he's just some stupid snob, they're not welcome in ThisIsIt, either.

  "Instant karma?s gonna get you..." WEG



  Or, as some of us are calling him; terrorist Imp.  A tourist who can usually be identified by the fact that he likes to insult people and give death threats, but to those who can see his IP address, it starts off with 82.33 and if you are capable of looking up the host, it comes back as  This one likes to not only terrorize people including world owners in their worlds, by coming into them and giving them death threats (happened on September 24th, 2004) but insults people and disrupts games, spoiling the game for everybody involved (happened on October 26th, 2004).

  About the only sure way to keep him out of your world is to block a large chunk of IP addresses.  If you're a world owner, go to Options > World > Ejections... then paste in this: and put something like terrorist Imp in the Comments section.  You then need to click the Change button on the same level as the Expires line, and select Never.  Then, click on the Add button, then Close.  Unfortunately, this will keep most of the people from that ISP from visting your world, but it seems to be our only recourse, as OW won't do anything about him.  It's either that, or keep ejecting him over and over again.  Frankly, I think he's just a troubled child, and incapable of learning, or, at least, that's the impression I got from observing his behavior.  If you meet anybody who's complaining about not being able to get into certain worlds in OW, now they know they can blame the terrorist Imp for it.


  Sugarfoot (citnumber: 5321)

  Sadistic person who enjoys playing the "ask people for help then accuse them of making them do something which messed up their computer, and send obscene messages to them" game.  Which is what they did on October 22nd, 2004.  After they complained about having problems, I suggested they close the OuterWorlds program, then delete the Cache folder in whichever folder they installed the OuterWorlds program into.  A few minutes later, they sent me a message stating that it messed up the OuterWorlds program, and they were forced to re-install OuterWorlds.  Seems odd that of all the thousands of users who have done this for years, they are the only ones that had their program become unstable because they did it...  Unless, of course, they deleted the wrong folder by mistake, then tried to blame me for something they did, which seems more likely.  I'll paste one of their telegrams into here, but replace some of the text with *'s:

  wait a min.. you told me to delete the folder so i trusted you I did it and it f**ked everything up so f**k you and your sarcasm.. i just became a cit last night so once again f**k you

  When I had the misfortune of running into them again, in another world here in OuterWorlds, they accused me of being mean.


  "Tony Matz"

  Ejected from ThisIsIt on June 5th, 2005.

  Sadistic football jock that thinks he can bully others in a 3D chat program.  Maturity level: Grade school.  Based upon grade school age boys to call everything 'gay'.  LOL

  Intelligence level: Much less.  Insisted that things were 'dumb' but, once giving this opinion, lacked the intelligence to explain why he thought they were.

  I've always noticed that people who call other people names usually fear that people say that very same thing about them behind their backs, and they fear it's true.  His inability to explain why he thought something was dumb nicely exemplifies this.

  One witness to his visit said that he was a "typical narrow-minded block-headed jock, who only probably bothers to learn anything so they won't drop him from the team due to poor grades"

  His ISP is, and the IP address started off with 65.171.26, so others who have eject rights or bots will quickly recognize him when he shows up, in case he changes his user name.

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