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Products and/or services wish list


  A company that will record just the music videos that you want on a video tape, laser disc, DVD, dime disk, penny disk, or whatever in their uncensored and full running time.  I really miss some of those 80's music videos!  Some of them were like miniature movies.

  A DVD recorder for the TV that has disks that can be recorded over an infinite number of times.  It would also be nice to have a camcorder like that.  No more hums in the VCR or 'eaten' VHS tapes!  :-)

  A 'sleep set' (electrically induced sleep).  See my Repressed Tech page for more details.

  A news reader for news groups that can sort out all of the ads and just download the articles you want.

  A wireless Internet across the entire world.  If it were to offer Internet access to web pages and e-mail without a per-minute charge like a cell phone and have speeds comparable to a DSL modem or better.

 A set of devices that I can wear like the gargoyle in the book Snow Crash so I can access the Internet (surf the Web, do e-mail, et cetera) through a heads up display (usually referred to as HUD) that'll impose the images on the inside of a pair of mirrored sunglasses or something so that others around me won't be able to see what I'm viewing, possibly with a miniature keyboard and track ball on my arm (sewed into an arm of a jacket or maybe just secured over the arm with a couple of velcro ended straps), along with a miniature video camera (perhaps it could be hidden by having only the lens itself there worked into the bridge of the nose on the mirrored sunglasses and a recording device that's stripped of all non-essential mass hidden somewhere else on me.  It doesn't have to be VHS obviously and I'd actually prefer it not to be since that would be a bit bulky.  As long as it can later be transferred to a VHS tape or another recording medium without loss of signal, it doesn't really matter as long as it has good video and sound, can record for at least two hours on a single tape or disc, can take a movement (like if I'm running on rough ground) and not have problems, and the power source is long lasting and rechargeable overnight.  I guess that DVD RAM or an infinitely re-recordable penny disk or dime disk would probably be the best way to record stuff in this situation) somewhere on my head that had a directional mike on it so it'll pick up things further away from me better than the noises I produce (like the cloth of my shirt rustling when using a clip-on mike).  The vid camera won't be on all the time of course (better have a blinking 'rec' light on it so you'll know that it's on before you try using the rest room.  Whoops!), but it should be turned on to record easily, quickly, and without drawing attention to the fact.  Possibly by having a small record switch located on the right or left rim or the mirrored sunglasses so I can make it look like I'm just adjusting them when I'm actually hitting the record button.  I'd also like to have a microphone to speak into and walkman type earphones on it as well so I can use voice chatting on the Internet while walking around town or riding my mountain bike.  It'd be nice if it was also able to go into full VR mode by making the images on the lenses as good as a TV screen so you can surf the Web like in the movie 'Johnny Mnemonic'.  Here's a picture of what that looked like, but it doesn't look as good as some of the other parts of that movie's Web-surfing were.  I think there was once a 'Johnny Mnemonic' type of Web browser, but I have no idea where to get it from or even if it still exists.  I saw something like this gargoyle thing on one of the Cnet shows calling them cybernauts, xybernauts, zybernauts, or something like that (Desmond Crisis said he felt like a gargoyle sending information with the rig, but he didn't mention the book Snow Crash (maybe they've gotta be paid to do that first?) and the thing looked way too bulky), but they didn't have everything I wanted on it.  Hey, if I'm gonna have an imagination, I may as well use it, right?  ;-)  As usual, I always have to wait for technology to catch up with what I want.  *sigh!*

  Being able to use VRD (Virtual Retinal Display).  putting the image directly on the eyes instead of with a HUD may be a better idea and it would be a cool way to watch movies if you could put yourself fully into the scene since with VRD you can make the images so strong that you won't be able to see the room around you (you can vary the power to make it 'see through' so you can still see stuff around you, or you can boost it so that you're totally immersed in the movie).  It'd also be useful for education especially if you could use a tactile simulator full bodysuit with it, but more than likely the military will make sure they get first dibs on it before schools or consumers get a chance to use it.  Hey, you won't have to worry about violence in the schools if you could take classes in a VR environment!  :-)

  Mocha flavored syrup.  You know, like Hershey's syrup.  It'd be great for making homemade milkshakes, pouring it on ice-cream or just simply for mocha flavored milk.  :-)  I think it's just a combination of chocolate syrup and coffee, but I'm not sure of the amounts of each and the strength of the coffee.  If anyone knows for sure, you can e-mail me, and I'll stick the info up here to share with others.  :-)

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