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  January 1st, 2006: There are now more trivia prizes in my 3D world This Is It!  :-)

  January 6th, 2006: Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday!

  January 7th, 2006: Nikola Tesla died 63 years ago, today.

  April 3rd, 2006: I'm still alive, using a MMORPG, and Comcast Cable High-Speed Internet access is currently only 18 kbps (2.3 KB per second).

  May 2nd, 2006: A friend of mine was just killed, but the murderers are protected by the law.

  May 9th, 2006: Sony will likely get a slap on the wrist for the Sony rootkit thing, while an odinary guy gets prison time and hefty fines.

  May 22nd, 2006: After being sent something again about the differences in the pay that Congressmen get versus that which a soldier gets paid, I thought I should write something about it.

  June 6th, 2006: Happy 6-6-06, everybody!  Hee hee hee

  August 28th, 2006: Better electric cars are coming out!

  September 27th, 2006: Slanted school violence news.

  December 29th, 2006: Crystal skulls, Atlantis, and the movie The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines.

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  January 1st, 2006:

  New trivia prizes in This Is It's trivia!

  Those who have been keeping up to date with what's going on from the Blog pages on this site in regards to my 3D world, This Is It, know that we have been increasing the prize for the top scorer for the month.

  Starting this month, the beginning of a brand-new-year, 2006, we set a new precedent.  From now on, or as long as we can afford to, we will give away not only a prize for the top scorer for the month in This Is It's Trivia, but we will also award prizes for the next two top scorers!  :-)

  Put simply:

  The top three scorers in ThisIsIt's trivia for this month, January, 2006, will win $30 for 1st place, $20 for 2nd place, and $10 for 3rd place.

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  January 6th, 2006:

  Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday!

  On this day in history, Benjamin Franklin was born 300 years ago.  This is of course, the 'old style' before people started screwing with the calendar, again, and dictated that everybody use the Gregorian or christian calendar.

  He was born on January 6th, 1706, on Milk Street in Boston, Massachusetts, across the street from the old south Meeting House.  To read some of Ben's words, please check out my Cool Quotes page.

  But, here's two of my favorite quotes by him:

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." - Dr. Benjamin Franklin, 1759.

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Dr. Benjamin Franklin, November 11, 1755.

  Few Americans heed those kinds of warnings, however, as their rights and liberties are slowly but surely removed, and their personal information, buying habits, and movements are becoming more and more monitored.  There are already plans being made, now, to put GPS bugs in each and every car so that people's comings and goings can be monitored and logged with a GPS tracking device installed in the car, along with a feature so that if the tracking device is disabled or broken, the car will shut down.  But then, I tend to think most Americans are sheep, or sheeple.  Very soon, every adult in America will have an ID chip implanted in them and they won't be able to do any kind of business transactions without it.  For more information on this, see my Real ID Chip Implants and RFID page.

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  January 7th, 2006:

  Nikola Tesla died 63 years ago, today.

  January 7, 1943, is when Nikola Tesla died.  July 10, 1856, is when he was born.

  Since most people don't have a clue who Nikola Tesla is, I'll try to fix that, although I'm certain that most people who wander through my Web site and have played This Is It's Trivia know who he is.

  Please check out my Nikola Tesla page for more information.  It still needs some work, as I'm going to create a better background for it, and add a lot more information about Nikola Tesla to it.  Going to try to make this one of my better looking pages, as I think this guy got shafted while giving us a lot of cool stuff.

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  April 3rd, 2006:

  Still alive, Comcast Cable High-Speed Internet bandwidth is 18 kbps (2.3 KB per second).

  Haven't done anything with this Blog page for a while, so I thought I'd put something in.

  Haven't done anything, really, with my 3D world, lately, or any of my pages (like this one) for some time.  Instead, I've been using a MMORPG program I've recently discovered.  It's kind of fun, but like in most Internet programs where people chat, you'll find jerks.  My biggest gripe is with some of them that team up with other players only to start insulting their teammates.  Wonder if I should tell them how very easy it is to get their user information (like their real names, home addresses, credit card numbers, and phone numbers) from their ISPs, and even the game program, itself?  WEG  I'll name each of the people like this that I've encountered using this program, later, so you'll know who to avoid, along with a help page, like I've done for other programs.

  In addition to that, I've been waiting and waiting for a response to an e-mail I sent to some people that've been setting up a new 3D chat program.  I had asked them to let me know when they'd get it ready for the public, so I could write a review on it, but so far, no answer.  *Shrugs* Maybe they don't want free publicity?  Anyway, I suppose I'll wait a little while longer, then write up something based on my experiences with the program and the people in it, telling what I think of it, how honest they are, whether or not they'll give you things then steal them away from you or not, just like I did with the other 3D chat programs.  As things stand now, though, with the issue I wrote to them about, the review is basically going to be telling people to try other programs, instead.

  And, as I mentioned above, Comcast Cable High-Speed Internet is currently only 18 kbps (2.3 KB per second).  Too bad I don't have a phone modem, anymore.  It'd be whipping Comcast Cable's High-Speed Internet's tail!  LOL

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  May 2nd, 2006:

  A friend of mine was just killed, but the murderers are protected by the law.

  Last night, they killed them, but I didn't know it, then.  In the morning, I found my friend dead in my neighbor's driveway, his body cold and stiff.  He had died alone with nobody to be there with him for his final moments, so close to friends, yet unable to cry for help.  His murderers are still out there on the Miami Florida streets, protected by the law against retaliation, and defending those you care about against them is illegal.

  How can this be, you ask?  Can people really get away with murder in Miami Florida?  Can defending your home, your family, or your friends from killers really be illegal?  Unfortunately, yes, it can.  You see, the killers in this case are dogs that are allowed to wander the streets of Miami Florida and kill whoever they feel like it whether it be other animals, children, or adults.  And, they've killed at least twice already, because I've seen the bodies.  Animal control doesn't work at night, so the dogs are allowed to roam the streets and kill whoever they run into.  Please, don't lie to me and claim that fairness and justice prevail in America, because I know better.  America has a lot of injustice and atrocities.

  You can thank your local government for allowing killers to freely roam the streets of Miami Florida when you bury your children, pets, or other family members.  I, for one, will not, however.  All things considered, shouldn't they be viewed as accessories to murder?  :-(

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  May 9th, 2006:

  The latest injustice: Big business will likely get a slap on the wrist for screwing with people's computers, yet an ordinary guy gets sent to prison and fined.

  For some odd reason, people think that the law is fair.  I'm not that deluded.  I see un-fairness all the time.  One of the latest instances of this that I can point out to people is the Sony rootkit thing as opposed to what the courts did to Jeanson James Ancheta, an ordinary 20 year old.  U.S. District Judge Gary Klausner sentenced him to 57 months in prison as well as ordering him to pay $15,000 to U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center in China Lake, California and $60,000 to the government.

  Sony, on the other hand, being a business that installed software onto their customer's computers without said customers' knowledge if they tried to play a music CD on their computer, a business that can afford the best lawyers, may only have to pay those who are part of the lawsuit against them $7.50 and allow them to download an album online, or three albums, if they don't take the money.  If you're not aware of what Sony did, please see this page.  Thomas Hesse, Sony BMG's president of global digital business, said in an interview with NPR "Most people don't even know what a rootkit is, so why should they care about it?"  That reasoning is flawed  For example, while most people don't know what an airborne vector is, I'm fairly certain that they wouldn't want to contract SARS.

  In both cases of computer tampering, the computers were made vulnerable without the owner of those computers knowledge, yet there's a glaring difference in how each is punished.  Whereas an odinary guy has to serve time in prison and pay hefty fines, it is very unlikely that any Sony executives will see a single day in prison, or pay fines anywhere near the $100,000 penalty allowed by the Consumer Protection Against Computer Spyware Act of 2005 for each violation of the law.

  Anybody who still believes that "all are equal in the eyes of the law" is deluded, and there is the proof!

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  May 22nd, 2006:

  Congressmen are becoming rich while soliders are getting killed for very little pay.

  Yes, there's been this e-mail circulating around for some time about the differences between that which a Congressman gets and what a soldier is paid, and I'm finally getting around to talking about it.

  A congressman's annual salary, according to the generally trustworthy sources I have, starts off at over $160,000 a year, and it goes up from there.  The U.S. President's annual salary is about half a million dollars for those who are interested.  I think all of these politicians' living and travel expenses are paid for from our taxes, so as far as I know, they don't have to pay for any of that from their annual pay.  And yes, the same could be said for many of those in the military, but there's a vast difference between living in a barracks and eating grub from a chow line and living in a mansion eating the finest food money can buy while being waiting on by servants.

  In comparison, a solidier in the U.S. military gets just barely over $1,000 a month as an E-1.  Even the guys who have been in there over ten years get the same pay if they're an E-1.  If you're a much higher rank, it goes up a little, but I don't think anybody that's the rank of E-9 or lower gets more than a few thousand dollars per month even if they've been in for a whole decade.

  Heck, to some of us, even that much sounds like the income of a rich person.

  That is the difference in pay, and you can ask anybody in the military about those figures, or any congressmen, if you can get any of the latter to bother to respond to a phone call or letter.

  Most military veterans know the score.  You're expected to sacrifice your limbs, health, and your very lives for little pay and usually no recognition.  A lot of people came back from places they've never even heard of before they joined the military missing more than just pieces of their bodies, but also their sanity, having to live with nightmares and memories of real events that make horror movies look like poor imitations created for children filled with mostly suspense.  Those who enter the service as naive young recruits and enter combat don't stay that way for very long, or they end up very dead, zipped up in a body bag with things like "remains unviewable" written on the outside of it.  You're taught to kill people you've never met and have little animosity towards from a distance, or face to face with whatever's handy, or your own bare hands, and they're taught the same.  This of course, after entering the service being taught since you were very young that killing is wrong, you have to play nice with others, share what you have with those that have less than you, and help those in need of it when you can.  All that's hard-wired in so to speak, and you're feeling like you've fallen into some kind of surrealistic nightmare as it's whirling through your mind as you're running through mud or sand, and you feel something hit your body that knocks you down to the ground, and you feel that the coolness of the ground is suddenly warmer where you're laying, and you look down and see that you're laying in a slowly growing pool of your own blood and your vision gets blurry and before you succumb to the darkness, your thoughts shift towards those you love at home and your very soul cries in anguish believing that you will never see them again.

  But yet, from what I've been told, politicians like congressmen only have to sit in a chair once during their political career are becoming millionaires, and those that do want to do something with their power always seem to want to do more things to limit people's freedom, liberty, privacy, or screw them over in other ways.

  How does that make you feel?

  How do you think it makes a veteran feel?

  Guess we all just have to shove it deep down inside with all the other rage and hurt we've felt and accept things for the way they are, shrug our shoulders and smile.

  Few people would confuse the expression on my face right now with a smile...

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  June 6th, 2006:

  Happy 6-6-06, everybody!  Hee hee hee!

  Today, I got my first City of Villains character, CyberWoLfman, on the Triumph server up to level 40, and, just when I thought I was at a dead-end, since you could only get your character up to level 40 in City of Villains, the people who make the City of Villains game, NCSoft, released Issue 7, called I7 in the game, which allows City of Villains characters to get up to level 50.

  Now, before you start thinking that this somehow had something to do with me, personally, I should tell you that these things 'just happen' and it's all coincidence.  The number 666 even came up on my birthday in the lottery game of the state I was living in at the time.  It doesn't mean that I'm the anti-christ.  LOL

  I hope...

  Ah!  I can't be the anti-christ because they'd have to be either be a politician (or some other ruler elsewhere in the world) or rich, and I'm neither.

  For just a second there, I was getting worried.  LOL

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  August 28th, 2006:

  New electric cars are coming out!

  Back in January of 2005, I mentioned that electric cars are coming out like the 2005 Venturi Fetish, which should make people realize that their idea of the best electric car available being a golf cart is silly, because newer electric cars are coming out that are much faster, powerful, and cheaper in price.

  There are now more examples.  :-)

  One example of this is Tesla Motors' Tesla Roadster.  It can go from 0 to 60 MPH in about four seconds, has a top speed of 130 MPH, and can go about 250 miles on a single charge (the company says the range will be increased).  If you're unfamiliar with who Tesla Motors named themselves after, see my Nikola Tesla page.  Advances in technology have produced things like the lithium-ion battery which can give power very rapidly to the vehicle, and the Tesla Roadster can be charged up from regular outlets with a special electric cord.  This takes about five hours, but they can install a special charger in your home that'll charge it in three hours.  Right now, the price of a Tesla Roadster is a little much for most of us, costing $90,000, but they intend to make a four-door, four-seat car in a few years that'll sell for less than $50,000, and one after that which will be even cheaper.

  Another example of an electric car that's better than a golf cart is ZAP's Xebra car.  Its price is much more agreeable to the majority of us at $9,000.  Currently, it only has a top speed of around 40 MPH and has a range of around 40 miles, but then, it's only using a lead acid battery, but it can be charged up in a regular wall outlet.  This should improve when they switch to the nickel-metal-hydride or lithium ion battery.  We may end up with a car with the capabilities of the Tesla Roadster at only 1/10 its price.  :-)

  In other news...

  Micro$haft (as many of us are calling Microsoft) gave people an update (MS06-042) for their Internet Explorer Web browser which made it crash a lot, and gave people a security flaw on top of it.  Most of the more wiser Internet users have stopped using Internet Explorer a long time ago, if for no other reason than it's not a good idea to Web-surf with a Web browser that's tied into your operating system, but for those of you who are reading this who haven't, please see my Web Browser History page.  You'll probably notice that this page doesn't look right if you're Web-surfing with Internet Explorer.  That's because it uses CSS, which has been a Web standard for about a decade, now, but Internet Explorer can't correctly interpret it.  And yet, people trust Micro$haft to keep up to date on critical security issues...   LOL

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  September 27th, 2006:

  Slanted news regarding school violence

  There's an article on Yahoo about the gunman today taking hostages in a Colorado high school (read it here if you want to).  This was at Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, Colorado, about 35 miles southwest of Denver.  As this is a new story, there's not much detail on it, but in the lower portion of the story, they say things like:

Bailey is about 30 miles from Littleton, Colorado, which was the scene of a school shooting that shocked the country seven years ago.

  News flash for the 'reporters' who think that:  Many of us weren't shocked, we were, in fact, expecting it, told people what would happen, what the cause would be, and how it could be prevented, but nobody wanted to prevent children from getting killed, so nothing was done.  *shrugs*  I tried, by doing things like creating the School Violence Web page which details the causes of school violence, and how to stop it around 1997, about a year and a half before the events at Columbine happened.  I've even met people on-line who said they were students that quoted from that page and told teachers where to find it, so many school systems certainly can't claim they're ignorant of what's causing it, or how to truly fix the problem.

  And, in the very next paragraph, the article says this:

On April 20, 1999, two high school students, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, went on a shooting rampage at Columbine High School in Littleton, killing 13 people and wounding 21 others, before they committed suicide.

  Do you think that just maybe somebody will notice the ommission of the 'why' part of the 'who, what, where, when, and why' of the journalist's 5 W's that are supposed to be used when wrtiting a news story?  LOL  Of course not!  You're over-estimating the observational abilities of the sheeple if you think they will.

  People don't really want to do anything to prevent it, or, they do, but instead of finding the cause and getting rid of it, they think that more secuity is the answer.  All security can be circumvented, and school security is the easiest of all.

  Like I said on my School Violence page, way back in 1997:

  There's flaws in their system.  Security check points are usually only at one or two places at a school and gaining access to the school can be done by any kid with an imagination.  Which are usually the very same kids who are being picked on because they're different...

  Those security checkpoints are usually manned by un-armed security officers, who are getting paid only a few dollars more per hour than minimum wage and at the first sign of any real armed resistance are going to 'rabbit'.

  In 1998, I predicted that there would be at least 100 deaths before people figure out the true causes of school violence (mostly intolerance, bullying, teasing, and hazing) and do something about it.  Should've picked a higher number, because I think there's been more than that, already, and they're still clueless...

  *Shrugs again*  Well, I've told them what can be done to stop it, it's not my fault that they won't listen to me, and the hundreds of school children who will die in the future won't be my fault, but theirs.

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  December 29th, 2006:

  Crystal skulls, Atlantis, and the movie The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines

  Recently, I was asked if I'd ever done any research on crystal skulls.  Not certain at the time why they asked me that, but I now suspect it may've had something to do with the movie The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines, which I've just seen on DVD.

  The movie itself wasn't anywhere near as good IMHO as the first of The Librarian movies of this series called The Librarian: Quest for the Spear.  Both of them have screw-ups, the more obvious being the fake animal species they name in the movies, but, I won't go into that.

  In the movie I've just watched (The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines), they used a crystal skull as one of the props, and one of the characters said that it was from Atlantis and had great powers.

  In the past, I studied crystal skulls, and I think most of them are fakes.  Some are indeed from older cultures, mainly mesoamerica, and quite likely from the Aztec, not the others, as the Aztec used skulls in a lot of their art, whereas the others didn't.  But, since they warred a lot with each other as humans have done since before they tried keeping better track of history (like oral histories passed around to each other, and from parent to child, and later, bards who traveled the land in the old days before newspapers and radio) they were likely obtained by one tribe making a raid on another, and grabbing whatever they thought was valuable.  The Mayans (where some of the crystal skulls are reported to have been found), were mainly in the Yucatan Peninsula, and they reached their peak about 900 A.D. before the Toltec invaded them.  Then came the Mexicas, that most of the world knows as the Aztec.  The Mexicas started grabbing land for themselves in 1325 and in time, had taken control of the southern area of modern-day Mexico, and they held it until 1521.  That's when the Spaniards led by Hernán Cortés along with their allies (the Confederacy of Tlaxcala) came by to destroy Tenochtitlan.  For those who still think that that's when Motecuzo-ma Xocoyotzin (AKA Montezuma) was killed, he wasn't.  Motecuzo-ma Xocoyotzin was killed the year earlier.

  Now, about those crystal skulls and whether or not they're fake . . . 

  Unfortunately, it's difficult to tell if a crystal skull is fake or not by things like carbon-14 dating methods, since it only works on things that are carbon based (like paper, wood, plants and animals) and the like.  So, the only way to check to see if the skull(s) are modern or not is to check for tool marks from modern production metods, and see how precise the work was.  This too, may not be a way to be sure that the skulls are fake or not, as some believe that there were ancient civilizations that existed long before the history that humans know which were at least as advanced if not more so than the humans'.  For example, there is evidence that there was a great flood.  In which case, the survivors of such a thing would be mostly intent on staying alive, and not on making detailed records.  As to that, different cultures use different ways of keeping records.  The egyptians wrote on papyrus, but there's not much of it left, now, that was imported, because the stuff deteriates fast in more humid places.  There's a lot of it still in Egypt, but it should remain there.  Sumerian cuneiform writing, however, was done on clay tablets.  Many of them were baked in kilns to make them permanent records, and some done unintentionally by enemies when they burned buildings the clay tablets were in.  If there was a technologically advanced society before the great flood, they, like the 'civiliazation' the humans have now, may've wrote on paper, or kept data records, or used chemical computers that are yet to be created by man (and probably won't be seen by consumers for at least another 20 years after they're created).  In which case, there would be little if anything remaining after a great flood.

  Are any of the crystal skulls from 'outer space', or of an extraterrestrial origin?  To be fair, if there were other more advanced civilizations in the universe, they may be using similar ways to make the skulls.  Is there intelligent life in the universe?  Heck, I'm still trying to find proof of it on Earth.  LOL  Almost all the humans I've met seem to be only concerned with getting money and/or power.  If ET did come by and saw humans (especially in situations where they don't think they're being observed and can get away with something) or simply seen some of the stuff broadcast on television or heard on the radio, do you really think they'd want to meet them?  They'd know from what they've seen and heard that humans are very intolerant, bigoted creatures that can't even get along with their own species, and have a tendancy to want to kill each other for nothing more than having a different skin color, or because they wear glasses, speak a different language, wear different clothes, or have a different religion.  Visiting extraterrestrials can be almost certain that they'd be captured and dissected for study, and their technology stolen, with the idea in mind to make better weapons, as most new technology is used for first.  Newest technology is first used by the military, then industry, and finally, if those who rule deem that the 'civilian' populations should have it, is used by ordinary consumers.  A lot of it, however, is kept from them, and is what I call repressed technology, like things invented over 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla that give you eight hours of sleep in only one hour.

  Can the truly ancient crystal skulls give their holders great powers, or be used for healing?  That's difficult to say because they're all secured in private collections like the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull (AKA the Skull of Dunn, or more recently called the Skull of Doom) or museums.  If you think they're going to let some ordinary citizen examine it, you're fooling yourself.  The only way I think they'd let somebody actually touch it is if they thought they'd get publicity or money for it.

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