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  To those who are asking "what is a blog?", a blog is a personal Web log (blog is a shortened way of saying weblog), a chronicle of events or a journal where somebody writes down things that happen in their lives, their thoughts, and opinions.

  What's the difference between a blog and a forum?  Some people confuse forums with blogs.  A forum is for public discussion.  You can look that up in the dicionary if you like.  ;-)  A blog, being a Web log, journal, or personal diary would be for an individual.  Look at some personal blogs and compare them with forums, even those that for some odd reason are calling themselves blogs.  You'll see the difference quickly enough.

  December 6th, 2004:

  Two things to tell you about, today.  The first is a new page of Bloomington-Normal Illinois pictures and the second one is what I call a warm fuzzy.  ;-)

  October 28th, 2004:

  Total Lunar Eclipse

  During the night, last night, several other people and myself watched the total lunar eclipse in my 3D world, ThisIsIt (This Is It), on a really huge television set I created in the world's middle, or GZ (short for Ground Zero).  It was beautiful!

  There, in the GZ, you can see one of the Roman arches as you look North, one of the Halloween pictures under that (which is actually a lot closer than either the Roman arch or the huge television screen is), and, around the edges of the GZ, right above the stairways that give the GZ its arena look, you can see jukeboxes which go all the way around the GZ.  Each of them has a song in them which streams to your computer within a few seconds of you clicking on them.  No heavy downloads like with mp3 files in my world.  :-)

  To give you a sense of perspective, the jukeboxes are about 1 1/2 times the height of the average avatar, which is a body you can wear in my world.  In ThisIsIt (This Is It), there are actually over 100 avatars you can use (see the avatar list), but the people who use the OuterWorlds program for free only get to use two of them.  Wish I could change that, but I can't.

  3 Moons!

  After a little while, I created a 2nd rather large television screen like the first, and put a different video feed onto it.  As time passed, we watched them both get a very deep red, and then one of the feeds stopped updating.  I took the picture of the two red moons and Luna, herself, hanging in the night sky of ThisIsIt behind the television screens, shortly before the first screen stopped updating.

  Total Lunar Eclipse Explained:

  As Sol III (Earth) came between Luna and Sol (what most people on Sol III just call "the sun", and where the name "solar system" comes from), the shadow of Sol III showed upon the face of Luna.  The shadow, is, of course, called the umbra.  As it did, we got to watch the Ahroun (or "full moon" as the humans call it) turn red.  The red light was from the light that was refracted off of Sol III's atmosphere.  The light from Sol, when it hits the atmosphere turns it blue, but then, if it does not shine directly onto Luna, but instead, goes through Sol III's atmosphere, it turns red and that's what makes Luna look red during total lunar eclipses.  Now you know.  ;-)

  Spend Halloween in ThisIsIt!  :-)

  So, what are you doing for Halloween / Samhain?  If you can't afford to go out, or you just don't want to, you can visit ThisIsIt and listen to the numerous streaming Halloween songs we have in the world, and check out the Halloween pictures.  In the Dark Side underground bar, here, we even have Bill Gates roasting on a spit above an open fire.

  Don't believe me, do you?  That's okay, I can provide proof.  ;-)

  Roasting Bill Gates on a spit!  ;-)

  It's not really him, of course, but it does seem to be a favorite sight to see in my world.  Hee hee hee

  If somebody clicks upon him, there, in ThisIsIt (This Is It), they'll hear the song "Eat the Rich" by Aerosmith.  Oh, I'm so bad...  But, if feels so good!  WEG

  October 21st, 2004:

  Do you want to play a game?

  Last night, and today, I built a nice chessboard and created Chessbot for my world ThisIsIt (This Is It)

  October 9th, 2004:

  Went out drinking last night, to check out Bloomington Illinois' first Octoberfest in downtown Bloomington.  Unfortunately, things got a little busy at night, so I had to duck into Elroy's at 102 west Washington street (it's the corner of Main street and Washington street).  This isn't exactly a very tolerant bar.  In fact, they even got upset over me using my green laser pointer to look at the hose that was hanging loose from the ceiling.  Oh, if you're trying to avoid having to breathe a lot of cigarette smoke, I'd advise you to skip this bar.  When I used my green laser pointer, you could actually see the beam, there was so much smoke in the place.  :-P  Had a couple of pitchers of beer, there, at Elroy's, but didn't really feel much from it.  In fact, I got on my bicycle and rode home.  LOL  Ran into a few people I knew while I was out, and one I didn't.  Some guy handed me a few stickers for Phil Huckelberry, State Representative, Green Party.  If you're interested, the URL to their site is

  September 23rd, 2004:

  Although I created a "tell others about us" page some time ago, I never really put a link to it on my pages until just recently.

  People who like this site can use the information on that page to learn how to tell other people about this site.  I am hoping that you are one of them.  There's no advertising on it or links to anything which parents may not approve of.

  This is probably also one of a very few .com sites, if not the only .com site on the Internet which doesn't try to make as much money as they can from their visitors by selling them products, or by bombarding their visitors with popup and other ads.  Or, they want your e-mail address so they can sell it to advertisers.  :-P

  If you appreciate this site and you can't afford to donate anything to keep it going, at least now you have a way to tell other people about it.  :-)

  D'oh!  I forgot to give you the link.

  Here you go:  Tell others about us.

  Oh, yeah.  The lurker in my 3D world, ThisIsIt is still there.  But, knowing that he may spoil in the hot virtual sunlight, or get a sunburn or a moon tan from being left out in the open too long, I put him on ice, by sticking him in a frige.

  See the picture:  Lurker on ice!  As I was concerned for his anonimity, I painted over his name, leaving only the " " marks which all tourists (people who use the OuterWorlds 3D chat program for free) have.  Also put a small .wav file on the frige so that when people click on it and expose the lurker, it says "How's it feel to be frozen?  Ice is nice!  Yeah!"  LOL

  Note:  Children (or silly adults) should not do this to anybody in the real world, as they could suffocate to death in a very short time.  That's why when you see a refrigerator on the curb, it usually has its door taken off of it.

  Sheesh!  That sounded like one of those PSAs (Public Service Announcements).

  Er, anyway...

  While we're on the subject of my oh-so-humble virtual home on the Internet, ThisIsIt, I've recently re-designed the Trivia Room in it.  For those who aren't aware of it, yet, I'm giving away a free 30 day citizenship (or a 30 day citizenship extension to an existing citizen) to the top scorer for the month of September who plays trivia with my bot, Triviabot, in ThisIsIt.  So, if you don't have it, yet, you can download the free OuterWorlds program from here, install it, and then run the program and come into the world ThisIsIt and play.  :-)

  September 21st, 2004:

  Many of you know I own a 3D world called ThisIsIt (This Is It).  It's my home on the Internet.  :-)  Being in one of my... odd moods, and noticing a lurker was still in my world's GZ or Ground Zero for over 24 hours, I thought I would be... 'creative'.  Some of you are probably already shuddering.  Hee hee hee

  Here, then, is the result:  ThisIsIt Lurker Decorated.

  For those who want to see it for themselves, and you can get into my 3D world, they're still here, and decorated, so...

  September 2nd, 2004:

  Hurricane Frances, according to the sattellite images I've seen, is rather large.  The people in Florida, no matter where they are, have a good chance of at least getting hit with rain.  Some may have hurricane force winds for an entire day, and tropical storms for a day and a half.

  For those who are planning a "hurricane party", and getting wasted while watching hurricane Frances come in, you may want to re-consider that...  Even winds that accompany a thunderstorm can lift off parts of a roof, and I can tell you from personal experience that a hurricane is far, far stronger than that.

  For those who need pictures to tell a story, I invite you to examine the picture I created comparing a hurricane to a galaxy.

  August 15th, 2004:

  Whoo-hoo!  I have returned home, to the Internet!  :-)  It'll probably be some time before I can get more or less caught up on e-mail, again, so if you sent me one, you need to be patient.

  A great big thank you goes out to the few people who donated while I was homeless to help me survive.  Thank you very much.  :-)

  As soon as I have time, I'll do a little more work on This Is It that I need to get done, and then I hope to finish work on some experimental pages, create a page on homelessness, and possibly change the look of the main page and a few others on this site.  Some of you have already seen what I'm working on.  Hee hee hee

  May 3rd, 2004:

  Okay, I'm leaving Chenoa, Illinois, and I will soon be homeless on the streets of Bloomington-Normal, Illinois.  I don't see any way for me to do HTML work until I find a new place to live, so I've closed down my Web design business until then.  Also, I can't run bots in my 3d world, This Is It either, to it'll be pretty empty.  Oh, and unless I can figure out a way to edit pages without a computer, I don't think I'll be making any additions to this page, or any other pages on my site until I can find a cheap place to live.

  Again, if you want to help me out, you can send a dollar or so donation from the Help CyberWoLfman page.  But, again, only if you can afford it.  Don't try to help me out if you yourself need something vital to live on, or your family does.

  Hopefully, I will survive living out on the street.  If I don't, thank you for taking the time to visit my site, and for all my friends...

  Thank you for being my friends, especially those few who have helped to support me in whatever way they could.  It is very much appreciated!  :-)

  April 22rd, 2004:

  Bad news, everybody.  Because of relatives screwing me over once again in my life, I will soon be homeless, and probably out on the street.  This latest 'screw over CyberWoLfman' is courtesy of none other than my very own flesh and blood sister and her husband, who charged me out the arse for living here, and wouldn't compromise when I asked and outright begged them if we could work a deal which would let me save up a little money to move with.  Thanks to them, I was unable to afford clothes, so what little clothing I have now is ripping apart, like the pockets coming apart from the jeans and in other places.  Heck, I only have one pair of shoes, too, and they're the cheapest I could get a while back.  Three guesses what kind of condition they're in now.

  They've also accused me of doing and saying things I didn't, restricted my right to freedom of speech, lied when I tried to confront them with the things they were doing to me that were wrong, saying they didn't, even though I had witnesses, threatened my freedom...  Oh, and of course, it's wrong for me to complain about unfairness and injustice, too.  :-P

  So, I am moving out.  I cannot live this way.  Tyranny, deceitfulness, greed, hypocrisy, threats, et cetera isn't something I can tolerate.

  This may be my last update to these pages for a few months, unless I put something up during the next week, because I'll be moving out around the first of the month.  If you want to help, and can donate a few dollars to help me afford a place to live, you can do so by going to my Help CyberWoLfman page and either send me a money order or give me a few dollars through PayPal, but only if you have it to spare.  Frankly, though, I don't expect much help.  After all, I know what humans are like from personal experience.  Even my own family screws me over.

  I don't have the money for a security deposit and first and last month's rent on an apartment, or whatever the deal is now with them, so more than likely, I'll be putting what few things I own into storage somewhere, and living on the street.  I don't know if I'll be able to survive on the street because the temperatures are still dropping down to freezing some nights, but it's not like I have a whole heck of a lot of choice in the matter.

  Well, I suppose that's it, then.  I'm one of the few people left on this planet who has done everything I can to help people, even risking my life to do so at times, but this world does not appreciate that kind of thing, so, I guess I'll be going, now.

  Thank you for visiting my site, and if I don't survive, I hope you enjoy it while it's still here.  :-)

  February 26th, 2004:

  The news channels are running stories on Columbine, again.  As usual, they're leaving out a lot of the facts.  I took the time to send a quick e-mail to FoxNews, but, I'm certain that they'll never speak of it, or post it on their Website.  I'll share it with you here, but I've edited a couple of words.  You can guess which...


  I've read the slanted story you have on your Web site, and found it wanting.  We are taught, since grade school, when we write something, to give ALL the five w's.  This is, in case you're ignorant of them:


  Your incomplete story mentioned the first five, but left out the most important part:  The why.

  Are you perhaps DUMBER than a grade schooler?

  Or how about this:  Motive, means, and opportunity?  Maybe THAT sounds familiar?  But, you left out the motive, didn't you?

  Why did the events at Columbine happen?  Simply put, those kids were harassed, beaten, emotionally and physically abused until the point that something snapped within them.

  Few adults, if any, would tolerate groups of people physically and emotionally abusing them in the manner in which those two boys were, by being called the most hurtful names that the bullies could think of, have bottles thrown at them, be hit with cars while trying to ride their bicycles home from school, et cetera.

  I find your story slanted, missing the most vital part, and woefully incomplete.  You should instead write for a newspaper of a foreign country where they tell you what to write in order to make it sound the way they want it to.  You seem perfect for the job.

  Leaving out the cause of what happened, which may actually INFORM people so that such things won't happen in the future, is, in my humble opinion, almost as serious as what happened at Columbine.  You speak of "lessons to be learned" from Columbine, but leave out the most important information.  How can people learn, if they're not told something?

  So, what are you, exactly?  Totally ignorant, or somebody who wants to hide the true causes and avoid any mention of guilt on the part of sadistic bullies?

  Maybe you're just one of those idiots who wouldn't know the truth if it came up and bit you in the arse!

  Perhaps you'd be better off working at McDonald's.  You're obviously incompetent at writing a news story...

  "Fair and balanced"?  Give me a break! "

  And yes, I included the link to my School Violence:  Causes of School Violence page, but I somehow doubt if they're interested in facts.

  January 29th, 2004:

  In case you didn't notice, it appears that all the 'big boy' sites also decided to put out warnings about the MyDoom worm yesterday.  Oddly, though, from reading their reports, they all sound nearly identical, and I didn't see that any of them did any investigating into where the MyDoom worm was coming from.

  See?  By reading the stuff on my site, you learn things you won't from anywhere else on the Internet, things they won't tell you about.

  Maybe they're just lazy?

  Oh, yes.  I also got creative.  Check this out:  National Security Agency.  ;-)  It works with some Web browsers, but not all of them.  If you get an error, that's a good sign.

  January 28th, 2004:

  There are more viruses and worms on the Internet, now.  Anybody who doesn't have an anti-virus program is asking for trouble.  That, and at least one good firewall.  And no, Micro$haft's firewall (what some of us call Microsoft) isn't one I would trust.  These are the same guys who have their Messenger program trying to 'phone home' in Windows XP, so I'm not going to believe that they're very concerned with privacy and security.  Or, at least, not their customers'...  :-P

  One of the lastest ones is called "MyDoom" and it's sent as attachments in e-mails.

  About the only people it's really getting is the new users, who don't know better than to open up un-expected attachments in e-mails.  Hey, new people!  Just say no!  That means any attachments, including text files like .txt, .rtf, and .doc, not just .exe files.  Like they say, "Don't judge a book by its cover."

  Remember, if you're not expecting somebody to send you an attachment through an e-mail, there's a high probability it's a worm or a virus, especially if it's from somebody you don't know.  Usually, these things rely upon people's curiousity to get them to open the attachments, which is what some of us call "social engineering", or tricking people into getting them to do something that common sense should tell them is a bad idea.

  The worm is also called:  Novarg, W32/Mydoom-A, I-Worm.Novarg,W32/Mydoom@MM, W32.Novarg.A@mm, WORM_MIMAIL.R and as you've probably guessed, it only infects systems with one of the Windows operating systems installed on it.

  There's also a variant called "Mydoom.B" or "MyDoom B", that's around 29,184 bytes.  And, not only is it being spread through e-mails with attachments, but also in file sharing programs or P2P programs.

  Most of these try to claim that their error reports or server reports, and many of them will tell you that they're from the domain of which is owned by the University of Georgia.

  They appear to be having problems.  According to them, anyway.  They say that their computer system was accessed, and that those responsible may've viewed admission applications since the fall of 2002, which, among other things, contained SSN (Social Security numbers), names, birth dates, parental information, and credit card numbers with expiration dates.  Which is why many of us don't like giving out such information, because there's a chance it can be seen by others.  Us more paranoid people don't even put it on any files on our computers because of such a risk, but governement agencies, schools, and businesses don't share our concerns, or they (and Stan Gatewood, the UGA's chief information security officer) value the convenience of being able to get to this information easily more than they care about other people being able to read our information.  Putting it on a computer is bad enough, but putting this kind of information onto a computer which acts as a server on the Internet is, IMHO, sheer idiocy.  What's even worse is that they're still doing it.  Yes, that's right.  That self-same server is still up and running, and can be accessed via nothing more complicated than a Web page.  It's also only encrypted with 256 bit encryption.  Okay, so I got bored...  *snickers*  My public PGP encryption key alone is 4,096 bit.  I'll bet Mr. Stan Gatewood doesn't put his information on that server.  If you're willing to place their information on it, you should show that you have confidence in it, and put yours up there, too.

  If you don't have an anti-virus progam, already, get one, and remember to use it to scan everything you download.  There's free ones out there, too, if you can't afford to buy one.  But, just becasue an anti-virus program says that it didn't find anything, it doesn't mean it's not a virus or a worm.  It just may not know about that specific type.

  Think paranoid, and don't be so trusting, especially of humans.  You get screwed over less often.

  January 20th, 2004:

  Today I saw something about Alaska aerial wolf hunting on CNN's Headline News that upset me very badly.  I watched as they reported the story on how they may start having aerial wolf hunting in Alaska (note that that's not arial wolf hunting in Alaska because arial is a font so please stop e-mailing me about this and buy a dictionary) again upset me very much, but I'll let the e-mail I sent below to them express how I felt:


  After watching the story on how Alaska is planning to hunt wolves from aircraft with high-powered rifles and telescopic sights, I was OUTRAGED!!  Chasing an animal in a helicopter or any other aircraft until they collapse in exhaustion ALSO didn't sit well with me.

  Wolves are a natural part of the environment, and yes, they do kill other animals to survive, but then, so did prehistoric humans.  Are we to deny wolves the same means to feed themselves and their young?  It's not like they can go into a fast-food restaurant and order a happy meal or the local equivalent, or till the soil and raise crops.  Besides, their digestive system isn't like ours.  It has less bacteria, and more enzymes and acids than ours, so they require meat.

  To kill wolves solely for the purpose of having more moose and other animals for hunters to hunt merely for sport is, IMHO, nothing more than a way to keep hunters happy by not allowing anything else to kill something they feel they have sole rights to.  The manner in which they choose to do so is an atrocity, inhumane, and cruel.  Besides, are the hunters so incompetent at their chosen hobby or profession that they require the aid of an aircraft and a high-powered rifle with telescopic sights to kill an animal they claim is in such high numbers?  What next?  Anti-personnel mines and heat-seeking missiles??

  What the holy hell happened to the golden rule that we were all taught from infancy?  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!  While I'm not saying that the wolves are capable of retaliating in kind, or that some extra-terrestrial species is watching us and will judge us by how we treat those who we should feel a sense of noblesse oblige towards, and use it as excuse if they want something we have, but come on!  How the hell can people justify hunting an animal in such a cruel fashion that isn't causing them any harm??

  Tell those testosterone jacked-up primates... er, 'hunters' to try meatless alternative burgers if the need to kill is so overwhelmingly powerful in them that they feel the need to do this to an animal in order to sate their blood-lust!

  How do *I* feel about the state of Alaska after hearing this story?  As of now, it's the LAST place on the planet I'd want to visit!  If I want to see wolves, I'll visit the Howling Acres Wolf Sanctuary in Oregon, or the International Wolf Center in Minnesota.  I'd prefer to let places that treat wolves as fellow inhabitants of this planet have my tourist dollars, not some state that thinks that animals are something we should kill simply because they're in the way.

  - CyberWoLfman


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