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  More pictures of Bloomington-Normal Illinois.

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:+:  Accident pictures  :+:

  Multiple car accident near Franklin Park

  They hit one car, then the other.  Bet it felt kind of like being the little steel ball in a pinball machine.

  This is the corner that has the Burr House Bed and Breakfast.  It's to the right of the picture.


:+:  Downtown Bloomington Illinois  :+:

  Bloomington-Normal Illinois skateboarders

  Yeah, I know, we're not supposed to skateboard in the parking garage, but it's fairly safe there.

:+:  College Hills Mall  :+:

  College Hills Mall Center Court deserted

  In the middle of a deserted mall, nothing moves.  No mall walkers, no security guards, nothing.  All it needs are ghosts of shoppers floating through the air...


  College Hills Mall locked up empty stores

  Looks like a scene from one of those post-apocalyptic movies.

  The year after the giant space dragon came to Earth and cut a really big fart?  LOL

  Bicycling around inside of the nearly-abandoned College Hills Mall was fun!  No humans were around to give their snotty looks, and you could ride your bicycle as fast as you wanted to!



:+:  Miller Park  :+:

  Reflective water of Miller Park lake

  It was so tempting to turn this picture over and see if anybody noticed.  Or, maybe I did...  LOL

  Stood there for a while, hoping some bird would fly by, and I could get it in the picture, too, but none were co-operating.

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