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  To those who are asking "what is a blog?", a blog is a personal Web log (blog is a shortened way of saying weblog), a chronicle of events or a journal where somebody writes down things that happen in their lives, their thoughts, and opinions.

  What's the difference between a blog and a forum?  Some people confuse forums with blogs.  A forum is for public discussion.  You can look that up in the dicionary if you like.  ;-)  A blog, being a Web log, journal, or personal diary would be for an individual.  Look at some personal blogs and compare them with forums, even those that for some odd reason are calling themselves blogs.  You'll see the difference quickly enough.


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  December 31st, 2003:

  Hey, everybody, it's New Year's Eve!

§«¤ºº*ºº¤»§  (-:  Håþþ¥ ñêw ¥êå®'§ êVê, F®ðm Ç¥ßê®WðLFmåñ!  :-)  §«¤ºº*ºº¤»§

  Hee hee hee

  Anybody want to have an Internet party?  Join me in my 3D world, This Is It, shortly before midnight eastern time zone in the US to ring in the new year, 2004!  I live in the central time zone, but I like to watch the celebrations in New York for New Year's Eve, and, since there's several live feeds from New York in the Vidfeed Pavilion (still picture), I figure why not have a party there to watch it?  ;-)

  The bots should also be running.  If they are, you can start up a trivia game by saying "Triviabot start" (without the quotes) when you come in.

  If you can make it, great!  If not, you're missing a unique opprutunity that doesn't cost you anything to enjoy.  Think of it this way:  By partying on-line with other people, there's no chance of you trying to drink and drive.  So, why not?  It's safe, it's free, and there's very little chance we'll be attacked by terrorists there.  ;-)

  December 30th, 2003:

  I made the mistake of turning on the TV set and watching the news.  Yes, this was a mistake.

  Upon the screen, there was a news story.  It seems that police in Bedford Oregon here in the United States refused to allow a prisoner to practice his religious beliefs.  The newsperson went on to say that the prisoner was forbidden to have anything with spells in it, possess wands, or Tarot cards.

  You guessed it; the religion that I'm talking about is none other than Wicca.  Or, as those who have their head stuck in the TV call it, witchcraft.  The Wiccan rede states "An it harm none, do what you will."  Or,  "An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will."  Sounds like a good religion for a Libertarian, or somebody who believes in personal freedom unless it hurts somebody.

  It's strange, indeed, that the police in Bedford Oregon don't recognize Wicca as a religion.  Wiccans are recognized by several U.S. courts as a religion.  Even the IRS and the U.S. military recognize it as such.  The Norfolk Circuit Court went so far as to grant Rosemary Kooiman, a Wiccan high priestess, a certificate to perform marriages anywhere within the state of Virginia, so, obviously, they recognize Wicca as a religion, also.  But apparently not the police in Bedford, Oregon...

  As many of you know, people came to America centuries ago to escape relgious persecution.  Now, it seems, freedom of religion isn't allowed here in the United States, anymore.

  It's been almost 63 years since FDR's 'Four Freedoms' speech, that he delivered on January 6th, 1941, where he said that people look forward to a world founded upon four essential freedoms:  Freedom of speech and expression, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.  In fact, there's even a shorter version written in big letters on the wall in front of the McLean County Historical Society in downtown Bloomington Illinois.  But, yet, we still have to put up with intolerance and bigotry.

  Do the police in Bedford, Oregon recognize any religion?  Are Animism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, and other religions also not recognized?  Is anybody wearing a crucifix, skullcap, pentagram or any other religious symbol in danger of being shoved into a cattle car and sent to a death camp?  Oddly enough, when I heard this story, I had this picture of cops there in Bedford Oregon goose stepping around the jail wearing Nazi swastikas and kissing Hitler Youth knives.  :-P

  Hopefully, this isn't the case.  But you've got to wonder...

  December 29th, 2003:

  Well, the United States is still under this 'security level orange' or 'code orange' thing.  Basically, it means there's a high risk of terrorist attack.  Either that, or we all have to be wary of being invaded by oranges...  ;-)

  The thing I'm wondering is; how many security agency employees gamble in a terrorist target pool?  Would such a thing be actively discoraged, or would the head of each agency or their respective mouthpieces simply make a public statement saying that it's frowned upon or somesuch, while secretly hoping that such a thing as a terrorist target pool exists, as it may encourage people working at said agencies to dig deeper for intel to better guess what the next target is and when it will be hit?  After all, greed seems to be one of the main motivations of a human that you can always count on.

  If you're wondering what changes I would make for my plans this upcoming New Year's Eve, they're not totally paranoid, but I'll certainly not be foolhardy enough to go to a highly populated area where there's likely to be a lot of highly intoxicated people who aren't likely to be thinking very rationally.  Am I afraid then, of a terrorist attack on the Las Vegas strip, or New York City's Time Square?  I'll confess, I am a little worried about that, but I'm more worried about people who are easily frightened and are at edge because of the warnings.

  Thankfully, the governemt doesn't go to security level orange very often, so there't less chance of a 'boy who cried wolf' syndrome, but you may recall the story not so long ago of people being crushed to death simply because somebody used pepper spray on somebody there, and the crowd of over 1,500 people all rushed for the doors at once.  Imagine, if you will, hundreds of thousands of people in New York City's Time Square, packed so full it's hard to move in the crowd.  Suddenly, a loud noise is heard.  It could simply be a large firecracker like an m-80, or it may be somebody shooting a gun.  What do you think those people are going to do, knowing that they're standing in an area that's a possible terrorist target?

  December 24th, 2003:

  During the last week or so, I've been re-coding all my Web pages to make the links different.  For those using later versions of Mozilla and Netscape, text links will no longer appear as underlined words.  Shouldn't appear that way for those silly enough to use Internet Explorer, either.  ;-)

  Also, I've created a new page called Happy Holidays.  This year, I can't even afford cards to mail out to people, so this is going to have to do.  I hope everybody understands.  Happy holidays, everybody!  :-)

  December 7th, 2003:

  After I was told that there was a winner declared in the Miss World contest, I went to the Miss World Website to find out who it is and to see what they looked like.  I was a little disappointed.  They declared Rosanna Davison of Ireland to be the winner of Miss World, but to me, she looked like a snob.  My choice would've been somebody else.

  Maybe Silvia Cannas from Italy.  From the pictures I saw of her, she has a great smile.  :-)  And for those who think I may be judging somebody by the way their body looks, guess again!  Her pictures didn't show anything below the top of her chest area.  Her information seemed interesting, too.  Silvia Cannas likes philosophy, and one of the two cats she owns is named Ada.  I wonder if Silvia Cannas named her cat after Ada Lovelace, who is considered to be the world's first programmer?  ;-)

  Runners-up, not in any real order:

  Miri Levy of Israel, who I think I liked more because she helped a disabled person than for her pictures.  She doesn't smile at all.

  Maria Jose Girol Jumenez of Andorra.  Nice enough smile, I suppose, but what sold me on her is her interest in the conservation of animals which are in danger of becoming extinct.

  Olivia Stratton of Australia.  Wasn't moved much by her pictures, but more by the fact that her info said she cares about her planet.

  Dalila Violeta Vanzie Montano of Belize.  Nice smile, and she dresses in black.  ;-)  Her info says that part of her job is to provide dental health services to remote, rural communities.  She says she wants to open up the first dental clinic for children in Belize.  Hey!  She also likes sci-fi movies, video games, and technological gadgets!  Maybe I should ask her out?  LOL

  Qi Guan of Peoples Republic of China.  I liked her smile.  :-)

  Lucie Vachova of Czech Republic.  No real smile, but the dress she wore got my attention.

  Ami Vashi of India.  Her job is to provide education to the underprivileged.

  Priti Sitoula of Nepal.  A very nice smile on this kindergarten teacher.  :-)

  Melanie Paul of New Zealand.  I liked her because her information says she has a fascination with ancient civilizations and wants to visit places like Peru, and to see the Mayan civilization, Egypt, Italy, and Greece.  Yeah, I want to, as well, but I don't think I'll get the chance.

  Elisabeth Wathne of Norway.  Doesn't appear capable of smiling, but she works with the elderly and disabled.

  If you want to see what they look like, or for more information on them, you can try the Miss World Website.

  December 6th, 2003:

  Okay, for the readers who don't as yet know this about me, I get extremely painful headaches and eye pain, and I've had the problem for years, now.  If you can imagine the worst hangover you've ever had, where just tilting your head down then back up gives you very sharp pain combined with the feeling that somebody is poking you in the eyes with a needle, you'll get the idea.  This has limited my time on the computer, and thus, the Internet, as staring into the monitor for very long seems to make the pain worse.  It's probably also influenced my mood, so if you think I come across as too much of an AYM (Angry Young Man) type, now you know why.  Also makes it very hard to concentrate on anything, so it's having an effect on the quality of this site.

  I've seen an eye doctor, and the only thing he's recommended to me is to get a pair of reading glasses, which helps to read small print in a book, but doesn't do anything for helping me with using a computer monitor.  I've got the screen resolution all the way down to 800x600, and the screen refresh rate at 100 hertz, but it hasn't helped that much.  The only thing I can think may help me now is getting a good 17" LCD monitor and as good as I can get video card.

  Doing a little research, I've checked around.  The Planar PE170 looked like it would fit my needs for a monitor, and the Nvidia GeForce FX 5950 Ultra would be nice to have as a video card, but I can't afford either of them.

  So, I need to make some money.  If anybody knows of an advertiser who would like to advertise on this Web site that won't insist on popup ads and isn't going to advertise for anything adult or illegal, please tell them about this site.  I'd ask for donations, like I've done with my Help CyberWoLfman page, but few people seem interested in helping somebody who is trying to 'fight the good fight', despite all that I've tried to do for people with pages like Internet Help, 3D Chat, E-mail Privacy, WinMX Help, and even one that warns people about modern day slavery, warning people to keep their children away from programs that have the goreans in them.  There's a lot of other helpful pages on this site, but I'm not going to list them all, here.

  Or, if you know of a way to get rid of severe eye and headache pain without the use of drugs, please let me know.  Aspirin isn't doing the trick.  :-(

  If I can't get rid of the pain soon, or if it gets worse, I'll probably have to stop using a computer and get off the Internet.  Which means that people will be left with sites whose primary function is to sell them things.  I don't want to have to stop doing this, but each moment I'm staring at this screen brings me pain.  :-(

  December 2nd, 2003:

  Created a new page called ID Chip Implants.  Makes it easy to figure out what it's about, eh?  ;-)

  November 20th, 2003:

  Finished creating my Internet Help page.  You may want to pass it around, especially to the new people on the Internet.

  November 14th, 2003:

  Whoo-hoo!  Had a fifth donation!  In the almost eight months that I've been asking people to donate just a dollar if they can afford it, there's only been five of them.  Yes, it must be true.  People would rather surf commercial sites with numerous ads plastered all over them and with popups being shoved into their faces.  If it isn't, wouldn't they donate a single dollar to somebody who's trying to provide helpful, educational, and entertaining content without having to resort to doing that kind of thing to them?

  Oh, well.  Hey, it was only a one dollar donation, but it's better than 99.99 % of the other visitors have done.  :-)

  Although this site isn't making any money to keep itself going, I'll try to keep it up for as long as I can, but that may not be for much longer.  If anybody knows an Internet based business that wants cheap advertising, please tell them that they can put up a banner ad on this site on the heaviest hit pages for very little money!  It may be the only thing that will save it.  Nothing else seems to be working.  :-(

  November 4th, 2003:

  While playing trivia in OuterWorlds, some guy started accusing me of lying about the gors / goreans / gor warning everybody about them, in open chat, no less.  This started after somebody said they had installed the ActiveWorlds program, I stated that I prefer OuterWorlds because there's no slavery in it, like there is in the ActiveWorlds program.

  Then, he starts saying how the gor slave was nice to him when he went into a gor world in the ActiveWorlds program, so he seems to be basing everything he believes about gor on that one experience, ignoring all other evidence to the contrary, even when I give proof.  The only problem with that is he doesn't realize that evil cults won't be honest with people, especially those they've just met about the bad things they do.  This smacks of gullibility of a rather extreme sort.  Of course they're going to be nice to people at first.  It's how they get new members.  More information about how they're nice at first here and here (in the Error #1 section).

  He also said it's only role playing.  Wrong!  If you ask most gors/goreans if they're role playing, they'll tell you to your face that they despise role players.  It's on their forums, too!  They say this repeatedly!  This is not some game to them, it's how they live!  I've even got a telegram from one of the slaves, saying she's been a slave for 33 years.  I think that rules out 'role playing' don't you?  Duh?  Even said the goreans don't like role players on my Truth About Gor page, but I get the feeling he didn't bother to read it.

  Leaving the trivia game, I returned to my world to get away from him, but he followed me there.  I ejected him, not wanting to get into an argument, hoping he'd take the hint, but this was not to be.

  In an e-mail he sent to me later, he tries telling me my statements could be considered slanderous.  Hello??  Slander means what you're saying is false, and I believe that everything I've written on that page is true!  If it's all lies, then the pictures I've taken of the gors' whipping poles where they whip slaves, their nasty telegrams to me, their e-mails, the slavemaster killing off people like the slave faithh (they both were in the gor worlds), the PK leading a mob of gors into my world, GKs telling people in the presence of children to try the gor worlds, the links I provide where their own words are displayed showing how similar they are to Adolf Hitler's saying that women should be treated as slaves and that people who are weak should be "diminished and controlled" and interviews with real world goreans keeping slaves who talk about kidnapping and raping women, et cetera, are only in my imagination?  Besides, even if it was false, which is isn't, it wouldn't be slander, which is spoken.

  If people are going to argue, they should at least get the facts, first!

  Does anybody bother to read, anymore?  Not even a dictionary??

  November 1st, 2003:

  Today, I created individual pages for each of the 3D chat programs I've reviewed, and made links to each of them on the 3D Chat Reviews page.  That should make it easier for people to check them out, and they only have to download the stuff they're curious about, not all the reviews at once.

  October 31st, 2003:

  Happy Samhain / Halloween!  :-)

  Normally, I tend to put out a lot of decorations, set my stereo up on my front porch, and listen to some rock music from people like Alice Cooper, NIN (Nine Inch Nails), Rob Zombie, and Ozzy, as well as some classic stuff like 'I Was a Teenage Werewolf', 'Creature From the Black Lagoon', and some stuff from Oingo Boingo, but because I'm stuck in Chenoa, in an area that won't let you do such things, I can't.  So, I'll just build something in This Is It, my 3D world, for Halloween.

  Man, I wish I was rich, or could just afford to buy the old house that I used to live in and live there again.  The house wasn't in that great of shape, being over 100 years old, but it had a great location, with no close neighbors so I could jam and sing to Luna with my howls without disturbing anybody, but I had to leave, as it was being sold to somebody who said he was going to make it a parking lot.

  Can't party, can't howl here, can't use my stereo, my rent is more than half of what I make in a month, leaving me with almost nothing after I pay off other things, and I have to take ice-cold showers because the hot water thing in the bathtub/shower is messed up.  Anybody want to put down bets to see how long it'll be before all this pent-up stuff in me explodes, and what will happen when it does?

  October 29th, 2003:

  While I try to avoid watching too much TV, I tend to check out the news from time to time.  Several days ago, the story hit the news about a 14 year old high school freshman by the name of Rachel Boim getting expelled from school and being removed by an armed guard because she wrote something in her diary about a dream she had where she shot her math teacher.  They showed her and her father on TV, discussing it with the reporters.  Rachel Boim's father stated that he felt it was a violation of her rights that they expelled her, as well as stealing her diary.  Er, I'm sorry, 'confiscating' is what people call it now when they take something that doesn't belong to them.  Understandably, he was upset that they read it, as well.  Then he went on to say that they didn't return it afterwards.  Talk about your invasions of privacy!

  Okay, I realize that those poor bullies in schools are terrified and peeing their panties because they're afraid that one of the children they victimize is going to fight back, but isn't this going just a little too far?  It's not like the kid brought a gun to school.  She just wrote something in her diary about a dream she had.

  Today, I watched the news again, and they're now leaving out the part about it being a diary, and calling it a 'personal journal'.  The dream she had that she wrote in her diary is now a 'story', and they're not talking about her diary not being returned, to her, yet.

  Of course, everybody knows why it's this way.  They don't want the school bullies to be afraid that somebody will fight back, and the news will slant stories as much as possible to fit with the current view that any violence, even in a dream is forbidden, unless, of course, it's done by bullies against children who can't fight back.  Then, it's perfectly okay with them.  Ever notice that the full story of what happened at Columbine on April 20th, 1999 is never told?  There's supposed to be hours and hours of video tape recordings done by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris saying why they were doing it, but of course, their side of the story isn't told.  You're just shown pictures of the bullies and jocks protesting how they were singled out for revenge by those who were tormented by them, as well as videos of fleeing children running out of a school with emotional music attached to make you feel the emotions that they want you to feel about it.

  When exactly are people going to wake up and realize that they're being manipulated?

  Want some proof?  Check out CNN's page URL here about the story:  It's still got the word diary in it.

  Oops!  Busted, guys!

  October 27th, 2003:

  Whoo-hoo!  There were two more donations made, and both of them today!  Thank you, people!  It's nice that at least a few out of all the thousands of people who come through this site, appreciate what I'm doing.  :-)

  September 21st, 2003:

  Wow!  Newsflash:  There was a second donation made that I wasn't aware of until I got the e-mail about it.  Their identity is as yet unconfirmed, but if they want, I will happily tell people who it was.  :-)  Okay, so this wasn't a very big donation, but when you're feeling lucky to have a sandwich to eat a day, and a can of soda pop is a treat you can't afford, it's a big deal!

  As of yet, there has still not been anyone asking to advertise on the site, but I'm hoping that someone will someday, soon.

  For those waiting for me to reply to e-mails, I'm working on it.  I think I'm up to about August 6th, now.

  September 7th, 2003:

  Greetings!  "Reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated."  For those who weren't told what happened, I was again 'waylaid' by human technology.  The computer mainboard seems to have been the cause.  Fortunately, I now have a new one, although it isn't perfect, either.  Maybe one of these centuries humans will actually build things that work the way they're supposed to.  But I'm not going to hold my breath on that...

  At least I've learned a valuable lesson during my state of severe Internet withdrawal.  When you're down and are in desperate need of help, you learn exactly who your true friends are.  It seems that not a single person donated anything (the only person who is shown to have donated on that page did so months ago) to help me out during my time of need, and only two offered advice.  Maybe I should stop helping others?  That seems to be the lesson people are trying to teach me.  I risk my life to help others, give honest reviews of 3d chat programs and VidScans (honest movie reviews and honest TV show reviews), tell people about repressed technology, teach them how to encrypt their e-mails to protect their privacy with step by step instructions (and where to get free encryption programs) so that only those who they send e-mail to can read them, created dozens of other helpful pages scattered throughout my site, took pictures of events, people, and places within the Bloomington-Normal Illinois area and put them on the Web, created This Is It, a 3D world, where people from all over the world can play in, watch live vidfeeds (still picture here) from all over the world, play music, trivia, learn about the first written language, see a re-created Sumerian ziggurat, and in the Knowledge Infusion/Enhancement Matrix within my 3D world, learn about computer security and computer history, as well as cool technology, encryption, Internet privacy, how to defend themselves against biological attacks, learn about the Declaration of Independence, find out which political party thinks along the same lines as they do by taking a short quiz, how to build in a 3D chat program, and astronomy.

  I don't get paid by any company for this kind of thing, and have never received any kind of a bribe.  While others aren't as honest, I try very hard to be, and I provide entertainment, information, and new ways to learn without being driven by greed like a lot of companies are.  Heck, I'd be happy just to have a single month where I didn't get more in debt!

  Maybe I should become like the humans and start thinking only of myself?  I'm starting to think I'm wasting my time with all this.  It gives me a good feeling to help out others, but the cost to do so is more than I can afford sometimes, and I may have to stop doing it just to stay alive.  This may be the end.  Within a couple of weeks, my 3D world will expire, and I lack the funds needed to renew it.  So, it may have to close for a time, hopefully a short time, but I'm unsure when I'll be able to afford to pay for the world again.

  As for e-mails, I'll try and get to them as soon as I'm able to.  When I returned from my Internet exile and downloaded my new e-mails from the server, I found that I had hundreds waiting for me.


  July 8th, 2003:

  Someone asked me for my take on the Underworld movie coming out, so I looked at the trailer, and wrote a short review of it.  I'll probably add more to it later after I've seen the movie itself.

  July 7th, 2003:

  The Matthew Lovett and friends thing:

  Okay, this is a little silly, but are humans really so gullible as to believe the crap the media spouts out on the news channels and Web sites?  This whole anti-gun thing is getting a little ridiculous!

  Let's see, now...  They're accusing him of an attempted carjacking, and the 'victim' only said so far that he was looked at, didn't say anything about being threatened with a gun.

  They seem to think that it's strange that someone would get upset over years of ridicule and harassment.  I've been trying to tell people for years now (see my School Violence: Causes of School Violence page for some of it that I started years ago), that if they want to end school violence, the first thing they should do is to get children to accept each other's differences and eliminate the whole bullying game that kids do in school, even to children who have a birth defect.  I mean, come on!  Do the bullies have such a low self-esteem that they feel the need to harass kids who are born different and aren't as handsome as they are?  That would be pretty pathetic, huh?  But no, I think it's more of a sadistic thing, where they get pleasure from torturing others emotionally and physically if they can't get off enough on the emotional torment they cause.

  As for the weapons...  Big deal!  I feel that if the majority of responsible and emotionally stable adults had guns, there'd probably be a hell of a lot fewer drive-bys!  Think of it:  How many drive-bys happen at military bases or police stations?  Duh?  If there's a chance that someone can actually defend themselves, most attackers won't do it, especially if there's a group of people, and not just one individual.  Sure, they may be able to 'get the drop' on a single person, but a whole crowd of people, where 90% of them are armed?  Doubtful.  Even Thomas Jefferson thought that it was the right and duty of people to be "at all times armed" (see the quote on my Cool Quotes page).  But if this was ever done, I'd hope that they'd make sure people got trained in gun safety, and that the weapons had a fingerprint checker (a biometric for those who sling the lingo) on them so they could only be fired by the owners, and not kids or someone who broke into their house and wanted to use the weapons on the family.

  And personally, I think it only makes people see the accused as being more violent than they are when they show pictures of the weapons they had.  The FoxNews site was the worst, IMHO.  They showed pictures of the edged weapons, bullets (shown very close up so they'd look bigger and more threatening), and a picture of Matthew Lovett in handcuffs, being led away by a cop, all on the same page and right near the top of it where they had the story so people would be sure to see them.  Is this supposed to be 'fair and balanced' news reporting?  Sounds more like a kind of psychological manipulation to me!  Then there's the age of the bullets...  26 years in storage?  LOL  A Minute Man from the War of Independence back in the 1700's would've tossed out powder that old a long time ago, and if he had no other options, would've tried to defend his family and their home with a sword instead.

  Speaking of swords:  As for the swords they had, they're not that unusual.  I can even tell you the name of the sword shown in the picture (even though the picture was pretty blurred, I suspect that I know this sword, but I'd have to have a better look at the pommel, hilt, and the part of the blade nearest it to be sure), all the little details about its length, weight, and what kind of metal it was made out of and where it was made, as well as where they probably bought it from.  What was it they said in the catalog?  "Now that's what a sword's supposed to look like!"  LOL  Think it even had a rat-tail tang in it, too...  If so, it wouldn't have lasted long if someone tried to use it.  As for them having "three foot long swords", it's ridiculous!  Even a katana is under three feet long, and it's one of the longest swords there is.  If people are going to report the news, try being factual!  Don't lie about details to make people see things as being more threatening!  If it's the sword I think it is, it's more ornamental than combat ready, and because it's not balanced near the hilt, it's rather unwieldly, and I doubt if an 18 year old American boy growing up in the US would be a very able swordsman.  It's not like he ever fought a student duel at Heidelberg, or anything like that.  ;-)

  Then there were the knives.  One of them looked like a very short Ka-bar knife with a pink handle.  LOL  The blade looked like it couldn't have been more than three inches.  Oh, yeah.  Really threatening.  *snickers*  If you wanted to make someone laugh to death!  LOL

  Okay...  To sum this up:  I don't think Matthew Lovett is being treated fairly by the media, just like he wasn't being treated fairly by the humans that harassed him.  Nor do I think he's very dangerous.  It sounds more like a kid pushed to his limit who just wanted to grab as many weapons as possible and go to the main people who were harassing him and the people he cared about the most and try to scare them a little bit in the hopes that they might be a little more respectful of others.  The number of weapons and variety as well as the amount of ammunition would be used to try and intimidate the bullies in the hopes that they'd back off.  The most extreme thing I can see him doing is driving by someone's house in a car that he 'hijacked' (by giving someone a threatening look?  LOL) or stole and shooting holes in the house when someone wasn't there, but since they couldn't even threaten someone with a gun to carjack them, I don't think they'd be capable of it.  If they were actually trying to kill someone, they wouldn't have needed all that hardware.  Duh?

  The media using loaded word phrases like "killing spree plot", "they had the intent to kill", and all that makes it sound like they've already been tried and judged.  How do these reporters know what's in the hearts of someone they've probably never met?  At least I will say that I draw conclusions based on the information I have, while they probably just talked to a couple of cops, or maybe just the local prosecutor.  :-P  Research?  Why should they bother getting their facts straight?  They're paid to write stories that sell newspapers or to get people to stay glued to the TV sets so the sponsors will be happy.

  July 4th, 2003:

  After spending a few days away from the Internet, I went back to it in an attempt to find something to lift my spirits.  I saw that someone was asking what I'd think the forefathers of the US would say if they were alive today, and I sent in the following:

  "Holy crap!  Exactly what percentage, if any, of the Constitution is still valid and unchanged?  The way things stand now, Jefferson as well as the majority of the rest of us, would likely be tried for treasonous and subversive behavior!"

  Although I'm fairly certain that won't be used, it felt good to put in my 'two bits'.  With all the limitations on what you can say, as well as judges restricting defendants mentioning that they're being tried for doing something that's legal in their state, the first amendment is pretty much a joke.

  Even later amendments like the 13th amendment which made slavery illegal aren't enforced.  Slavery is alive and well in the US, and there are even companies that help it along by selling those who are into slavery 3D worlds where they can 'do their thing' on-line.  Read for yourself, if you don't believe me.  Click here.

  To those who have never read some of Thomas Jefferson's stuff, you can find several quotes by him on my Cool Quotes page.

  May and June of 2003:

  I spent most of my time trying to get accustomed to living in my new and temporary home in Chenoa, Illinois.  I'm hoping to return to Bloomington-Normal Illinois soon.

  May 1st, 2003:

  After getting fed up with IMHO a second rate 3d chat program, I moved my 3D world, ThisIsIt to the OuterWorlds program.

  April 19th, 2003:

  Okay, just found out that all the e-mails I've been sending out lately haven't been getting to people, so I'm forced to have to write them again.  Ack!

  Also, I've told a few people already, but for the record, I'm the 'Web geek' for the Air Force Orientation Group.  Click here to see the site.  :-)

  April 15th, 2003:

  Because someone told me that the little "Help!" button I created with a link to the donations page may be confusing people, I made up a little banner thing asking them to click on it to help me and other good causes.

  March 22nd, 2003:

  After learning that my cost to live is going up like a kite, I had to do a lot of soul-searching.  For years, I've dedicated my Websites to not having ads on them, but now, I will either have to add some ads or ask for donations.  Wishing I didn't have to do either, to be honest with you.  I hate ads a lot more than most people, and I don't like asking people for help, especially if it's for money.  But it's come down to that.  :-(  I could try to keep going as I am, but I would be living on the street within a week or two at the most.  I've cut corners everywhere I can, and even stopped going to the bars except for holidays, and then I only took about $20 with me.

  If anyone wants to donate a dollar or two to keep this site alive, I hope you can do it.  If not...  Well, it's been fun for the most part, and I'll miss everyone.  :-)

  This could very well be my last entry because I may lose Internet access in the next few days but not sure when, so I'll say good-bye now.  Going to try to catch up on as many e-mails as I can and say good-bye to those who have written me, but if I miss your e-mail or don't get a chance to do them all, I'm sorry.  :-(

  May you all find happiness, and the world treats you better than it has some of us.  :-)

  March 17th, 2003:

  Happy St. Pat's day, everybody!  Or as some of us like to call it: 'Green Beer Day'!  Hee hee hee

  Been really busy with a lot of things, and I think it's time I took a break before I go boom-boom.

  Tonight, I'm going to be taking a bit of a break and going out to have a little fun.  If you're in Bloomington-Normal Illinois, you're welcome to join me.  I'll probably be drinking in the downtown Bloomington bars, and I'll more than likely be wearing a green shirt unless it gets hot or some silly human cranks up the heat in the bar too much and, depending on the amount of beer I've consumed, I could be howling, as well.   Hey, green beer and a full moon!  What's not to love about that?  ;-)

  Why will I be drinking in the downtown Bloomington Illinois bars?  The answer's pretty simple, really.  The area has the most bars per small area in Bloomington-Normal, and I can walk from bar to bar.  Also saves a lot of money on cab fare not to mention the time I'd be wasting waiting for them when I could be drinking some ice-cold green beer.

  Some of my favorite bars in downtown Bloomington Illinois are:

  Juju's, Lizard's Lounge, Rhino's, and Fat Jack's.  Sometimes I also pop into Mulligan's.

  Oh, yeah.  And there's no worry about getting a DUI because I never drink and drive.  Hey, think of it this way:  The cost of a single cab ride home is a small price to pay to avoid killing someone or yourself in a car accident.

  Okay, time to get going.

  Howl @ you soon?  ;-)

  January 31st, 2003:

  Was watching the news and saw the live feed of the guy car-jacking the USPS truck.  Seems he's got two pistols on him, a revolver and a semi-automatic (probably a .45).

  Waiting for him to run out of gas isn't a great idea, and I doubt if it'll work on someone with more than a few working brain cells.  He'll either try to get into a gas station and fill up the gas tank somewhere, or just grab another car.

  Solution #1:  If he's moving along the same area all the time, or if his route can be projected with any accuracy, why don't the police just have one or more of their officers pose as a bystander on the curb until he pulls up and they can shoot him?  The car-jacker / kidnapper should be used to people walking up to him by now, because there's been a lot of them doing it so far, and at point blank range, it's doubtful that the cop would miss, and he wouldn't be suspecting it.  Just because he has two pistols, it doesn't mean that he can't be taken out.  A weapon is only dangerous if it can be deployed.  In the instance of a cop drawing a hidden weapon on the guy who thinks the person he's talking to is just another unarmed civilian, it's doubtful he'll have a chance.

  Solution #2:  Ask the police to have one of their officers pose as an innocent driver that looks like easy prey that he may want to grab the car from, then shoot him.

  Solution #3:  Sniper.  Self-explanatory.

  Hopefully, the police will do something before he gets the idea of going to a gas station or grabbing another vehicle...

  The longer this lasts, the more determined and desperate he'll be before the end, and the more likely someone will be killed.

  E-mailed the above to a news station, but doubt if they'll pass it on to the police or put it on the air.

  January 25th, 2003:

  Rut-ro!  Don't think warning people did much good.  Either that, or they didn't listen to me, again.  The Internet's slowing down to a crawl.  Posted some of the pictures of errors I got when I did a bit of surfing out of curiosity.

  January 24th, 2003:

  Decided to post my findings on what's going on on the Internet and try to warn people about the latest attack I see coming.  Maybe they'll listen and it'll do some good.  *snickers*  Did I make a funny, or what?  See my latest page, Internet Attacks for all the info.

  January 21st, 2003:

  Kevin Mitnick, welcome back to the Internet!  Since you haven't been on in three years, I wrote some tips for your first ride on the Internet.  You can find them here.

  January 18th, 2003:

  Web site server's back up!  :-)

  January 16th, 2003:

  Something screwy is going on.  Noticed it in my site traffic.  Server will be off-line for a bit.

  January 1st, 2003:

  Happy New Year, everyone!  :-)  Doing a little drinking, and while I'm AFK (Away From Keyboard to those who don't sling the lingo), I'll be leaving my bots logged into my 3D world, This Is It, including TriviaBot.  If you'd like to stop by and check out the place, or play a game of trivia, you're welcome to.  I'm going to leave the bots running for as long as I can, or until I get knocked off-line.  There's sometimes other people wandering around in there, so maybe you can chat with them or get them to join you in playing trivia.  If you can get them to talk, that is.  Some of them just like to lurk.

  Quick time travel tip for fellow space cadets:  Remember to double check that you write 2003 from now on instead of 2002 when you write down the date.  Some of us (myself included) sometimes have a problem remembering to do that every time we go to another year (or century).  Hee hee hee



  From 2002:

  December 31st, 2002:

  Okay, just got a lot of stuff done here at the house and HTML stuff for the other project I'm working on, and did some simple things for my own site (the latter only took a couple of hours).  Kind of putting the other site that I'm being paid to work on ahead of my own, right now, but I'll do a major overhaul to this one later.  Going to do a few quick e-mails, then go to bed.  Later on today when I wake up, I'll try to decide on the best way to  celebrate New Year's Eve.  Since it's been a while since I partied, it'll likely mean consuming large quantities of whatever I happen to be in the mood for.  Just ignore the howling, people.  It's just me, trying to get my groove back.  LOL

  December 30th, 2002:

  Finished work on my 'Laugh Machine'.  It uses JavaScript and it's kind of fun, so I invite you all to take a look at it here.  It works best with newer versions of Internet Explorer and Mozilla.  If you've got an older version of Netscape, it may not look that hot.  Actually looks the best in Mozilla, which confirms my opinion of it being the best browser.  ;-)

  Also created this Blog page.  A blog is basically a Web log, a type of chronicle of events or a journal rendered in HTML.  Figured I may as well get out of denial.  This site's been pretty much a blog since 1995.  Just never really admitted it.  LOL  Now that I got this page here, my main page should be a bit easier to load, and it probably looks better, too.  Still need to catch up on e-mail.  That's my next step.

  December 25th, 2002:

  Created a Christmas page to share with everyone.  Click here to see it.  Enjoy!  :-)  Btw, to anyone reading this who didn't get a Christmas card or e-mail from me this year who is worrying that I've forgotten about them:  I haven't.  You're in my thoughts, but I just don't have any time to spare to write or send Christmas cards to everyone.  I'm sorry.  :-(  Creating the Christmas page was about all I could do.

  October 26th, 2002:

  Watched Clive Barker's movie Saint Sinner on the Sci-fi channel, then wrote a review on it.

  September 14th, 2002:

  Put up another pictures page!  Click here to see it.

  September 5th, 2002:

  Since I haven't done anything with the site for a while, I thought I'd get my butt in gear and do something with it, so I did a bit more work on the main page, adding a future plans section and moving a couple of things around.  The next thing should be adding more pictures.

  July 21st, 2002:

  Completed work on my 3D chat program review page.  Does a comparison of the main 3D chat programs, comparing their features, prices, whether or not it can be used for free, cost to make your own world, privacy concerns, what the people are like in each program, and which worlds I recommend in each, as well as telling which programs I think are worth using.  Then I created a WorldsPlayer Experience page showing what it's like to show others what it has.  :-)

  July 12th, 2002:

  Finished adding the fourth ring to the Vidfeed Pavilion in my 3D world, ThisIsIt.  Click here for the picture.

  June 21st, 2002:

  Completed basic work on the new pages, checking to make sure I had all the files I need, throwing away those I didn't.  Been accumulating stuff for over seven years now, so thought it was time for a 'house cleaning' of sorts.  Loaded the pages to my new domain and my old freebie site.

  June 16th, 2002:

  Decided I wanted a different look for my main page, so I used a template I downloaded from a free site, then had a little fun with it.  ;-)  I'll likely tone it down later if it gets to be too much for some visitors.

  June 11th, 2002:

  Started putting some files up here on my new Web site.

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  The donation page also has links where you can help feed starving people just by clicking.  I don't make any money from that, but I thought that if more people did it, it may make the world a better place.  :-)

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