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  Hello!  :-)

  This is the page that I've created for WorldsPlayer users and those interested in the Worlds 3D chat program.  I first started using the program a long time ago back in 1995, and have used it off and on since then.  Worlds is also known as Worlds 3D Chat, Worlds Ultimate 3D Chat and Worlds Ultimate 3D Chat Plus.  I used to call it WorldsChat but I'm not certain if that's because they were calling themselves that then or because it was just a shorter way to say it.

  This 3D chat program is one of only a few that I recommend whole-heartedly to other people.  :-)

What?  You never saw a werewolf drinking a liter of ice-cold beer before?  ;-)

  The 3D chat review:  If you haven't read it yet, my 3D chat page has a comparison of many of the main programs as well as the WorldsPlayer review.  You may want to look it over first, then come back here after you're done.

  What I think of it:  IMHO, it beats most of the other chat programs hands down!  They only charge about $24 US a year for a full membership which is called a VIP in the program, though you can use it for free, too, but with some small restrictions, and it costs absolutely nothing to build your own world.  You can customize every aspect of your avs (short for avatars, the bodies that you use in the 3D chat program) even to the point of changing the color or texture of each hand, foot, upper arm and leg, and head (there are lots of different heads, too!), and doing that is as simple as going to the 'Dressing Room' in the program and clicking on a texture or color on the wall while you look in the mirror.  Some of the avs look a lot like the avs that are used in some of the other programs, and I suspect that these are where some of the more expensive programs got the idea for theirs, because many of the older ones don't just look like the old AW ones, they even have the same names.  But when you make a change by clicking on one of those colors or textures while standing in front of a mirror, the change takes place instantly.  No coding at all!  :-)  However, you can do that, too, and fine tune your avatar to the way you want it.  Which probably explains why almost every single VIP user in the Worlds program has a unique avatar.  LOL  There's even a community of 'tinys', that are people who have very small avatars.  As for how the people treat you in here, the people in Worlds / WorldsPlayer are a lot friendlier here than in many of the other chat programs I've tried, and even though I don't think there's as many people using the WorldsPlayer program as there are the more expensive programs, I certainly don't miss the nasty ones.  ;-)


  Program problems:  There's only one thing I think that some people may not like.  The program uses Java, which makes the program seem a little jerky at times in very crowded areas, and is a little slow to load all the avatars around you, especially when you first use it or change to a different area, but considering the much cheaper price than the more expensive programs, the totally free price of making your own world, the fact that you can customize avs and use them in all the worlds, and the nicer people within the program, this is a great alternative to those not only looking for a cheaper program, but one with nicer people in it.  If it ever crashes on you when you start it, simply go into the folder where you installed the program and delete the cachdir folder, then try starting the program.  It should work.  If whisper and personal information boxes start getting 'grayed out' as some call it, and you don't see people's avatars, but only their name tags in GroundZero, you should close the WorldsPlayer program, re-start your computer, then come back in.  If you go to GroundZero, and you don't see anybody there, you need to close the WorldsPlayer program and re-start it.  Same fix works if you go to Aerosmith world and then try to go to the AvatarGallery and it tells you you don't have it, when you know you do.

  Where you can get it:  You can visit their Website and download it.  :-)

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Worlds Pictures!



  Here's Chaos from one of the Bowie (as in David Bowie) areas.  This alone was worth the trip to Worlds.  Oh, wow!  Most everything in this picture was moving or changing constantly.  And the colors.  Oh, yeah!

  A GroundZero picture, the default first loading world for the WorldsPlayer program.  This one's kind of odd.  It looks like everybody is looking towards the middle, almost as though someone had said something really strange, or...  well, anyway, you can see a little of the variety of the avs here in the program.  Everyone's got a name tag and you can see it on them even if they don't talk.  Those with white name tags are regular users, those in yellow are hosts.  Going left to right, reading their names as best I can (except for the guy in white that I can't read in this picture), Host-Khz, lacewing, Host-Mark, yuffie, X-TABOO-X, and DysFUNctional.

  A 2nd picture of GroundZero of the same group, taken from a slightly different angle.  In this one, you can see Host-Khz better, and the guy in white with the long beard's name starts with Ro and ends with 52.  And yes, that's a World War I era plane there in the sky buzzing around, hauling one of those banners behind it.

  Now a Dressing Room picture.  Here I am in one of my favorite avs, looking at the textures on the wall.  You can see me in the mirror on the left side of the picture, and a small portion of the many textures they have to choose from on the right side.  You can see the buttons on the 'change texture for:' sign.  I selected the left thigh to demonstrate this, but as you can see from the list, you can change pretty much everything.  Some people have gotten rather... er, imaginative with this.  ;-)

  A Dressing Room picture showing me in the dressing room after I've temporarily changed the texture on the left thigh of my av, and waving.  If you look in the mirror, you'll see reflections of reflections of more textures (nice trick, eh?), and even the main colors there on the right side.  This is just one small room.  There's many more!  There's even rooms where you can go in and change different parts of your av from your head to just about everything else.  And, you don't have to use human heads!  LOL

  Now here's a nice entertainment room picture of an older looking and colorful jukebox and a dart board.  In Worlds, the dart boards can actually be made to work unlike those in other 3D chat programs.

  Sky World in the WorldsPlayer program is the place to go if you don't like closed in places. Nice and airy, and bright.  Not recommended however for those with a fear of heights.  You can look down and see oceans and land masses below you.  Watch that first step!  LOL  This is about how you'll see the planet Earth from space from a space station.

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