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3D Chat Name: / WorldsPlayer / WorldsChat / Worlds Ultimate 3D Chat


Time of visit:

  Between 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. (central time zone in the US) Sunday, July 21st, 2002.  (I'll be reviewing this again, soon!)

Do you recommend this program to people?

  Yes!  :-)

Can the program be used for free?

  Yes!  There are some restrictions to free use, but I think they're much better than the more expensive 3D chat programs.  Those who use WorldsPlayer for free get (at my last count) 37 avs to choose from that they can use in every world, as opposed to only 2 in each world like most of those other programs.  There's also a few places you can't go to as a free user of the WorldsPlayer, but as far as I know, you can get into most places.

Cost per year for a full user if they sign up now:

  Only about $25 US for a whole year of a VIP account.  Includes (count 'em!) 3 user names, access to anywhere you want to go, and a choice of a great number of avatars (some of them truly imaginative) that you can customize on the fly.  When I find the page that tells you the exact price, and where to send the money to, I'll let you know.

  Note:  This program isn't as high-res as others, but it's cheap and fun if you're on a budget.

How many people in the program at the time of the visit?

  Unknown.  But there always seems to be someone in the GroundZero world no matter what time of the day or night I go in (which isn't too often, but I went in there at some really odd hours).  One of the hosts told me it was around 500, but I was later told by one of the employees that it's much, much higher than that and there's a lot of people now logging in from all over the world.

Cost of a world:

  Was told it costs absolutely nothing for a world, and you don't need a server!  Whoo-hoo!  Just a place to store the files on the Web somewhere.  That's it!  Was also told you can make a world as big or as complex as you want.  No size restrictions!

How many worlds are there or were seen in the world list at the time of the visit?

  There's about 60 official worlds, and no one's sure how many custom worlds there are, but there's a lot.  Was told by an employee that there's new worlds built every day.

Is there gor (people who are into slavery) stuff there?

  Haven't seen any yet, and when I asked one of the hosts about them, they didn't know what I was talking about, so that may be a good sign.  Or, they could be operating in secret, and have told the hosts to feign ignorance.  If I find out that gor is in this program, and that the employees know of it, I will immediately drop my recomendation.

If you create your own avatar, can you use it in all the worlds?

  Yes!  There's also avatar galleries (not just the main one, but a lot of custom galleries as well) where you go to see them in 3D before you try them on.  We're talking hundreds, if not thousands of avatars that you can use in every world!

Can you customize the avatars they provide to you for free and use them in all the worlds?

  Yes!  You go to the Dressing Room and just click on what you want on the walls, and it's instantly done to the av you're wearing.  They also have mirrors there!  See me in this picture in one of my favorite avatars standing in front of a mirror by one of the many texture changing panels.

What about privacy?

  You can have three names for every account.  Merely sign out, change your name, and you become somebody else, but you should also change your profile as well or it'll give you away, and move to another location and change to a holographic avatar before you sign back in.  Then, avoid using the custom avatars you've used in the past, or they may suspect you are still you.  LOL

  When you use Worlds mail to send a message to someone who's off-line, it sends it to their e-mail address, but you won't see their real e-mail address, and they won't have yours.

Can I get a tour of the program?

  Yes!  They have a WorldsMarks Tour you can go on.  In the program, there's a sign at the bottom of the stairs between the GroundZero and the Auditorium.

Are they fair to everyone, or do they have double standards?

  Haven't had any problems of that sort with any of the company people yet, but time will tell.  So far, they seem okay, and in fact, they're more helpful than the employees at one of the most expensive programs.  They even reply to e-mails!  Feel free to faint.  I almost did when they replied!

Did you make a Web page for more information on the program?

  Yes!  You can find it here.

What are the people like in this program?

  So far, almost everyone I have talked to in this universe has been nice to me.  There have been a few exceptions, but nothing major.  One person was 'booted' for cussing in the GroundZero world, and when they came back on again later, apologized for it!  And, when one of the new people asked for help, I paused for a minute to see what would happen, and there were three people who jumped in to help them!  This is a very exceptional place with very  exceptional people!

Where's their official Web site?


Are there any specific worlds you would recommend people visit in this program?

  I like most of them.  The graphics aren't the best in some of the worlds, and the program's a little slow, (espeically the first time you use it), but it's interesting there.  It uses Java, so you've got to be a bit patient with it, especially waiting for the program to launch.  If it crashes when you try to start the program, go to the folder you installed it in, delete the cachedir folder, then try to start it again.  That usually fixes the problem.

  One of the sharper looking worlds is Aerosmith world.  Check out my page on WorldsPlayer for more information and pictures!  :-)

Screenshots of the 3D chat program.  Click on the pictures to see them full-sized.

People in GroundZero

Chaos in Bowie's World

Jukebox and Dartboard

Sky World

Entertainment in this 3D chat program:

  A WorldsMark tour that shows 'hidden treasures', poetry readings, 'Name that song' contests, trivia quizzes, and comedy night.  Read this page for full information.

Additional comments, if any:

  Again, the graphics aren't as intense as they are in other programs, but this one is a good deal cheaper if you're on a budget, and the people seem friendly.

  Also, the program is a bit harder to learn and to re-configure if you mess it up somehow.

  System requirements info here.  That page will take a few seconds or longer to download.  It's quite large.

  If, for some reason, the program crashes on your when you start it up, go into the folder where you installed it and look for a folder named "cachedir" and delete it.  Then, simply re-start the program, and it should work fine.  :-)

  Also, if you go to Aerosmith world, or some other world, then find you cannot get into worlds like the AvatarGallery, just close the program and re-start it.  You also need to do this if you go to someplace like GroundZero and there are no people in it.

  If your whisper boxes or the personal information boxes you try reading of other people start getting 'grayed out', or you stop seeing most of the other avatars in the program, you may need to re-boot your computer.  Running this program with as few other programs running at the same time helps it to run easier.  :-)

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