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Star Trek: First Contact movie review (1996)


  The opening credits on these Star Trek movies seem to be getting longer and more boring.  I wasn't impressed by the way they were done either.  They had them go from unfocused to focused.  I was expecting something just a little more advanced than that, considering how many millions of dollars they're spending on movie FX when they make these things.

  The story is about contact with the Borg (probably got the name from cyborg) in the 24th century.  When they make a bee-line for Earth and the Federation tries to stop them, the Borg make a time warp and head to Earth's past.  The Enterprise pursues them to make sure that the Borg by invading Earth's past don't destroy the Federation's present.  Yep, yesterday today was tomorrow, and tomorrow today will be yesterday.  Still with me?  Oh, goody!  They arrive in the 21st century just after the third war to end all wars (WW III, or WW aye, aye, aye, if you wanna get cute with it) and stop the Borg from destroying the original warp-capable ship (made from an old nuclear missile no less) before its original flight (thus keeping the people of Earth from uniting behind the dream of interplanetary exploration and colonization, and in the process doing away with racial prejudice, war, disease, and poverty).

  After beaming down to inspect what damage had been caused by the Borg's attack, they find the inventor of the warp drive, who turns out to be quite fond of alcohol and very loud classic Rock n' Roll (I identified with this guy instantly!).  After repairing the Phoenix (the original warp-capable ship I mentioned earlier), they lift off while playing Magic Carpet Ride at high volume (of course).  Riker's gotta be a jerk and wants the music turned down (they should've thrown him out the airlock).  While this is going on, it seems like some of the Borg have invaded the Enterprise and are in the process of making it their home through assimilation of the ship's systems and crew.  Even Data gets captured.  He breaks free momentarily but for some reason doesn't take the opportunity given to him to deactivate the Borg queen (who kept giving me flashbacks to a woman in a horror movie who kept saying "Brains, brains, brains!").  Maybe he didn't think fast enough (I thought of it at the time.  Hmm, I think faster than an android?  Now that's scary!).

  But getting back to the original warp-capable ship... The Phoenix activates its warp engines while the Vulcans are in the Earth's solar system doing a planetary survey and looking for intelligent life.  They detect the human's warp engines and go down to meet them (thus making it the humans' first publicly acknowledged contact with an E.T.) thinking that if the humans have FTL (Faster Than Light) drive they must be intelligent (suckers!).  It wasn't too bad overall, except for the parts that were just too stupid.  Mostly I just liked the special effects and the new Enterprise layout (even the bridge floor lighting that looked like a lighted swimming pool).

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