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Elf movie review (2003)

(safe for kids to read)


  It was November 6th, 2003 when I saw this movie in theaters.  The 7:00 p.m. show, if you want to get picky.  ;-)

  A big howl goes out to Scott Robbins and Angie of The Eagle 'The Classic Hits Station' here in Illinois.  Thank you for the movie tickets, guys!

  Just in case some little kids are reading this, I'll try to control my usual wilder self, and keep this at a kid's level of understanding as much as I can.  Especially in regards to the guy in the red suit.

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The movie Elf



  First impression of the movie Elf:

  The part with the book in the begining of the movie reminded me a lot of the Fractured Fairy Tales part in the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon that they show of on some TV channels.

  Elf movie music:

  There wasn't much really there that was good in the way of music that I liked, except for the scene where they showed Jovie (played by Zooey Deschanel in the shower singing.  Don't worry, parents, they only showed her for a few seconds and then only from barely below the neck and up.  LOL  If you find even this to be too offensive for your children, it's a good time to make a trip to the restroom or concession stand with them.  Hint:  Start leaving right when Buddy is hearing singing in the department store and tries looking for it.  You're welcome.  :-)  Anyway...  Her singing then sounded good, and better than the scene later in the movie outside of Central Park.  But then, doesn't everybody's singing sound better in the shower?  LOL

  Elf movie plot:

  A baby, later named Buddy, born of two human parents is given to an orphange by the mother.  The father didn't know he was a father of a child.  The baby crawls into Santa's bag when Santa Claus goes to the orphanage, but Santa Claus doesn't realize this until he returns to the North Pole.

  Then you get this scene with the bag moving around, the baby comes out, complete with a diaper that says where he's from.  Deciding to keep him there at the North Pole, they raise him as an elf, and one of the male elves (played by Bob Newhart) is selected to be a stand-in for his father.  Buddy, the baby now grown into an adult hasn't been told that he's a human, yet, but finds it out after over-hearing a couple of elves talking about him when they don't think he's around.  As you can understand, being told he's a human is a shock to him as it would be to... some of us.

  Then, there's a scene where Buddy is told who is real parents are and given an old picture of them where the father is playing an accoustic guitar.  It looks like it's from the late 1960's or early 1970's.  Then, he's given a snow globe showing the New York city skyline, and goes to seek his father, after being told his mother has passed on.

  Traveling first by standing and then sitting on top of a small, flat iceberg, then through a candy cane forest, and evergreen trees and mountains, he arrives in New York city.

  After eating some of the left-over chewing gum that some people in the city left on hand rails (yuck!), he finds the Empire State Building, and travels up to the floor where his father works.  After, of course, pushing all the floor buttons from the first floor up to the top, saying it looks like a Christmas tree.  ;-)  The suit-wearing other passenger seems a bit troubled at this, probably because it means he'll have to stop at each floor on the way up to his own destination, but surprisingly for a human, doesn't cuss at Buddy for it.

  When Buddy reaches the floor where his father works, he gets off, and apologies to the other passenger, saying that he's sorry that he can't ride the rest of the way up with him.  LOL

  Okay, to keep this short, he meets his real father, moves in with him and his wife and his real brother.

  The main plot seems to be for Buddy to bring the spirit of Christmas to New York, and most of all, to his real father, who seems more centered on work than his own family.

  Buddy and Jovie also seem to want to start a family of their own.

  The movie has a happy ending, which is something that I personally like to find in movies.

  Specifc stuff I liked about the movie Elf:

  Jovie's shower scene.  Even though there wasn't anything shown, I liked her singing.  Could've picked a better song, though.

  Santa Claus complete with sleigh and reindeer in New York City's Central Park.  LOL  Then, the New York City Park Police appearing on horseback, looking like the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.  Guess they were a little uspet about being put on the naughty list, and didn't like Santa Claus too much because of that.

  Buddy returning fire during the snowball fight.

  Official wordings from the movie Elf:

"This holiday, discover your inner elf."

  Interesting Elf movie cast members:

  Jovie, played by Zooey Deschanel.  Once she got out of her snooby mode, she didn't seem too bad a person.  But for all I know, that could be her real personality...

  The doctor.  Missed the character's name in the movie, but he was the one that did the test that convinced the business guy that Buddy was his real son.  Oh, yes.  In case you didn't recognize him, the doctor in the Elf movie is played by Jon Favreau, the same guy who directed it.  ;-)

  Santa Claus!  LOL

  Elf was directed by:

  Jon Favreau.  The only reason I think I recognized him is because I had just watched the movie Daredevil (2003) recently, where he played the character Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, the lawyer partner of Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer.  He also played in Deep Impact (1998), Batman Forever (1995), and PCU (1994).

  The movie Elf is rated:

  PG.  Supposedly for mildly rude humor and language.

  My overall impression of the movie Elf:

  It's a different kind of Christmas movie, and it had some parts in it I liked, but I don't think I'll be buying it when it comes out on video tape or DVD.  The kids may like it, though, because Santa Claus is in it.  ;-)  Maybe you will buy it when it comes out on video tape or DVD to watch with the other Christmas movies with your family.

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