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Dragonheart movie review (1996)


  I  liked this one for the most part.  The fight scenes with the mediaeval weapons (I think swords are the best kind of weapon because they don't run out of ammo, jam, misfire or attract a lot of attention in the area when you use them.  Besides, if you're going to give your son a weapon when you think they're ready for one a sword always looks better and can be handed down through many generations.  Not to mention the obvious end result of all the gun control laws) were some of the most enjoyable to watch that I've seen since Steel Dawn It was sort of like watching a deathdance.  The girl (heroine? whatever) should've smiled more.

  What I really didn't like in this movie was the priest/monk.  This guy (like all priests.  I haven't met a good one in any religion that wasn't trying to control people's lives or get their money or property) was a real pain in the butt!  He should've got pushed off a cliff or something.

  The other bad thing about the movie is that it used a part of another story (the bit about the dragon-hunter and the dragon doing a con on villages) instead of coming up with something original on their own.

  The dragons in the Dragonheart movie (even though we only saw a fly-by of the other one) were pretty cool even though they were obviously computer generated.  Over all, I think I'll watch it if it ever comes out on cable but I won't rent the vid.

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