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  Cop complaints

  (Besides what I've already mentioned elsewhere on my pages)
  Someone here in Bloomington, Illinois called the cops after his 'loving mother' (she had severely beaten him as a kid and she hasn't gotten any better.  Lately, she's threatened her neighbors with a gun (after the cops came by and took it away from her, she told her daughter that she'd just go and get another one) and even stabbed a sales lady in the hand at Radio Shack) came to his house and started screaming at him.  The cops showed up and told her to leave.  He wanted to file a report against her for harassing him, but the cop said he wasn't sure what harassment was.  I heard about this, thought it was a little strange and decided to look it up in the law books.  750 ILCS 60/103 clearly defines harassment and one of its definitions is if the action of a person causes emotional distress to the complainer.  The law that this section is in is very important since it protects those people hurt by domestic violence.  I'll bet that doesn't make battered wives very happy to know that at least one if not more of the police officers in Bloomington, Illinois can't protect them since they don't know the law that they're supposed to enforce.  Another interesting thing is that the guy who called the cops had filed for an order of protection and that his 'loving mother' hadn't been served (she probably just sees who's at the door and if it's a cop doesn't answer it) her summons yet, but yet the cops didn't bother to do that while they were talking to her.


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