CyberWoLfman's Cyboria Experience!

  Cyboria Screenshots!

  Note:  I have not been able to get the Cyboria program to run for a while now, and their Website was also down.  Last time I tried both was on October 20th, 2002, so as far as I know, this program has ceased to exist.  In time, I suppose that if this remains the case for long enough, I will remove my Cyboria pages so visitors will not get confused, or get their hopes up about a program that sounded too good to be true.

  Version 0.1.600 showing the cool palm trees and golden sunset.  Very nice!  :-)

  A red goblin in Cyboria picking his nose, then eating it.  Is this the latest diet?  LOL  Also, you'll see in this picture what palm trees look like on my old HP Pavilion computer.  I've built my own since then, and I'm a much happier person!  :-)

  More coming soon!

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