CyberWoLfman's Cyboria Experience!

  Note:  I have not been able to get the Cyboria program to run for a while now, and their Web site was also down.  Last time I tried both was on October 20th, 2002, so as far as I know, this program has ceased to exist.  In time, I suppose that if this remains the case for long enough, I will remove my Cyboria pages so visitors will not get confused, or get their hopes up about a program that sounded too good to be true.

  This program, while still in its infancy, is showing great potential, and I believe that it may someday soon meet the capabilities of ActiveWorlds, and in the very near future, surpass them!  It already has in some respects!

  For instance, in Cyboria, you can choose what font you wish to use, and how big you want it to be.  Can't do that in ActiveWorlds!  You're stuck using Arial and at the same size all the time.  So, if you increase your screen res to really high levels to get a better view, your words are going to get unreadable very fast in the ActiveWorlds program, but if you were using Cyboria, all you'd have to do is increase the font size!  Now how's that for adaptability?  :-)


  A note on stability:

  After I upgraded my ActiveWorlds program to version 3.3, it has crashed several times since.  On the other hand, I don't think Cyboria has crashed on me once since May 12th, 2002!  :-)

  Further thoughts:

  IMHO, Cyboria rocks, and it has great potential!  And I don't know about anyone else, but I think that SeeRay and Y2KBuG are much easier to get along with than those who run ActiveWorlds!  They care about the users, they reply to e-mails, and they're dedicated to improving the program.  Not like those who try and screw us over or merely see us as people to bleed money out of.  It's my most sincere hope that Cyboria becomes a community of people who will try to get along without flame wars, harassment, and back-stabbing and that those who are given authority in the program use it to guide and inform, but not to harass and intimidate the users like Nazi stormtroopers.  If we all try to work together, and bond as a community, we can make this a very happy place not only for ourselves, but later users.  :-)  Think of it:  A community that looks out for each other, helps people when they need it, and actually tries to get along.  Wouldn't you like to live there?  Then let's make it happen!  :-)

  If you're not a Cyboria user and you want to join us, maybe I can help.  Here's the main page.  You can check out the screenshots of the lighthouse, mountains and trees.  Some like to hang out at the light house, while others choose the tops of mountains or the bars.  Also on the page, you'll find the 'be notified' link.  Clicking on it will take you to the form where you enter your e-mail address and all that stuff, and they'll let you know when they need more people to test the program, or maybe that they're releasing it to the general public.  If you want a low citnumber, you should get in now!


  Cyboria stuff on my site:

  Places to check out in Cyboria.

  My wish list for Cyboria.

  Definitions of words and acronyms used in the program.

  Cyboria (unofficial) FAQ.

  Cyboria screenshots taken by me.



  Places to check out in Cyboria!

  Okay, I've wandered around a bit, and found some of these places on my own, but others were given to me by helpful people (thanks!), wishing to share the experience.  Once you're inside the program, how to get to the locations becomes quickly apparent.

  Island bar:  N4921 E9505

  Another one (I call it the World's Edge Bar) at:  N28262 E27473  (Face east when you get there to see the bar.)

  Inside of the lighthouse:  N4513 E2359 altitude 849 (657 is the next floor down)

  Second floor of the lighthouse house:  N4570 E2681 altitude 424

  First floor of the lighthouse house:  N4570 E2681 altitude 254

  Nice scenic view at:  N22511 E12547 altitude 1573

  Smallest body of water at:  N20364 E14516 alt 117

  Tallest mountain I've found so far:  N15352 E12037 alt 3053

  Farthest out you can go:  32768




  Definitions of words and acronyms used in the program

  Av or Avatar = The bodies people wear inside of the program.

  AW = ActiveWorlds.  A rather old program, that many of the users of Cyboria are from, but because of a lack of communication and the sense that many of us have that ActiveWorlds Corporation doesn't care about the customers, we are trying out new places, in the hopes that we can find something better than ActiveWorlds.  Many of us think that Cyboria is such a place.  :-)

  Cit(s) = Citizen(s).  Someone who has bought (or were given) a citizenship.

  DLP = DreamLandPark.  Another 3D chat program that's very similar to ActiveWorlds.

  Guest = Someone who is using the program for free.

  MilkShape (MilkShape 3D) = A program used to create avatars in MD2 format that Cyboria uses.

  OP = Object Path.  The location of a world's files.

  OW = OuterWorlds.  Another 3D chat program that's very similar to ActiveWorlds.

  *  More to be added later.  :-)



  Cyboria (unofficial) FAQ:

  Question:  If I become a citizen, can I change my name or am I stuck with the one I have?

  Answer:  You can change your citizen name after you log in with the one you currently have by selecting the word Account near the top of your screen, then clicking on the words Change Citizen Name...  There are other things you can do from the Account drop down menu like View Account (which displays your name, e-mail address, date you registered, date your citizenship expires, and your citizen number).

  Question:  What other things can I change?

  Answer:  From that very same drop down list you get when you click on the word Account, you can change your password or change your e-mail address as well as create a new account and view your current account's information.

  Question:  How do I change my avatar?

  Answer:  You can do that by clicking on the word Avatar near the top of the window and choosing one from the list.

  Question:  It seems to take forever to get anywhere walking.  How can I get somewhere faster?

  Answer:  You can run by holding down the Ctrl key at the same time you use a direction arrow.

  Question:  I'm in a hurry!  Can I get somewhere else instantly instead of walking or running?

  Answer:  Yes, you can.  :-)  You can use the Transport function to instantly go somewhere else.  To use this, either hit the keys Ctrl + t at the same time, or click on the word Transport near the top of your Cyboria window, then select the word To...  This will open up the Transport box.  You can type in where you want to go, then hit the Transport button.  If you start losing altitude fast, and the number is below 17, you're likely to keep falling for a very long time unless you transport somewhere else.  If there are other people in Cyboria, the quickest way out of this situation is to again use the Transport box, click on one of their names in the drop-down box and hit the Transport button and you get taken there instantly.  Hopefully, they won't be falling too, or you'll have to try joining someone else.  ;-)  If you're alone in Cyboria, you can try going to the main island bar located at N4921 E9505.  To do that, type in 4921 in the first box that's for going north and south, and in the next box for going east and west, type in 9505.  The altitude won't matter because you can't go under the ground here.  :-)

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