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CyberWoLfman's 3D Chat Review Review

3D Chat Name:  There / There Chat / There 3D Chat

Time of visit:

  As I am currently checking out this program, there are various times and dates that I am in it.  The information provided in this review is good as of January 10th, 2004, but is subject to change as they change.

Do you recommend this program to people?


Do they have voice chat?

  Yes.  But you need to have certain hardware.  It's not too restrictive, but I was told that for AMD CPU users, you need at least an AMD XP CPU to have voice chat in the program.  As I don't have one, yet, my voice chat functions don't work, even though I have a sound thing by my name.  So, please note:  If you're trying to voice chat with me, or somebody else in the same situation, and you think you're being intentionally ignored, you're not.

Can the program be used for free?

  Yes.  There's currently a 3-day trial period and they don't require a credit card.

Cost per year for a full user if they sign up now:

  $4.95.   Yes, that's $4.95 for a basic annual membership, not montly.  Much cheaper than ActiveWorlds!

How many people in the program at the time of the visit?

  Unknown, but there always seems to be people in the program to talk to.

Cost of a world:

  Don't think you can buy worlds, but you can rent houses, and funzones, and make racetracks for hoverboards, buggies, hoverbikes, hoverpacks, and even hoverboats, if you like.  Just try not to get into a habit of buying whatever you think you would like.  There bucks can be purchased with real world money like credit cards, so you need to control your impulse buying habits if you have any.

How many worlds are there or were seen in the world list at the time of the visit?

  There are no worlds, but there are islands you can go to.  And these islands are huge!  If it wasn't for the maps, you'd get lost fast!  LOL

Is there gor (people who are into slavery) stuff there?

  So far, I haven't seen any in the program, but I'll keep looking to be sure.  If they turn up, and start taking over this program like they did with ActiveWorlds, I'll likely remove my recommendation for this program.

If you create your own avatar, can you use it in all the worlds?

  You can't create an avatar from scratch, but you can edit the one you have in a matter of seconds.  You can also get clothes for your avatar, and different looks.  That includes skin color, hair style, even your body weight.  Check out the buildings in Karuna Plaza.

Can you customize the avatars they provide to you for free and use them in all the worlds?

  Yes.  See above.

What about privacy?

  I haven't looked into it that much yet for this program, but when I do, I'll share what I learn, as usual.

Can I get a tour of the program?

  I think that there's groups being set up for that, now, but you can probably find someone hanging around who'd be more than happy to show you the places they've discovered.  Then you can save what you like, and return to them again, later.

Are they fair to everyone, or do they have double standards?

  Haven't noticed any real problem with this, yet, but time will tell.

Did you make a Web page for more information on the program?

  Not yet.  But I probably will later on.

What are the people like in this program?

  About the same everywhere else.  There are good people and bad people.  On January 8th, 2004, I ran into a couple of real jerks with the names of Jameson and Squiz in Karuna Plaza who had never matured past the grade school level.  Thankfully, you can set your program to ignore such people, then they can yell and scream at each other, instead.  LOL

Where's their official Web site?


Are there any specific places you would recommend people visit in this program?

  Nothing specific, yet.  But if you just wander around, you're going to find a lot of interesting things.  Or they may find you, like some people who drive around while they're Web-surfing and aren't paying attention to what (or who) they're crashing into.  If you see someone with a visor down over their eyes, it means they're looking at another program at the moment.

Screenshots of the 3D chat program.  Click on the pictures to see them full-sized.

Karuna Plaza in the VERY early morning!  LOL

Tyr Island!

There's Giza Plateau!

Egypt, in the tomb's hallway.

Entertainment in this 3D chat program:

  There's stuff going on every night that they're open, and people run events that aren't announced, too.

Additional comments, if any:

  This program is still being reviewed, and as I learn more about it, I'll share what I've learned with you.

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