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The Fifth Element


  The movie wasn't too bad.  It kept moving and didn't spend too much time with boring stuff, had some humor, nice effects, et cetera, but the volume needed to be a little higher in the theater.  If I was in the movie, I woulda done something about the opera woman (someone did finally shoot her but their timing sucked because they didn't do it before she started singing) and that d.j. jerk quick.  Maybe the people who made the movie thought the regular theater goers needed some 'culture'.  I coulda done without it myself.  I'm gonna have to start taking earplugs with me to the theater from now on.  But yeah, overall, not too bad.

  The girl who played the 'fifth element' (I think her name was Leeloo (sounds like the girl's name in that old movieThe Time Machine) or something like that) was kinda cute (I've always liked girls with straight hair), and the language she was speaking sounded like something I've heard before.  But I think the last person I heard speaking it was Enki.  ;-)   The opera singer when she first came walking out onto the stage kinda reminded me of Marilyn Manson (the Alice Cooper clone) in 'The Beautiful People' video.  By the way, is it just me or does Zorg look a lot like Desmond Crisis from those old Cnet shows back in the mid to late 1990's?

  The Fifth Element's official site.

  Movieweb's review of it.  They also tell you what it was about, the cast, and they even include some movie stills (yeah, I know it's an oxymoron like common sense, military intelligence, and human kindness but I didn't write it.  I make enough mistakes)  Nice, huh?

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