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Paulie Movie Review


  Movie about a parrot that seemed to have intelligence on a human level and was capable of speaking like one and could also read.  A little girl with a speech problem named Marie was his owner in the beginning of the movie, but her mean father (who wasn't very understanding of her problem and was a major jerk) gave Paulie away to someone and broke her heart.  Paulie was the only friend she had.  Like I said, the guy was a major jerk.  :-(  I personally think that he was the one with the bigger problem.  He even yelled at his wife in front of his little girl about her.

  Aside from that sort of thing, it was a nice movie, but kinda sad in parts of it.  Most especially the part with Ivy, a nice older lady that seemed to have a kind heart.  She decided she'd take Paulie to Los Angeles in her Winnebago after he told her how much he missed Marie.  She started going blind and couldn't finish the trip after they got past the MidWest.  Paulie stayed with her and helped her see like a seeing-eye parrot and was a good friend to her until she died.  They even watched sunsets together and Paulie described them to her.  :-)

  Paulie eventually ended up in a lab and found out the hard way that humans can't seem to be trusted to keep their promises.  The doctor promised that he'd take Paulie to see Marie when he was done.  The doc had his wings clipped so Paulie couldn't escape, then locked him up in a dark basement.  But Paulie told his story to a janitor, and the janitor helped him escape.  And yes, the movie has a happy ending.  Paulie was returned to Marie with the janitor's help.  :-)  Yeah, seems like janitors are more kind than doctors.  But then, I'm not too surprised about that.

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