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Survival tips for people in the Sliders TV show
  The people on this TV show travel through alternate realities.  They come upon different Earths where there are drastic changes in environment, laws, evolution, et cetera and yet they don't learn from their mistakes even though some of the last ones almost got them killed or sentenced with execution.  At least one of these travelers through different Earths is of supposedly high intelligence and yet they don't make up a simple plan in order to survive.  Here's what I would do.

  #1:  When I arrive on another Earth, I would quickly observe my immediate surroundings to get a better idea of any possible threats to my life (so if I am suddenly transported into the middle of a tunnel and there are tracks beneath my feet, I won't be surprised to see a subway train coming at me a few minutes later down the tunnel).

  #2:  I would try to observe others as casually as I could and try to imitate their actions so as not to look out of place and I would avoid any personal contact, conversation with them or try to buy anything even from a food cart while reading all signs that I didn't have to walk up closer to read (which would draw attention to the fact that I was unfamiliar with them).  I certainly wouldn't ask anyone about something that seemed unfamiliar to me, because it would mark me as a stranger and would draw attention to myself.

  #3:  I would not ask anyone for information but would instead look for a phone booth and look through the phone book there (if there is one) for the address of the closest library.

  #4:  I would then walk to the library not allowing myself to get distracted by anything too bizarre along the way unless the other people around me think it is out of the ordinary as well, then I would use their reactions for a guide to how I myself should act in that situation.

  #5:  After getting close to the library, I'd look around for a place near it that had a bench where I could sit down and observe it.  If none were available and I hadn't seen anyone else sitting down anywhere on my walk, I would slowly circle the library observing the people going in and out of it and reading any signs in the area or on the building itself.

  #6:  If I believe it is safe to do so, and the people going in and out of the library aren't made to prove their identity (either with something in card form like a driver's license or a biometric like your fingerprints or a retina scan) or asked to pay for entrance, I'd go into the library and try to find a world almanac and read as much as possible, first using the general index in the front of the book to find where the sections on laws and documents are and world history so I can get a better idea of what this world is like.

  #7:  I'd be casually watching the people around me and studying the rest of the library's layout for anything of interest while I was reading.

  #8:  If I felt safe, I'd wander the streets more, pausing around street vendors to find out what kind of food they have there and to see how people are paying for the goods either with currency that's hopefully close to what I have on me, a type of credit card or identification scanner (retina, voice, DNA?) et cetera, while picking up how people communicate.

  #9:  After this, I'd probably wander to a local park and study the people there while thinking of my next step.  Depending on the time I have remaining in that world, that may involve getting a sleeping bag, a back pack, some packaged food, a canteen of water, a flashlight, a small concealable (just in case I go to a world and don't see anyone else using technology, I can leave it in my pocket or in the backpack) a.m./f.m. radio (short-wave too if it's available) and anything else I can think of that I could use up to the point of hampering my mobility.  If I could find something that this world had in great abundance that was cheap that I could conceal on me easily that was valuable on most of the other worlds like diamonds, gold or whatever, I'd buy some of that as well for trading on another world.


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