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Would the government warn you?

  If something really bad is going to happen that'll scare more people (and put them into a panic) than the government can keep under control like a meteorite or an asteroid that'll hit the Earth, and has a good chance of wiping out all life on the planet or possibly an outbreak of a secret government virus that got unleashed either through accident or because they wanted to test it on an unsuspecting, isolated and easily controlled segment of the population (are the phones suddenly not working in your area for some unknown reason?), would the government warn you?  I doubt that you'll be informed of something like that, even though it means your death.

  If a scientist tells people, she or he will more than likely be quickly discredited and there will be official sounding people telling you that there's absolutely nothing to worry about.  Even if irrefutable evidence hits the press or the Internet before the government catches it, I suspect that they'll tell you that there's no reason to panic, they have everything under control.

  Scientists were lately taken into a conference with some religious leaders and were basically told that they had to clear any new discovery with them first before making the information public.  You're controlled and you're not told everything.  It's nothing new and it won't change.  You're basically robots to them.  You're expected to produce and you're only told what they think you need to know.  If they can't control you through threats of imprisonment or violence, they kill you.  Again, nothing new.  :-(

  So . . . to answer the question, would the government warn you?  Don't count on it . . .


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