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  This City of Heroes AKA CoH Game Suggestion page was created to list the things many of the players are wanting, including me, and, in fact, many of the suggestions here, are things I would like to see changed.  This page's design is as simple as I can make it without any Flash, javascript, or fancy scripting like I use on some of my other pages, so it won't be too taxing on people's computers if they want to look at it while playing the game.


  We the people . . .  Er, the players of the City of Heroes game would like to request changes to the game, but, after putting in the suggestions, and spending years waiting for the changes to be made, some of us have decided to post them on the Web.  Do the devs want players to be happier, and have an easier time playing the game with less stress?  These are the suggestions that will help make the players happy.  If they truly listen to the players, this is what they should do.  Otherwise, it's just another public relations lie, and they'll continue to lose players, and shut the game down when the amount of money they can get from the players becomes a trickle.  Hopefully, the players will have better sense than to switch to another game run by the same company (or parent company), which has already proven that they don't listen to their customers.

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  What you are likely here for:  Some of the changes the players would like to see in the City of Heroes game.

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  Requested changes for the City of Heroes MMORPG game from the players:

    Maybe they'll someday listen to us, their customers . . .

  Make the game able to be played in solo mode or single player mode, so when the servers are down, people can still play their characters, and the game server can update the information on the character changes when the servers are back up.  This would likely be too much for some computers, so there could be a minimum system requirement for single player mode which would be a little more than that which is required for the City of Heroes MMORPG, itself.  Another reason to do this is because that I expect the City of Heroes game to be shut down, soon.  Making the game playable in single player mode would allow people who have spent years on their characters to still play them.  Not having a single player mode before the game is shut down would show all the customers that they're only seen as a source of income, and, once that income becomes a trickle, and they shut down the game, the players are only left with memories and a few screenshots of the time they spent there.  Another possibility would be to have the computers which have the game and server software connect to each other, and it could determine which computer has the best hardware and connection to act as a server of all those who are currently connected to it.  It could display a server selection screen showing information such as distance from an individual player's geographical location to that of the server computer, ping, and number of players connected to it, as well, and place an upper limit on the number of servers within a 1,000 mile area so more players could be playing on the same server, with more servers able to be established when the number of active players grew too high in an area, and a server computer could show how busy it is and refuse more players to connect to it.  As you can guess, the latter suggestions would help to keep a server from being over-loaded.

  Fix the audio looping bug.  Seems no matter what driver you use, or on-board audio or sound card, it will still loop on you, sometimes, and keep looping, even after you zone, and it is extremely annoying.  The audio looping bug most often occurs when you're near a singularity.  It's been said that when it encounters something that it cannot move, that is when the looping starts.  Certainly, testing shouldn't be that difficult to confirm this, if a dev used one against a giant monster.  LOL  At times, every single sound in the game starts to loop, including inspiration drops.  Very annoying, indeed.

  The Ouroboros zone can be made into a cooperative zone.  It can be set up like Pocket D, where both heroes and villains can meet and do other sides' story arcs together.  Maybe, in the crystals that give the mission lists, there could be separate lists or a simple drop-down menu for hero, villain, and praetorian content.  Making the Ouroboros zone a cooperative zone would also help those who have used the alignment system to become rogues or vigilantes, so that they could go there to get to other zones faster, provided you make the teleporter there contain the list of all the zones.

  Cooperative bases that can be accessed by heroes, villains, rogues, vigilantes, as well as praetorians, and used by them no matter what side of the game they're on, making the bases like Pocket D where heroes and villains cannot attack each other, and allowing teleports to all the game zones, not just hero or villain side.  This is only logical, as many characters can access hero and villain sides, now, after the Going Rogue part of the game went live, and have made their characters rogue, vigilante, or switched sides, but, wish to remain a part of their respective SGs.  And, with the hacked telepad or magicked telepad, SGs or VGs can now put six beacons on each telepad, instead of only two, so they need less room in their bases for telepads.

  An auction house (Black Market or Wentworth's) base item:  A tech themed as well as a magic themed base item that will allow us access to the auction system that we can place in the same room as the vault and invention table.  This will save us a lot of travel time, and we can do most of our crafting inside the bases.

  For salvage bins, a way to limit the alphabetical letter range of the salvage in each bin, such as allowing only those in the range of salvage that start with only A through D, E through P, and Q through Z, for example, and a way to restrict the type of salvage such as common, uncommon and rare types for each salvage bin and a quantity limiter per each named salvage, so we didn't get 15 ceramic armor plates in a bin.

  For recipe drops, an option to not get temporary power or ordinary invention recipes.  Only recipes that are part of sets.  It will save the players a lot of time deleting all of the temporary power revolver and other recipes that they really don't need four or five copies of.  Perhaps, by doing so, the devs can also increase the drop rate of the other recipes, slightly, to make up for what we're not getting.

  A faster character build changer timer, or getting rid of the timer, entirely, so players can switch builds faster.  This will help warshades and peacebringers, too, who make different builds for different level ranges, putting most of their enhancement slots into only one form because they don't have enough enhancement slots to slot up everything more than one to three enhancement slots per power.  It also makes it easier for players to slot up their builds, if they have more than one of them, after they level up and can slot up the higher level enhancements.  Due to the fact that players need to go to a trainer, anyway, to change builds, this isn't really going to allow them to use a lot of powers on one build within a mission and instantly change to another to use those powers, which are still charged up.

  While we're on the subject of enhancement slots, how about giving everyone ten more enhancement slots to make up for the added powers they got to pick after the fitness power pool became inherent?

  And, those peacebringers and warshades could certainly use even more enhancement slots, say about 15 to 20 more, so they can slot up more powers?

  Chat logs in another folder that you can set in Options.  Not everyone likes to have their files stored in the same place.

  Timestamps in chat, so we'll know how long ago someone asked if anyone is interested in a Strike Force, Task Force or Trial.

  A much larger ignore list, and possibly, a permanent ignore list for regular players you can put in, since the regular ignore list gets filled up fast with spammers.

  The ability to send multiple items to one global e-mail address.  This would help for when you want to make up IOs on the character you have all the recipes memorized on to send to another character.

  A magic themed Invention table for bases.  The tech themed Invention Table does not fit in well with magic themed bases.

  Global e-mail limit raised from 20 to 50, and the ability to keep the e-mails longer than 60 days.  At least 90 days would be nice, or perhaps, having it as an option they can change from 60 days to never delete?

  A duration timer for the mission you're on, and one for whatever Task Force, Strike Force or Trial that you might be on.

  Quieter demons (by removing the long pig-squealing type of sound that they make) that masterminds summon from the Summon Demons power set.  Some of us make them do the research emote, or have gone to the trouble to make a macro for them to do that when we're not moving, to shut them up, so, yes, they're that annoying, and this is something that many players want, even those who team with the demon summoning masterminds, or stand near them at Wentworth's or the Black Market.  LOL

  Demons that stand up, instead of crouching down all of the time, like the mid level demons that you summon with the Summon Demons power of the Demon Summoning power set for masterminds.

  Personal recipe storage on each character:  This should be increased, so we don't have to sell as often.  Perhaps increasing the recipe storage capacity on each character by five more at level 20, another 10 at level 30, 20 more at level 40, and 30 more at level 50.

  Personal Salvage Storage increase on each character:  It'd be nice to be able to store at least 10 more Salvage on each character at level 20, and, get an additional 20 at level 30, 30 more at level 40, and, another 40 at level 50.  This will give us a better chance of having the salvage we need on our characters if we get a Recipe drop that we want to make.  I cannot count the times I've had to delete whole salvage stacks because I was on a task force, trial, or strike force, and my salvage filled up.

  Global Storage for each paid account:  A global storage vault for each paid account that we can store at least 500 invention salvage in, 100 recipes, and 200 enhancements, and let us add notes to each, if we want, so we can state that we're storing it for a certain character when they reach a level they can use it on.

  Vault storage:  Either get rid of it, replacing it with the global storage for each paid account, or increase its capacity by 100 at around level 20 or so.

  Salvage bins returned to their previous levels of 2,500 each, so we can store more invention salvage in each bin.  Since we can buy uncommon and rare salvage with AE tickets, there seems little chance of hoarding having any serious or long-lasting effect on the in-game auction system.  I made one of my AE missions fun, and another one to vent about things inside the game, but, I don't want to use most of my game time playing them just to get AE tickets to buy the salvage I need for recipes.

  Fix the mastermind minions A.I. for minions that have ranged attacks so they stop running up into melee range and getting killed.  I keep having to re-summon my 1st tier robots because of at least one of them seems to have suicidal tendencies, and wants to run up to the enemy and get killed, even though he has lasers to shoot them with.

  While we're on the subject of the mastermind A.I., fix it so they don't run off and get killed on the Behavioral Adjustment Facility incarnate trial.  The pets for soldiers and others don't do that, but, the mastermind minions do.

  Fix the un-responsive minions bug when they zone sometimes.  It happens most often when they enter outdoor mission maps, exit train stations or ferries.  It's annoying as Hell to have to use the release_pets command and have to re-summon and re-train them every single time it happens, and I feel certain the people who team with masterminds would rather not have to wait for them to have to do it.

  Enhancement Trays:  We could use at least three more enhancement trays, but, having a total of six would be better.

  NPC custom critters like we have in the AE editor for the SG bases.  Possible uses include a receptionist, butler, doctor, bartender, and clones of the various SG members.  It would be nice to have them respond to keywords in chat, like I had set up in my 3D world, This Is It, back in the 1990's, with a greeter bot, chess bot, trivia bot, and so on, but, I don't know if the devs can create something similar to that.

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