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  This new user guide for the City of Villains AKA CoV was created primarily for the people I played the game with, but, other people who play the game are welcome to use this guide too, as it'll provide a lot of helpful tips, both for the new user as well as those who have used the program for a while, and wanted the basics on one page.  Its design is as simple as I can make it without any Flash, javascript, or fancy scripting like I use on some of my other pages, so it won't be too taxing on people's computers if they want to look at it while playing the game.


  In the Table of Contents below, you can click on either the thumbnail picture or the text link to view more information on the subject mentioned.  More will be added, soon!

  Table of contents

CoV AKA City of Villains Character Creation Help Guide   CoV AKA City of Villains Character Creation Help Guide

  This guides you through the basics of creating a character in the City of Villains game.

Enhancement Guide   Enhancements: City of Heroes and City of Villains Enhancement Comparison Guide

  How to use the most powerful enhancements for your level range.

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