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City of Villains New User Guide and Helpful Tips: City of Villains and City of Heroes Enhancement Comparison Guide created by CyberWoLfman

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  This City of Villains AKA CoV and City of Heroes AKA CoH Enhancement Comparison Guide was created primarily for the people I've played the game with, but, other people who play the game are welcome to use this guide too.  Its design is as simple as I can make it without any Flash, javascript, or fancy scripting like I use on some of my other pages, so it won't be too taxing on people's computers if they want to look at it while playing the game.


  In the Table of Contents below, you can click on either the thumbnail picture or the text link to view more information on the subject mentioned.  Usually, I choose Mutation Origin for my characters, and many of the examples reflect that.  There are two reasons I recommend making a character Mutation Origin.  The first reason is the fact that the Mutation Single Origin Enhancements (also called SOs in the game which can only be used by one character Origin, and, are twice as strong as Dual Origin Enhancements, or DOs) are given name which make them easier to determine what they're used for by a new user.  The second reason is that the Mutation Store is very close to the Ferry which brings you to Cap Au Diable from Port Oakes, which is helpful if you're just getting there after hitting level 12, and are ready for your Dual Origin Enhancements, provided you keep a look-out for wandering enemy.  The examples are also for Accuracy Enhancements, since almost every character needs them, and is familiar with them.  The levels are chose because they are points at which most players decide to switch to a different type of Enhancement, and the Enhancement is at the strongest it can be for that level of character, such as a level 15 Enhancement for a level 12 Character, who can only now buy them, because he can't slot an Enhancement which is more than three levels above his character level.

  Table of contents

  Level 15 Enhancements: Comparing level 15 Enhancements

  Deciding which level 15 Enhancements are best to use for your level 12 character.

  Level 25 Enhancements: Comparing level 25 Enhancements.

  Deciding which level 25 Enhancements are best to use for your level 22 character.

  Level 35 Enhancements: Comparing level 35 Enhancements

  Deciding which level 35 Enhancements are best to use for your level 32 character.

  Until level 12, you should use Training Origin Enhancements, or sometimes called TOs in the game.  After that, your best choice is Dual Origin or DOs Enhancements.  Below, you'll see examples of of the Enhancement types you can use showing their effectiveness for a level 12 character.

  Level 15 Training Enhancements

  As you can see from this picture, a level 15 Training Enhancement only gives you a 9.6 percent boost to your level 12 character's Accuracy.

  Level 15 Dual Origin Enhancements

  In this picture, a level 15 Dual Origin Enhancement is shown to boost a level 12 character's Accuracy by 19.2 percent.

  Level 15 Invention Origin Enhancements

  This level 15 Invention Origin Enhancement picture shows you that your level 12 character will also get a 19.2 percent boost to Accuracy.

  So, while the level 15 Invention Origin Enhancements are equal in power to the level 15 Dual Origin Enhancements, buying and slotting all your powers with level 15 Invention Origin Enhancements and only using them isn't the wisest financial choice, if they're far more expensive than the Dual Origin Enhancements, because you'll soon have more powerful Enhancements to slot at level 22, only ten levels from now, when you can buy level 25 Single Origin Enhancements at the stores, which are twice as powerful, and, you'll just have to replace them, again.  Unless, of course, you can get them for not much more than twice the cost of your Dual Origin Enhancements (because you're have to buy them again at level 17), then, I'd say go go for it and use them until level 22!  ;-)

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  Upon reaching level 22, your character can buy level 25 Single Origin Enhancements from the Origin store that's the same Origin as your character, that you can find by clicking on the word Map at the bottom of the Compass window, and put your mouse over the icons there until the store with your Origin name on it shows up, so you can click on it and have the destination displayed on your Compass.

  Level 25 Single Origin Enhancements

  Now, with the level 25 Single Origin Enhancements, you'll see that, on your level 22 character, you'll get a 38.9 percent boost to your Accuracy by slotting this Enhancement in your power.

  Level 25 Invention Origin Enhancements

  Here, you see that a level 25 Invention Origin Accuracy Enhancement only gives a 32 percent boost to the accuracy of whatever power you slot it in.

  The choice is easy to make at level 22, because there's so much of a difference between the two.  Going with Single Origin Enhancements, for now, will give you an advantage over Invention Origin Enhancements (at least for a few levels) and will likely be cheaper.

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  Level 35 Enhancements comparison:

  Level 35 Single Origin Enhancements

  This level 35 Single Origin Accuracy Enhancement shows that it'll give a 38.3 percent boost to your characters power, which is standard for an accuracy SO three levels above your character's level, as you've seen in the level 25 Single Origin Accuracy Enhancement picture.

  Level 35 Invention Origin Enhancements

  Now, in a level 35 Invention Origin Accuracy Enhancement, you get a 36.7 boost to your power's accuracy.

  Although a level 35 Invention Origin Enhancement isn't as effective as a level 35 Single Origin Enhancement, the difference isn't much, and some people start buying Invention Origin Enhancements when their characters reach level 32, getting the highest level they can slot into their powers until level 50.

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