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Winter Event 2007: The event is reported to run from Moon day, December 17th through Sun day, January 6th, 2008 at 11:59PM EST in both City of Villains and City of Heroes.

  Happy holidays, everybody!  The Winter Event is once again upon us.  If you don't know what I mean when I say Happy holidays, try the link.

  By the way, if you're looking for some fast food, the bunny slope doesn't have any bunnies on it.  I looked.  Very disappointing . . .

  Logging in awards for the Winter Event:

Gifted (Achievement) badge.

Holiday Cheer (temporary power that you can give to 1 person).

Holiday Spirit (temporary power that grants 25% less debt for 2 days of game play once activated).

Ear Muffs costume piece.

  Glowing Mysterious Gifts:

  There are glowing objects in the various city zones which are called Mysterious Gifts (or Presents by some, but, that will confuse people with the Winter Event inspirations that are called Presents) that you can click on and either get rewarded with something, or, they'll spawn some Winter Horde guys (they look like un-completed snow men) to attack you, if you're a high enough level to make them interested in doing so.  If you were here last year for the Winter Event, they're in the same spots.  If you get candy canes, you can trade them in at Pocket D, along with some infamy/influence to make things.  You can do this in the ski lodge/chalet building. There's a fireplace in the middle of it on the top floor with an 'elf' that's 5' tall (I'm guessing he's of the LOTR variety and not the north pole type, or the product of both since that would make him about normal height).  Some of the things you can make there are the badges from the Winter Event two years ago, like Cold Front, Holiday Spirit (hero only badge) and Scrooge (villain only badge), costume pieces, or temporary powers.  If you don't have them, yet, I'd recommend using the candy canes and influence/infamy to get those badges.  You can see how many candy canes you have under Salvage > Special tab.

  Having difficulty finding the Mysterious Gifts to open?   I can help you with that.  Type (or copy and paste) the following into where you type what you want to say in a chat (if you don't mind replacing a default bind to see your powers and instead having to manually click on the word Powers in your tray to bring them up):

/bind p "targetname mysterious"

  It will then show their full name in the target window.  However, it won't have the colored corners on them or health and endurance bars like you see on enemy, so you'll have to use follow to go to it.  You can use the F key for that, if you haven't changed the default for it.  When pressed, you'll will move in the direction of the target until you get to them, unless there's something to obstruct you.  At the very least, you'll know what direction it's in, and the noise (if you have sound) will help you find it.

  Yes, I'm being naughty again, telling you things that can help you.  Can't wait for the next deluge of e-mails and telegrams and people on the global channels all yelling at me for it . . .  *Sighs*

  After the Winter Event is over, and you want your P key to do what it did originally, change it back in Options > Keymapping tab > Windows section.  Just click on the word Powers there, or the words Not Set and then hit the P key on your keyboard to return it to its previous setting.

  Just remember, if you're on a team, and you click a Mysterious Gift, it'll spawn based on the number of people in your team if you've been naughty.  If you're on a team of eight and click on one of the Mysterious Gifts, you may spawn the giant monster, Winter Lord.  If you and/or your team damage him enough as he's defeated, you'll be awarded the Frozen Fury badge.  Opening up 200 Mysterious Gifts will earn you the Toy Collector accolade badge.  Some say you can only earn this badge by opening Mysterious Gifts in a zone with enemy of your level in it, and said it must be true because one of the other sites said it was, but, I was able to get it in zones where there were no enemy within 30 levels from mine, so, don't place too much faith in those other sites.  LOL  You'll also earn the Snowbeast gladiator badge.

  You can also find those glowing Mysterious Gifts in the pvp zones, if you're into that.  But, is it worth hunting for them there?  I'm betting there's at least one hero or villain who will 'camp out' by them.  Scracth that, it's a sucker bet.  I know some people who play Stalkers.  LOL

  Winter Event badges (besides the ones I've already mentioned):

  Exploration badge:

  Trucker.  It's on the floating truck between the ski lodge/chalet and the main Pocket D area.  There might be a nice person in Pocket D who can teleport you to it, or use Group Fly to get you up to it.

  Father Time/Rescue Baby New Year end of mission rewards:

    Note: If you don't think you can take on an elite boss all by yourself, you may want to join a team for this mission.

  Crystalized badge and Furry Gloves costume piece.

  Frosty badge and Furry Boots costume piece.

  Miraculous badge and Renewal of Light (8-day self resurrect temporary power).

  Joyful badge and Golden Rings (12 day single target hold temporary power).

  Hunting badges that you can get while doing the Father Time/Rescue Baby New Year mission:

    Note: Joining a team for these missions will get you these badges a lot faster.  A team with high-level masterminds is always a good choice, as is having somebody on your team that's low-level, asking them to get the missions for the team, and then having the team do those missions.  You get through them faster, and earn the badges faster, so you can then log in with another character/toon/alt to get the badges on that one, too.  ;-)

  If you haven't noticed the analogies, yet, of the enemy in this mission with other entities spoken of during this time of the year, think of them in the following way: Winter Horde as snow men (looking somewhat incomplete), Red Caps as elves (bad-tempered ones), and Tuatha de Dannon as reindeer (that want to trample you).  ;-)

Toothbreaker: Do the mission five times.

Cold Warrior: Defeat 100 Winter Horde.  Despite what you may've been told by others, or by other sites, you can get this badge this year.

Cap Buster: Defeat 333 Red Caps.  Despite what you may've been told by others, or by other sites, all the Red Caps count.

Bane of Dannan: Defeat 333 Tuatha de Dannon.

  Ski slope badges

  Bronze medal = Complete the course in less than 45 seconds, but more than 35 seconds.

  Silver medal = Complete the course in less than 35 seconds, but more than 25 seconds.

  Gold medal = Complete the course in less than 25 seconds.

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