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  A collection of Halloween-related pictures I've taken.  :-)

  * Only a few so far, that I thought were good enough to share with the public.  But, I'll add more later on.

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The Halloween pictures and Halloween party pics I've taken.

  This picture is of a group of people in the kitchen at a Halloween party I was at.  And, before you ask, I did not do anything violent at the party which caused blood spatter on that guy's shirt!  LOL

  Jack the Ripper was at the Halloween party, too, and his date seems to have survived meeting him, un-like some of the women in the Whitechapel district of London back in 1888 . . .  She really looks like she had her throat slit in this picture, too!  Great make-up job on the throat slash!  :-)

  The Bride from the Kill Bill movies!  One of my favorite scenes from the Kill Bill movies was when The Bride was fighting O-Ren Ishii in the garden behind the bar after The Bride took out the Crazy 88.  Very beautiful scene with the little snowflakes coming down, too.  Should've used the flash in this picture, but, I thought the spotlight was providing enough light.  Guess not . . .

  Ack!  It's a raid!  Just kidding.  LOL  This officer was here to enjoy the Halloween party, not end it.  He seemed to like my tactical bag.  Just thankful that he didn't look inside of it.  Hee hee hee

  And, his date, a S.W.A.T woman!  Check out the little bubbles filled with smoke near ground level off to her side, and in other parts of the picture.  There was a little smoke bubble machine popping these things out for a while.  Was wondering what they'd look like with a black light, and if it would make the swirling smoke inside each one look freaky.  The lamp looks cool, too, this way.  Almost like one of the old gas lamps, but, a lot closer to the ground.  Okay, the S.W.A.T. woman looks nice, but, I'm a geek, and usually more interested in the cool stuff, especially if it's Halloween-themed.  LOL

Halloween 2013:

  It's Lobster Dog!  Thought it was a cute costume for a dog, so I took a picture of it.  :-)

  Lobster Dog from another angle.  Got to love the eyes.  :-)

  You ready to take off?  Don't think this pilot needs an aeroplane to fly . . .  ;-)

  When you've had enough Halloween-themed food and drinks, it's time to grab some dessert!

  Looks like Abby from NCIS.  And, she brought Caf-Pow!  Everyone has their drug of choice, and for some, it's caffeine!

  Remember that song "Devil Inside" by INXS?  Think this guy's driven . . .  by a demon!  Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

  NCIS' Abby, Lady Kong, and a lumberjack.  Things I liked about this picture; the lumberjack was drinking out of a horn with the symbol for Thor's hammer on it, the smile on Lady Kong, and . . . well, everybody likes Abby!  Hee hee hee

  Halloween spirits and food!  And, yes, that is an Erlenmeyer flask up there.

  Is this the cat that ate the canary?  Must have made her thirsty; she's about to wash it down with a bottle of alcohol.  ;-)

  A flower child.  Brings back memories of people doing things like putting a flower in a barrel of a soldier's rifle.  The thought of peace was once a nice dream, but, probably not very realistic of a species that continually finds excuses to hurt or kill others.

  Would you like to see more Halloween pictures?  Older Halloween pictures can be found on the Cyberwolfman's Pix 2 page (the link should now work), or the Cyberwolfman's Pix 4 page.

  If you didn't figure it out, yet, Halloween is my favorite holiday of the entire year.  :-)

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