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September 12th, 2012:

  The Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee was broken into within a few months after I mentioned on my Web site about how they're not as secure as people think.  D'oh!

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The Y-12 break-in in Oak Ridge

  The Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee was broken into on July 28th, 2012, within a few months after I mentioned on my Web site about how they're not as secure as people think.  Someone else either finally figured out that the places where they store enriched uranium aren't very secure, or they read what I had written on one of my Web pages where I mentioned that particular materials aren't as difficult to steal as people think, and just walked right in using little more than bolt-cutters.  D'oh!

  I was good, though, and didn't mention certain projects, not even the main one people associate with the aforementioned material, why supercritical mass information isn't accurate, what the real values of supercritical masses are, and a good shape for it.  ;-)

  Guess certain government agencies or even one of the big guys in the United States government didn't get my letters.  And, that probably means that they didn't get the ones about specific computer vulnerabilities in government agencies and how to fix them, either . . .



  Well, I tried.  And, because the FBI didn't seem to care about the modern-day slavers and serial killers I told them about, I didn't bother to send them a letter.  If the U.S. Postal Service didn't deliver those letters, or (a frightening thought, here), if someone who opened them didn't take them seriously, I wonder who's catching the blame for it?  And, perhaps much more importantly, will they follow my recommendations before something very bad happens?  Come on, guys . . .  If you got my letters, there's a couple of paragraphs in them that you really shouldn't ignore, because at least one of the vulnerabilities I mentioned can be taken advantage of by someone with very little training, and the consequences can effect hundreds of millions of American citizens.  Unless that's not important to you, either . . .

  There's other things I could have mentioned, like how to kill people at a distance without leaving any unique identifiers and the methods being totally silent, as well.  Good thing I'm not a bad guy, eh?  It's also a good thing I didn't put that information in the letters if they didn't get to their intended destinations . . .  But, since there are no news stories about something like that, it's a fair bet I'm the only one who knows how to do those things.  Imagine what a gang of criminals or terrorists could do with that knowledge . . .  Okay, maybe it's better if we don't.  LOL

  But, seriously, guys, multiple security fences with sensors that didn't activate the PIDAS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection Assessment System) when penetrated?  Are you buying products from the same company (and, yes, I know who they are, their company name starts with a C) that made the multiple 'failsafe' blowout preventors for the Deepwater Horizon oil rig?  LOL

  And not even fixing or replacing all of the broken security cameras that had been off-line for over six months??  Most security cameras are placed in parts of a facility that should have them, such as entrances, parking areas, and higher security areas inside the site.

  Was told that one of the security cameras only needed to have a switch flicked to get it working, again.  So, not even one security guard thought of that?  LOL  Please tell me that the safety of the American people doesn't rely upon security guards who can't figure out how to use an on/off switch!  Have humans already gotten to the point where the people in the movie Idiocracy (2006) appear as intelligent as quantum physicists by comparison?  Be afraid, be very afraid . . .

  Guess we're in the finger-pointing/affix the blame game portion of this.  Is it the fault of B&W Y-12 (Babcock & Wilcox Technical Services Y-12 LLC) and WSI Oak Ridge (AKA WSI-OR, a part of the Wackenhut Corporation in America), or the National Nuclear Security Administration (AKA NNSA) or the DOE (Department of Energy)?  Did the security personnel report the broken security system (broken cameras, non-working sensors on the fences tied in with the PIDAS which all should be checked periodically) either in a logbook, or by filing a special report, and a request for maintenance to repair them?  Or, if they did report the broken security systems, perhaps the one in charge of reading their logbook and reports, didn't, or thought it wasn't important?  There's penalties for not following procedure, but, they don't compare to the guilt you'll feel for years if your inability to follow them results in needless deaths.

  What's really embarrassing is the reports of a group of intruders on site (the accused are the Transform Now Plowshares group) who reportedly spent hours in the Y-12 complex at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, until a single guard saw them and asked them to stop.  Hours??  You're kidding me with this, right?  Nobody did exterior perimeter security rounds in that time, even in a little security company car, and there's only one security guard on duty, in a place like this covering hundreds of acres which has weapons-grade uranium in it?  You'd expect a group of intruders doing some kind of ritual would be easily spotted by a security guard, but, maybe not . . .  Fort Knox of uranium my arse!  I know rent-a-cops or security guards who make this look bad!  LOL  Out of those, even the ones who showed up with laptops to help them stay awake by keeping their brains active (even though I thought that one of them submitting a letter to the editor of a newspaper about invading Canada was a little over the top, and, yes, I remember that one) got up off their butts every hour or so to do security rounds!  There were some who didn't, then tried to claim that they did in their shift logs.  But, I have ways of knowing if they did or not.  Hee hee hee  If you cannot stay awake for your shift, stay home!  It's almost useless to have security personnel asleep at their posts, and, if somebody sees you, you're not much of a deterrent, and your picture will likely end up on a Web site, somewhere.  Maybe with a caption called "Sleeping Sam, the security guard.  Even playing Ministry's song, Stigmata, on my boom box at maximum volume from five feet away failed to rouse this slumbering behemoth from his nappy-time in la-la land."  And, no, his name wasn't really Sam, and, yes, Ministry's Stigmata song sounds much better with a subwoofer.  Er, not that I'd have a video of anything like that where the security guard's asleep in a little guard booth no bigger than two phone booths, mind you . . .  ;-)

  Oh, and there's no way in hell I'd let anyone near a building that stores weapons-grade uranium (personally, I prefer saying bomb-grade uranium, so people don't get mental images of Bart Simpson shooting hemispheres of sub-critical mass with his slingshot, but, hey, that's just me) at the Y-12 complex, without a damn good reason.  Just can't believe security would be so slack there that they allowed someone to get to the HEUMF (Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility) and that they stayed there so long that they were even able to throw blood onto the walls and spray-paint the outside walls with graffiti.  Yes, graffiti as in plural, not graffito as in just one.  Holy [CENSORED]!  This isn't something I would call secure storage, if they cannot even stop a few protesters . . .

  Was there a line of very naughty, nubile, and nearly-nude women with only a few strategically-placed pasties on, dancing in front of the security office, giving the security personnel lustful, lascivious, longings of the loins to keep them slack-jawed and drooling for hours in a clever diversionary tactic giving the protesters time to do their thing?  LOL  Er, if so, send me a copy of the computer enhanced video, please?  Hee hee hee

  Did the PIDAS have an epic fail?  Is there absolutely no redundancy built into the system so it would still work if parts of it failed?  You would think that keeping a facility with weapons-grade uranium in it safe would warrant at least one back-up system in case the primary security system had a catastrophic failure . . .

  Or, maybe, the security personnel weren't trained properly, or even given a flow chart of what to do in such a situation including even the standard stuff of getting on the walkie-talkie (or handie-talkie as it has written inside of it, that you can see if you take one apart and look, and please don't leave it on your security desk when you go to the restroom next time, okay?  I get bored and like to take things apart.  Hee hee hee) or whatever you have at the site to alert other security personnel there (who might even be closer to the intruders' location than you are and can get to the area faster while you monitor things at the office with the still-working security cameras and sensors and co-ordinate what needs to be done), and calling your supervisor to let them know what's going on?  You would think it would come up in their training, however, since the Y-12 complex has had protesters there, before, for decades.

  The government's response to this is stating that it sends up red flags to them.  Er, that's itReally??  What the FRAK?!

  Somebody at WSI Oak Ridge needs to do some serious checking.  Or maybe, the NNSA needs to give someone else the security contract.  Considering the seriousness of the situation (we're talking about one of the main components of building a fission bomb AKA atom bomb AKA atomic bomb.  Well, that, and for a hydrogen bomb AKA H-bomb, as well, where it uses a fission reaction to start up a fusion reaction, which sometimes also creates even more fission reactions.  This is the kind of party that nobody drives home from . . .  But, that's something a little too powerful for most people to be using, unless they're trying for a totally over-the-top demonstration of overkill, because a thermonuclear weapon (as opposed to a nuclear weapon, which describes both an atomic bomb as well as a hydrogen bomb) is a significant order of magnitude above your ordinary, everyday, garden-variety atomic bomb, and 'heavy water' is a little too easy to get for my peace of mind.

  And, speaking of hydrogen bombs and my comfort level, I'm not overly-thrilled at the idea of using similar designs (such as the T-U one) in the majority of our thermonuclear weapons arsenal.  Think about what would happen if a vulnerability was found for that specific design, which is easily deployable by a group of people, that would render one nation's (or a group of nations') weapons into little more than highly radioactive junk.  Or, some type of large-scale art?  "They're radioactive phallic symbols, and I'm selling them this week only for a low, low price of only 70 million each!"  LOL   And, gee, I wonder what could possibly happen if a group of humans could conceive of and implement such a plan and what would they think about doing with their own still-functioning nuclear weapons?  The answer is left as an exercise for the student, but, it should be rather obvious . . .

  Before anyone gets any bright ideas of volunteering me to come up with another H-bomb design, my answer is an unequivocal no, and yes, that's my final answer.  Working in a lab with stuff which is that deadly, which you cannot even detect without special equipment, with people who don't take it seriously, and frequently play 'tickle the dragon's tail' with the stuff isn't my idea of a stress-free work environment.  If I want to see fireworks, I'll watch fireworks from a safe distance with some rock 'n' roll music playing and a cold beer in my paw . . . er, hand, thank you very much . . .

  I'm all for world peace, for everyone living in harmony, but, I don't think that humans are mature enough, yet, to put away intolerance, greed, and their thirst for power, which frequently compels them to want to hurt and kill each other.  If you can get rid of those things (and, maybe, keep the snobs from breeding, to help make the world a happier place for everybody) we'll talk m'kay?  LOL  The protesters shouldn't have to face prison time (that's my recommendation, if a certain someone in black robes is reading this), as they pointed out holes in the security of the sytem, and didn't take advantage of it in order to do harm to others, or to gain materials which would allow them or others to hurt people.  A lighter sentence, possibly combined with some community service may be better, as it would avoid creating martyrs for their cause and give them a lot more publicity.  Unless that's what you want?  ;-)

  Guess we should be thankful that it was just protesters instead of an armed tactical team bent on grabbing whatever they could, then destroying the facility . . .  So, seen one way, this is a wake-up call for a lot better security at the Y-12 complex.  But, how long will they stay woke up?  If there's a few months to a few years of no action, and security personnel start talking about how "nothing ever happens here, anymore" this will lead to some people not caring about security, again, and their level of alertness will take a powered nose-dive.

  If I was running this operation, I'd be getting broken cameras replaced, and fast, even if I had to order them on-line (and opt for same day or next-day delivery!), or, if the camera was near the security office, I could run out to a 24 hour department store that sold Web cams, cables, and monitors (or if they sold wireless security cameras with a long enough range, go with those) and hook up a temporary fix.  Just wouldn't buy one with the microphone wire running alongside the power wire.  Rigged up something like that once for a security camera of sorts, so I'd at least have some visual of the area, and the 60 cycle hum which came through the speakers when I turned up the volume (so I could hear if someone broke a window to get in) got on my nerves.  But, when combined with multiple high intensity IR LEDs, it could see in the dark.  Yes, I know, IR LEDs come with many security cameras, now.  But, this was years before that, as I wanted something to light up the area that nobody else could see.  Always been a little ahead of my time.  ;-)

  When I did security work, and got stuck watching the cameras, I'd have them set up where they were all facing me, so any motion on the monitors would alert me.  I cannot imagine what kind of a security professional who cares about doing his job right even as much as me, wouldn't be bothered by a snow-crashed AKA visual static monitor with all the black and white pixels on it.  Even a blue screen would make me nervous, feeling like I was missing an eye or something.  How the [Bleep!] are you supposed to keep a facility secure when you can't even see??  What did they do, just schedule more security rounds?  LOL

  Okay, again, if I was running the security for a place like this, which is a frequent target for break-ins, and if I had a budget to do at least the basic stuff I'd want to keep the facility secure, I'd want access to a workshop (if something's on the fritz, I'm fixing it right away, because I hate things that don't work the way they're supposed to!), have at least three to four security personnel on duty even at night.  Four, or even five would be optimum for a facility that wasn't too big for what I'd want to do.  But, I'd also have at least one locker filled with weapons (both the lethal and non-lethal variety) and, if there's multiple un-armed people, at least a few flash bang grenades, even if all I can get are the model 7290s.  Okay, they're also good for defending the facility from an armed group of people . . .  Have to break cover sometime, you know.  LOL  As for the rest of it, it's probably better if I don't give the details out where everyone can read them.  But, if you knew how my mind works (my mind is hard-wired to be security-conscious in ways that you cannot even imagine), what I used to do for a living, and combined it with other information about me, like the fact that I've been running multiple simulations with every possible scenario and various types of weaponry and number of personnel (yes, I also designed them, myself) to attack or to defend secure facilities for the last few years, you'd know what my capabilities are, and even the few people who have seen my room know I can improvise and come up with solutions that work, which, seemingly, nobody else has thought of yet.  Or, at least, I've never seen the stuff for sale, and I spent some time looking.  Okay, so part of the reason I didn't find anything close to what I needed was that very few people think about doing the same things I do . . .  But, I like having an imagination.  Helps keep me sane.  Or, maybe 'saner' is a better word . . .  Hee hee hee  The stuff I'd come up with and the security strategies I'd use would be primarily focused on making the facility secure while not being too intrusive, time-consuming, or costly, and some of it would only be known by those who had a need to know, or else those security measures wouldn't be as effective.

  Can't be any worse than the millions of dollars they've spent so far on security upgrades, which have, time and time again, proved ineffective?  LOL  I'd give them more than the overly-expensive (of the taxpayers' money!) illusion of security that they seem to have, now.

  Maybe I'd even have a little fun and test out the security personnel at the Y-12 complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee . . .  By the way, did you know the old Furbies have little flashes of infrared light coming out of the black plastic area on their heads?  This can be seen by black and white video cameras.  And, yes, I get bored easily . . .  So, pay attention to the black and white cameras at your security office, because, if I come by to check on you, I might shove one into a camera and have it do its thing to see if you react!  LOL

  Or, perhaps, show up in a Jar Jar Binks zombie costume, and run around inside the complex screaming "Meesa is going to eat your brains!"  Hee hee hee.  But, that might be better appreciated by the Groom Lake facility's security personnel.  ;-)  Which most people know as either Dreamland or Area 51.

  Er, and everybody knows that Area 51 doesn't exist.  Don't you just hate NDAs (AKA Non-Disclosure Agreements)?  And, some of them are a lot more anal than others . . .  "You didn't see it.  You won't say nothing to no one.  Never tell a soul what you know is the truth!"  LOL  So, you didn't see what you thought you saw.  What you really saw was nothing more than the light of the planet Venus as seen through swamp gas which was reflected off of a weather balloon that was trapped in a thermal pocket.

  Wonder if anyone has checked my ASVAB scores, looked up the occupations of my birth parents (and those of the other parents I lived with and learned from), found out some of the things I could do by the age of four, talked to a couple of my . . . unique teachers and ex-roommates, discovered how fast I can learn, how much I love to learn, noticed the amount of free time I've had to study, figured out why I don't really fit in, no matter how much I try to socialize and talk with others, and bought a clue, yet?  ;-)

  But, I still try to be a nice guy, and follow the golden rule, believing that it's something people should do, and it is better than the alternative.  Lately, though, I've noticed that I seem to be about the only one, while almost everyone else is primarily motivated by greed and power.  I truly don't want to be that way, but, with each day, I grow closer to thinking that it's another reason I don't fit in, because in this world, being bad is rewarded whereas being good isn't, and it makes you appear odd, or it stamps you with the word sucker that apparently, everyone but you can see.  Convicted murderers, rapists, child molesters, serial killers, drug dealers, and others in prison, get free health care, free clothing, free food, and a place to live, while a disabled American veteran who's also an ordained minister can't even get the government to help pay for a simple eye exam.  I know I've mentioned this before, but, it's the one thing I really don't understand.

  Maybe tomorrow, I'll wake up, and, having grown tired of the frustration and senselessness of this system, decide to join the dark side . . .  LOL

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