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Florida Department of Children and Families cannot handle even a simple name change?  Is the Florida DCF incompetent or intentionally sadistic?



  This page was created to show the world what I am having to go through to get the Florida Department of Children and Families to accept a simple name change that I got back in April 2008.


  Notice: As far as I am aware, all of the information on this Web page is true and correct, and based upon my real life experiences.  I have even gone so far as to sign letters to the Florida Department of Children & Families and get them notarized and sent via USPS Certified Mail.


  Does it take years for them to update a single database field because they are incompetent, or are they being intentionally sadistic, and want to give people a slow, agonizing death, because they cannot afford to see a doctor?  For many of us, it takes less than a minute to change a database field, so, you have to wonder . . .


  The Florida Department of Children and Families AKA the DCF of Florida, or Florida DCF, cannot seem to process a name change correctly, by entering the new name into the Florida Medicaid Management Information System or FMMIS, so you can get benefits, even for the Medicare QMB program.  Even if you give them copies of the Miami-Dade Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court documents with the stamp of the Clerk of Circuit and County Courts of Dade county on it, all they seem to do with it, is to change your name for their own database, but, they do not give the information to other agencies who need the information to start your other benefits.  You get Food Stamps through the EBT card, but, if you are an older American, or a disabled American, and on Medicare, they do not pass the information up to the people running the Medicaid program which pays for the Medicare premium.  They also don't pass the information up to the Social Security Administration or SSA, which runs the Low Income Subsidy AKA the LIS or Extra Help program that pays for the Medicare Part D premium, so, you have to pay for the Medicare premium and the Medicare Part D premium yourself, which, combined, is more than $100 extra a month out of your own pocket for both programs, if you have a company like RxAmerica or SilverScript for your Medicare Part D program.  As for RxAmerica, when I asked for a new card, sent it, and, shortly afterwards, billed me for over 20 months of Medicare Part D premiums with them, totaling over $500.  Not something that most of us have just laying around, especially after the 'deep recession' that started in 2007 in the United States of America . . .


  Another question I'm asking myself is this; if they can do this kind of thing to a disabled American veteran, who's also an ordained minister, what about the mother of young children who recently went through a divorce to get her children away from an abusive father who she feared might kill them, and then changed her name to make it more difficult for him to find them?  If she didn't have the money to move out of the county (who does, these days?), she'd have to go through the same thing as I am.  So, I guess her and the kids would have to do without medical care for years.  The system is seriously broken . . .


  What may be an even more important question is whether the Florida DCF is truly in charge of protecting children from abusive parents, relatives or guardians.  If this is the case, and it takes them years to handle even a simple name change, how capable are they of determining if a home environment of the children is safe for them?  I've sent letters to various government agencies and even governor Rick Scott telling them of Florida DCF's apparent inability to do their jobs, hoping that they would look into it.


  *Update:  The most recent letters to agencies and people responsible for overseeing such agencies as the Florida Department of Children and Families like the governor and president Barack Obama were sent out in 2012, and apparently did no good.  There was no response to most of them, and, one letter was simply passed on until it went to the very agency I was asking to be investigated, the Florida Department of Children and Families.  Not entirely certain what good they thought that would do, if any . . .  I guess we're all supposed to hope that politicians are doing their absolute best to investigate agencies who have such important jobs as protecting the welfare and very lives of those who need their help, especially those of children.  I'd hate to be a politician who received multiple warnings of such an agency's apparent incompetence and then found out that children had died who could have been helped . . .  Can you imagine living with such grief and how it would eat away at your very soul, knowing you could have done the right thing, but didn't?  But, as long as politicians aren't the soulless, un-caring, corporate-owned and controlled people that only give pretty speeches saying how concerned they are about atrocities against innocents and act like they want to do the right thing but then ignore the needs of the people that they've sworn to serve (which is what I believe they really are, based on my experiences so far), that shouldn't happen.  Emphasis on shouldn't . . .  We'll see, and let history judge them.

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  What you are likely here for:  The detailed list of things I've had to go through so far with the Florida Department of Children & Families as well as other agencies.

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  What's happened so far:

  In April 2008, I legally changed my name to Cyberwolfman.  Shortly after that, I sent the Florida Department of Children and Families a copy of the court order which stated that my name is:

"hereby changed to CYBERWOLFMAN by which name the said petitioner shall ever be hereafter be known"

  The all capital letters for my name was also on the court order for some reason . . .

  After that followed a period of phone calls to them, asking them how long it will take for them to get my new name into the correct databases.  Was told that it'll be looked into time and time again.

  Although I will not tell how many times I have attempted to reach the Florida Department of Children & Families on the phone, you can be sure that the attempts were multiple, and, almost always without success.  Feel free to try it for yourself, and see how difficult it is to get someone on the phone there.  LOL

  In the following years, after my name change, I got letters from them with my case number written on them saying that I was eligible for Food Stamps (which they started calling Food Assistance later), and indeed, I got that, but, they also said in those letters that I was enrolled in the Medically Needy program, but, although they said I was eligible for the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Medicaid program, or QMB, they didn't enroll me in it.  When I tried to call them, and, on the very rare occasions I was able to get someone to pick up the telephone there, I was told that it would be looked into . . .

  On January 7th, 2011, I called and got connected to someone named Santiago, who told me that I'd get a check in the mail and stop getting deducted for the Medicare premiums.  I've yet to receive this alleged check . . .  Reminds me of a the old line, that the check's in the mail.  What's next?  Telling me that they're from the government and here to help me?  LOL

  January 27th, 2011 at 3:30 P.M. I went to the local Social Security office, and let someone who worked there make copies of the letters from the Florida Department of Children and Families saying that I was eligible for things like the QMB program.  She said that I can call her Ms. McCray, but, there was no evidence that that was her real name at the desk we were at.

  After that, I waited for this alleged check to come in the mail and for my Medicare Premiums to be paid.  Neither happened.  So, I went back to trying to get the Florida DCF on the phone, again, and, kept getting told it'll be looked into . . .

  On July 15th, 2011, at 3:50 P.M., I called Social Security and spoke with someone who said her name was Jennifer, who was very impatient and rude with me, and then told me that I was the one being rude and put me on hold.  A classic demonstration of a deflection of guilt with a seemingly grade school maturity level.  LOL

  On July 15th, 2011, at 4:00 P.M., I called Social Security and spoke with someone who said her name was Fate.  She told me that there was no paperwork on file regarding my being eligible for the QMB program, despite the fact that the woman who said I could call her Ms. McCray at the local Social Security office made copies of the letter from the Florida Department of Children & Families saying that I was eligible for it.

  On July 17th, 2011, when I accessed my account at Florida Department of Children and Families with the Access Florida site, there were odd things in it . . .  For instance, in the Medicaid section, it said I was enrolled in the Medically Needy program, but that the Medicare Savings program was listed as Open for its status, and no mention anywhere of QMB.  According to one of the .pdf files on their site, such as the Financial Eligibility Standards for July 2011 which is hosted on their very own site, people under a certain income (I'm under that income limit, before you ask) are eligible to receive benefits such as the MEDS-AD program (which is listed on the aforementioned pdf file as full community Medicaid), and people who get QMB have their Medicare premiums (Parts A and B), Medicare deductibles, Medicare Coinsurance (within prescribed limits), and automatically qualify for Extra Help Medicare Prescription Drug Cost.  Must be nice . . .

  On August 22nd, 2011, I again called Social Security and talked to someone who said he was Robert, who said that there's still no paperwork for the QMB from the Florida Department of Children and Families, and I'm not enrolled in the Extra Help program (their name for the Low Income Subsidy AKA LIS program).  Asked him to send me an application for it.

  On August 22nd, 2011 at 10:39 A.M., I called RxAmerica and asked them to cancel my card, because I couldn't afford to spend over 20 dollars a month for it.

  On August 22nd, 2011, I called Oscar Marcos, of the Agency for Health Care Administration, who told me that my Social Security number was in the QMB system, but, they still had my old name in it, because the Florida Department of Children and Families still hadn't updated the Florida Medicaid Management Information System, or FMMIS, and that re-applying might work, so I did.

  On September 5th, 2011, I sent in a Medicare buy-in application to the Florida DCF.

  On October 27th, 2011, after still not hearing anything from the Florida Department of Children and Families, I tried to call them, and, as expected, got the usual phone message about them all being too busy to answer the phone.  Logged into my Access Florida account, and it said they got the application that I sent them in August, but, not the one I sent them in September, so, I wondered if either the United States Postal Service failed to deliver it, or the Florida DCF threw it away.

  On October 27th, 2011, I talked to Oscar Marcos again, at the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, who told me that I should tell the Florida Department of Children and Families that he says they need to update my name in the Florida Medicaid Management Information System, or FMMIS database.  Tried to call the Florida DCF, again, and, they were still busy . . .

  On November 2nd, 2011, after hours of waiting at the Florida Department of Children and Families office in Opa-Locka, Florida, I was told that the Medicare buy-in application I filed back in September was approved, and that they'll look into the FMMIS or Florida Medicaid Management Information System thing, but, that the problem could be my new name, even though they've known about the name change for years, based upon the letters they've been sending me . . .

  On November 26th, 2011, I put in yet another application on the Florida DCF's Web site, reminding them about FMMIS in the comments section, and telling them about the bill for hundreds of dollars from RxAmerica I got for something that was supposed to be paid for by a program.

  On December 8th, 2011, I went to the Florida Department of Children and Families office in Opa-Locka, Florida for a scheduled face to face interview with Neville Dawkins.  After checking in, I was told he wasn't there.  So, I let them make copies of my Social Security card, Medicare card, and my state of Florida picture identification card.  While I was there, someone named Silvia Stokes (or Sylvia Stokes) claimed that I didn't qualify for the Medicaid program, despite the fact that their very own Web site said that I did, and I got letters from their agency saying I was eligible.  So, either she lied or their agency did . . .  When I asked why my Medicare premiums were not being paid by the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Medicaid program, or QMB, and showed them my bank statement showing that they're still being deducted, she told me that it would be looked into and asked someone there named Richard, who had a last name that started with the letter O, to check into it.

  On January 12th, 2012, I sent them yet another letter with my name, address and case number on it, asking them why they still have not updated the FMMIS or Florida Medicaid Management Information System with my new name, asking them why it takes them years to open up a database file, backspace out the old name, type in the new name, and hit the Enter key.  In the letter, I begged them to enter my new name into the system.  Had the letter notarized and sent it via USPS Certified Mail, so I'd have confirmation of it being delivered to them.

  On February 1st, 2012, I thought I may as well share my experience by creating this Web page and letting others know what I've been going through.

  Hasn't this gone on long enough?  I cannot afford to see a doctor, because I cannot afford to pay for it, myself.  This is making me feel as though I am being slowly tortured to death by the government, as my health becomes worse with each passing month.  Does the Florida DCF have any shame knowing that convicted rapists, murderers, child molesters, drug dealers, and thieves get better health care in prison than a law-abiding, disabled American veteran who is also an ordained minister (whose yearly income is less than the federal poverty level) because of them?  Is this by some sadistic intention, or because of incompetence of one or more of the employees at the Florida Department of Children and Families?  I have tried to be nice.  I have tried to be patient.  But, my life feels as though it is soon coming to an end, and the pain I feel with each step, with each breath, may soon make me forget the difference between right and wrong, even though I seem to be the only one on the planet who tries to follow the golden rule, instead of letting greed and a thirst for power rule him.  But, even an ordained minister has limits, when tortured for years . . .

  I've waited month after month, year after year, hoping that I can someday afford to go see a doctor, while putting up with severe pain from the top of my head to the tips of my toes seemingly every moment of every day, that even prescription pain medication will not fully cover up (500 mg of acetaminophen only helps a little, and is about as effective as a bed sheet in an arctic wind).

  In more civilized countries, almost anywhere else in the world, such as France, Canada, the United Kingdom, or wherever, people have free or almost free healthcare.  Here, in the united states of america, where the hospital lobbyists rule with an iron fist, and have control of the politicians, if you cannot afford it, you have to get approved for things like Medicaid from the Florida Department of Children and Families, which, as you've already seen above, seems to take several years, if ever.  Even if the lines from the hospital lobbyists are true, that people have to wait months to see a doctor in other countries, it still has the united states of america healthcare system beat, if you are poor, because I've waited years, here!  That, and the costs are a heck of a lot cheaper than here, where greed is king, and they practically worship money like it's their god.  We even have people who rob a bank of one dollar just so they can get locked up and get medical care.  You would think that would send up warning flags to politicians and others that something was wrong, but no . . .

  If I was like most other people, I would have went over the edge, decided that enough was enough, that spending years waiting while every breath, every step, every moment, was filled with pain and probably already have done some very bad things.  Making things like nerve gas only takes one thing, and almost every home in south Florida has it, and I was learning how to build atomic bombs decades ago, and getting the materials isn't nearly as difficult as people think.  Be glad I'm not a terrorist.  I could make Osama bin Laden look tame by comparison.  But, un-like seemingly every other person on this planet, I still think that hurting others who have hurt me or screwed me over is wrong, that I should try to be nice, when nobody else is.  At least for now . . .  However, I realize that everyone has a breaking point, and years of the type of pain that makes you want to scream and pound your fists into walls, and feeling like you're being screwed over by government agencies every day for a very long time may soon bring me to that snapping point . . .  Maybe the government will do the right thing, the honorable thing (if they have any honor, which even the FBI doesn't appear to have, because they ignore letters from me telling them about modern-day slavers and serial killers, or perhaps, they don't think it's important) before that happens . . .

  If I'm strong enough, it'll get to the point where it's life-threatening, and I'll get taken to the hospital, where I'll likely be told that "If you had only went to see a doctor, they may have been able to help you . . ."

  In March, 2012, I received a letter from the Social Security Administration, telling me they were finally going to start paying for the Medicare premium.  So, it seems to take the florida department of children and families almost four years to change one database field!  LOL  But, I found out that a lot of things aren't covered by Medicare (even a simple eye examination), so, Medicaid is better, and I definitely qualify for it, based on the fact that I'm well below the poverty level, but, I was told that you can't get Medicaid if you're on Medicare, and, they won't switch me to Medicaid.  In addition to that, I was informed that if I try to quit the Medicare program, they'll refuse to allow me into the Medicaid program.

  Wonder how many millions of senior citizens and disabled people they're screwing over with this policy?  Welcome to your retirement, grandpa and grandma!  Now, bend over, please, while the government screws you over!  It's a terrible system when murderers on death row get better healthcare than poor senior citizens or those who are stuck in a wheel-chair, or both.  Guess the politicians are proud of that, because they won't change it . . .

  Instead, the politicans claim that they need to make even further cuts to the Medicare and Medicaid programs, while continuing to bail out big businesses and banks with taxpayer money, and vote themselves raises.  Many other countries in the world have far better programs for their citizens, and their economy is a lot better off than that of the united states of america.

Don't you wish we had a government that served the people instead of the corporations?

  Reuters reported back in June, 2010, that Americans spend two times as much for healthcare as do people living in other developed countries, but, they get lower quality, less efficiency, and have a less equitable system.  The Commonwealth Fund report said that the United States ranked last when compared to Britain, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. Anyone else out there getting tired of America being a corporatocracy?

  Their latest trick:

  On September 6th, 2012, I got a call on my answering machine from someone there called Maria, asking me to call them back, and they left a phone number.  However . . .  When I tried to call back, nobody answered, and, their voice mail wasn't set up, yet.  Tried to call back several times every business day after that, as well, for a while, with the same results.  Even almost a month later, it's the same thing; nobody answers, and still no voice mail.  Nice little trick, that.  They give the appearance that they want to contact you, but, they don't want to give you any way to contact them.  No letter from them, either, yet, so, it must be just another scam by the Florida department of children & families, because they really don't want to contact me if they don't make a serious attempt to try.  So, it would seem that there's no way to contact the Florida department of children and families.  You have to wonder, though, if anyone ever got seriously ticked off at the run-around they give people for years and decided that they had enough of it and wanted to launch a mortar attack on their building shouting "Do you hear me now??"  LOL  For all I know, it may be the only way to get their attention.  Obviously, letters and going to see them in person doesn't work . . .

  Is it the intention of the american government to turn its citizens into terrorists against their own government, when they've asked the agencies and people who are supposed to help them, and get ignored time and time again, for years?  With each day, you grow more and more angry, and, as the pain increases, and your options quickly approach zero, after having tried to ask the government to do the right thing with not even a form letter for a reply, you grow closer to the breaking point, where there is nothing but the pain, and feel that there is nothing left in your life but revenge on those you see as having tortured you with constant pain for years!  That day is coming.  You can feel it drawing closer as the un-ending pain grows more intense and you can think of little else.  How many people can keep their sanity when each breath, each step they take for years, is filled with pain, and they are denied the chance to get at least the same healthcare that convicted rapists, child molesters, murderers, kidnappers, serial killers and drug dealers get in prison?

  At least I can say I tried.  It's certainly more than can be said for them.

  And, my fight continues . . .

  Now, I'm waiting for them to pay me back for what I paid for Medicare premiums when they should have paid for them.  Sent them yet another notarized and certified letter.  Wonder how many more years this will take?

  If you want to try to help, feel free to write them at the following address and ask them to put Cyberwolfman on Medicaid and to pay him back for the years (2008 to 2012) that they were supposed to be paying for my Medicare premium, while I waited years for them to change a single database field:

Dept Children & Families
200 Opalocka Blvd.
Opa-Locka FL 33054

  Any help is definitely appreciated.  :-)

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