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  January 31st, 2008: A quick catch-up of what's been going on in my life and what I have in mind for the future.

  February 22nd, 2008: Did a review of the Best Damn Brew Review 2008.

  March 6th, 2008: An insight into the black powder bomb bicyclist.

  March 21st, 2008: It's Ahroun and I just got the Howling II movie soundtrack!  :-)

  April 13th, 2008: Spam e-mail about and other nasty surprises.

  April 17th, 2008: Consumer Reports makes a list of best light beers that doesn't seem to fit the facts.

  June 17th, 2008: Firefox 3 download day!

  September 25th, 2008: Even higher gasoline prices, the $700 billion bailout, and palin and the wolves!

  October 2nd, 2008: Corinne Bohrer, who you might remember as the good witch housekeeper from the televsion show Free Spirit, seems to be making a comeback.

  October 6th, 2008: The bailout passed, tent cities, and what'll happen next.

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  January 31st, 2008:

  Life catch-up

  Just going to tell you a few brief things that I've been up to lately.

  Went to a Marilyn Manson concert.  Don't want to say it, but, he had a better sound system than Alice Cooper had.  There was a lot of bass in the place, and you could feel everything vibrating.  Had a great time, except for the fact that they started late, and the vendors wanted $12 for a beer and charged $5 for a 12 ounce bottle of soda.  Other than that, it was fun.  :-)  One of the parts about the concert that made me laugh was that when he took the stage, there was a sea of cell phones lighting up from me to the stage.  LOL

  Saw a few movies.  Some were good, some were . . . not so good:

  One of the better movies I've seen lately was The Golden Compass.  It showed more imagination than most of the movies I've seen so far, and the opening where they showed a lot of galaxies in a moving picture that would make the stuff from the Hubble look boring in comparison was beautiful.  :-)  If you haven't seen this yet, wait until it comes out on DVD or VHS, or whatever you have at your home and rent the movie.  It's worth seeing!

  Also saw Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  It was a musical, but, very cool.  Loved the revenge aspect of this (of course I love it when people who do bad things to others get their comeuppance!), but, it's probably not a good idea to take children in to see it . . .

  AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem was also cool, even though they didn't show a lot of the fine details.  Some of my favorite parts of this movie was when one of the characters in the movie stated that people can trust the government and practically everybody in the movie burst out laughing.  Other cool parts was when the aliens were going after the people in the movie, and the high school bullies that tried to act so tough got sliced and diced from behind while running away and screaming.  Earlier, they had attacked a lone boy en masse, so I had no problem with watching them die.  In fact, I kind of felt they deserved it.  Do unto others, and all that.  Instant karma's gonna get you!  And it did!  Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!  A sad part of the movie was when the U.S. government soldiers tried to use the same excuse the nazis did during the Nuremberg war crimes trials, saying that they were just following orders when they nuked a city.  :-(  Hope that the past isn't so forgotten that a new generation of people will spring up and commit the same atrocities that others have . . .

  Hitman was one of the worst movies I've seen yet.  The only one that I've seen that was worse still, in the past few years, was The Stupids.

  My life has certainly improved since I've moved here.  No longer am I having to chase down roommates to get the money from them for their share of the rent and utilities, or having to live with people who think that they don't have to be fair to others.  Think that this is the happiest I've ever been in my entire life.  :-)

  Now, a look ahead . . .  I'm hoping to get some of the things done that I've wanted to get done for decades, some, practically since I was born.  One of those goals should be finally accomplished within the next few months.  Another, a few months after that.  And, hopefully, within a year, something big!  It'll hopefully be nice and mind-blowingly weird, strange, and fun!  Some of you know what I'm talking about and are probably right now shivering in anticipation, or perhaps, fear.  WEG  I've already laid the groundwork for two of these goals, and started working on the last thing here and there, getting some cool ideas that'll be different from anything anybody's seen before.  Having a really good imagination, an almost insatiable curiosity and the desire to do things that others haven't yet, certainly comes in handy, and I'm going to have a lot of fun with this!  Stay tuned, so to speak, because I'll tell you when I've done it on the blog page!

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  February 22nd, 2008:

  My critique of the Best Damn Brew Review

  Heard about the Best Damn Brew Review on 93Rock, and thought I'd give it a shot.  So, after going there, and trying the stuff out, I returned home and wrote a review about it.  You can check it out here: The Best Damn Brew Review.

  Also, I'm letting the general public have access to my South Florida Entertainment Review page now.  As time goes on, I'll put more links to other pages on it that the general public can handle.  Just need to do a little editing . . .

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  March 6th, 2008:

  The black powder bomb bicyclist

  What is his mission?  What message is he trying to get across to the world or is it just to some in the United States?  The reasoning behind why he does his thing at about 3:45 a.m. in the morning is rather obvious, as it's the time of night that most people aren't on the street, and in many cities, the cops aren't, either.  Also easy to figure out is why he plants the bombs while riding a bicycle.  No license plate, no automobile to look for later, and, using a cheap bicycle found at several stores around the United States, the black powder bomb bicyclist makes it more difficult for the authorities to find out where it was bought.

  Ah, the feeling you get when you ride a bicycle in the pre-dawn hours of the night, where there's hardly a person on the street.  Yes, I've done this a lot, and can tell you a lot about this kind of thing, but . . .  I'll just give a few details.  This is the time frame where most cops are back at the station in many cities, the newspaper trucks are about to start their day, and the garbage trucks don't start for some time after that.  It feels as though the world is asleep, or almost as though there was a great plague that wiped out all of humanity, leaving you the sole denizen of the Earth.  It's a great time to practice your howling in parking garages, especially the stairwells.  ;-)  At this time of night, you have little worry about bad drivers on the road, there's few pedestrians on the sidewalks, and only the occasional cop is on the streets, but, they're easy to spot, and, if they spot you, they're very easy to shake, since they can't go where you can go while you're riding a bicycle, and there's several tactics to use to shake them faster like doubling back on your way after turning a corner and the cop is following you, not in pursuit, but, likely curious about you.  Sometimes, it's also fun to watch them from a hidden spot over-looking something like an alley observing them as they move up the alley one at a time, while another covers them remaining stationary.  Ah, the little thrill you get when they stand right beside you in the darkness, un-aware of your presence, and you give a WEG and fight the urge to yell "BOO!"  Then, you notice the world waking up little by little around you, the glistening of dew upon the grass, the birds singing to greet the still-not-risen Sol, the lights coming on in houses and the smells of breakfast seeping through to the outside world.  That's when you want to return home, to get off the streets before the morning people ruin your good time.

  Thankfully, the black powder bomb bicylist isn't using anything more powerful than black powder, and is doing it at the time of night when its less likely people will get hurt by the blast.  But, there are a few people who spot you, though . . .  Those who like to observe but not be observed.  Trained to know the differences between cover and concealment, how to practically walk beside you without your awareness.  Be aware, black powder bomb bicyclist . . .  We are out there, and we are watching . . .

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  March 21st, 2008:

  It's Ahroun and I just got the Howling II movie soundtrack!  :-)

  It's Ahroun, Luna is full, and she's so beautiful this evening.  Her luminescent glow shines down upon me and invigorates me, filling me with joy while cleansing my soul and freeing my mind.  Within me, I feel the stirrings, the hunger . . .  The urge grows too powerful, I can no longer contain it within me.  The moment is now.  With my heart filling with joy, I tilt my head back and howl, sending a song towards Luna floating above me in the evening sky, surrounded by the stars and thin wisps of clouds.

  Then, I think of the humans and feel pity.  How can they not feel this joy, this sense of being filled with energy, this cleansing of the soul via a nigh-magical glow?  Perhaps this is why they are constantly waging wars, arguing, calling each other names, seeking more power and money, and, basically, trying to make everybody's life as miserable as possible?  They don't feel it.  They don't get it.  There's something very essential to their soul missing from their lives, that their minds have been convinced or brainwashed into believing that they don't need.  Life isn't about gaining power, money, or land.  The secret of life is to live.  If life isn't any fun, then, what's the fun of living?  I know, I've been saying this for quite some time, now, and, I even put it on my Cool Quotes page, but, for some reason, the humans just don't get it.  Instead, they seem to want more expensive cars, jewelry, houses, and all that.  The thing I don't understand is why.  Do they need these things to make them feel better about themselves?  Or, do they feel they need to impress others?  Again, why?  LOL  To quote Dr. Seuss, "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."  Think people will love you more because you have a lot of expensive stuff?  The only thing humans are thinking of when they see somebody with a lot of expensive luxury items is how they can take it from you, and how much better they believe their lives would be if they had your wealth.  Shouldn't people love others for who they are, and not for how much money they have?  Heck, if I had something like an expensive car, I'd be more worried about how much the gas and insurance would cost for it.  LOL  Think I'll stick with my bicycle . . .  If somebody offered me a million dollar car, I wouldn't drive it.  I'd sell it, spend a little of the money fixing things around the house, put some in the bank in case of emergencies, and use the rest to try to help others.  Even when humans get an education, all they can think about doing with what they've learned is making a lot more money.  Why not teach others, mentoring them, as it were, or donating what time you can spare to help others?  I know, I'm weird, I don't get the whole greed thing.  Inside me, I feel that . . . if you learn, but do not teach, take, but do not give, you suck (that's on my Cool Quotes page, too).  If you use your knowledge and skills for nothing but making yourself rich and buying very expensive luxury items, I see you as little more than a leech.  Want to help others around the world without having to spend any money, and only take a few seconds of your time?  Click on this:  Click here to help make the world a better place!

  *Sighs*  There I go, rambling, again.

  Well, there is one thing I've wanted for a while, but couldn't find.  It's not expensive, but, nobody seemed to have it.  Today, though, I got it, finally, after searching for it for over two decades, from one of my special friends: The Howling II Your Sister Is a Werewolf movie soundtrack.  Wanted the Howling II movie soundtrack since I heard the song Howl in the movie and saw that scene in it of a bar full of werewolves in front of a stage where the band Babel and Stephen Parsons (AKA Steve Parsons) is performing the song Howl.  If you've seen the movie, you know the scene I mean.  Most people don't think the movie's very good, but, I like it primarily for that scene.  If you haven't seen it, yet, you can rent it if you're old enough.  In the united states, it has a R rating, probably because the full un-censored movie shows the top part of a woman sans clothes.  *snickers*  Ever see paintings from the renaissance?  They showed a lot more than that.  In Sweden and Finland, Howling II has supposedly been banned.  But then, Finland banned such movies as Cheech and Chong's Next movie (from 1980) as well as Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948) and Sweden banned Nosferatu (1922), so, I don't think it takes much to get banned in some countries . . .  The united states is almost as prudish as some of the more restrictive countries out there, but (thank the gods!), not yet.  You might be able to rent the Howling II movie from a video store.  Somebody told me that Netflix has it, so, if you have an account with them, you can borrow it from them.

  Hmm . . . It's Ahroun, I have the Howling II movie soundtrack, and plenty of beer . . .  Whatever shall I do?  Hee hee hee


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  April 13th, 2008:

  Scam web sites and spam you never sent!

  Have you been told that one of your e-mail accounts has been used to send spam, but, you've never sent the e-mails?

  Is the site or some other site you've never heard of mentioned in the e-mails?

  Is somebody trying to use your credit cards to order things but you know that your credit card is safe at home, and you never let anybody borrow it?

  You are not alone.

  Hasn't happened to me, yet, because I'm the 'paranoid' type who doesn't think that humans and their technology is trust-worthy, so, I don't keep financial information on my computer.  But, some people I know have had this happen to them.

  Let's examine this site, for starters . . .  By doing a whois lookup on it, you can learn that it's only been registered since December 12th, 2007, and their registration is set to expire one year from that date.  Not exactly a business with a long history of satisfied customers, and they don't seem interested in staying around for very long.  Also, the owner is in Beijing, China.  Anybody noticed lately, that there's been a large number of businesses starting up over there trying to get money from people?  Somebody told me that they don't accept paypal, that you can only order things from them with a bank transfer or with money sent via western union, and, once you send them money, they claim they need still more money, usually stating that it's for something like chinese customs.  Still think they're trust-worthy?  LOL

  It's been said that there's a sucker born every minute.  Don't be that sucker!  Don't visit their sites, don't open e-mails you don't recognize, and most definitely don't click on links in e-mails or run things people send you, or download and install things you see on the web because they looked cool.  Also be very careful of who you trust with your financial information.  They likely don't have your best interest at heart . . .

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  April 17th, 2008:

  Best light beer?

  Today, I saw a list of what Consumer Reports claims to be the best light beers.  For the most part, I tend to agree with their other reviews of products, which makes me think that, for the most part, they know what they're talking about, like their choice for best potato chips (Lay's Classic) and batteries (Energizer e2 Lithium, even though it's more expensive).  However . . .  While realizing that many people prefer different tastes, here's what I thought of some of the beers they listed as 'best light beers':

  Miller Lite:  Yes, this matches what I believe, that it's a fairly good light beer, not that bad of taste or after taste.

  Bud Light:  Yuck!  One of the worst tasting beers I've drank, and, considering how many different brands I've tried, that's saying a lot.  Bud Light is almost, but, not quite as bad as PBR, otherwise known as Pabst Blue Ribbon.  And, that's the best thing I can say about Bud Light. LOL  When I go bar-hopping, and I enter a bar and see that it only has Bud Light and other crappy beers on tap, I leave.  Actually happened, once.

  Natural Light:  Aside from the fact that it's cheap, I can't say much else about it that's good.  It wasn't too bad-tasting, but, it isn't the kind of beer I'd be drinking if I had other choices.  Usually, you'll find this beer at keg parties since they can generally get this brand cheaper than the others.

  Keystone Light:  Well, you can certainly call this a light beer . . .  Definitely light on taste.  The last time I drank Keystone Light, it tasted kind of like fermented water, with hardly any beer taste.  Personally, I wouldn't recommend it, unless the person wanting to drink a few alcholic beverages really doesn't like the taste of beer.

  If you're old enough to drink for the place you're in, and if drinking beer won't give you any health problems, and you're not going to drive after drinking, and you don't think I'm telling you the truth about the above beers, please feel free to try them at your local bar to see er, taste for yourself.

  Usually, when I drink beer, it's Miller Lite and Icehouse.  Those were the two best that I've found so far that were in my price range.  Your opinion may vary, of course, as I think everybody's does, but . . .  I just couldn't read that list of 'best light beers' by Consumer Reports without saying anything.  LOL

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  June 17th, 2008:

  Firefox 3 Download Day!

  Firefox 3 is now ready for download!  Today, we're going to try to set a record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours, and you can help!

  First, you need to download the newest version:  Download Firefox 3

  You'll probably want to save it to a temporary folder, and not your desktop, making sure you remember where you saved it to.  Good news is, it's only a little over 7 megabytes.  :-)

  Next, if you already have Firefox on your system, un-install it.  Most programs work best with a clean install, and, since this is the first one of the version 3 line, well . . .  You might want to do a clean install just to be on the safe side.  For micro$haft windows users, use Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs thing.  Don't worry, your options, bookmarks, and all that are saved somewhere else on your computer by default.  If you don't have Firefox already installed on your computer, go to the next step.

  Now, it's time to install Firefox 3!  For micro$haft windows users, either right-click on your windows Start button and browse to it and double click on it to start the install, or, if you have a windows key on your keyboard, click that and the R key at the same time and browse to it that way and hit the OK button when you find it.

  If you've installed it, congratulations!  You can now use one of the best web-browsers ever created, in my humble opinion, and I've tried a lot of them!  LOL

  Oh, yeah, there's easter eggs in Mozilla Firefox 3, too.  For one of the cooler ones, check out what I wrote about the Mozilla Firefox 3 robots easter egg for some probably useless trivia.

  You're welcome.  :-)

  Now, if you've installed Firefox 3, and you found out you can't download things from web pages, you'll need to go to Control Panel, Internet Options (AKA Internet Properties), click on the Security tab, then, the Custom Level box.  In that, you'll want to go down to the Miscellaneous section and where it says "Launching applications and unsafe files" select Prompt, then click the two OK buttons to close both those windows, and it should allow you to download things after that.

  Personally, though, I don't think this is a very good idea.  Mainly, because I don't trust micro$haft . . .  If you leave this option enabled, you're likely to find odd things going on with your computer, and you may have moments where it seems like it's 'freezing up' on you, but, you'll be able to move the mouse pointer but do little else, and your little computer light will be very active.  ;-)  Even on the default (Medium)High) security level on that slider, if you hit the Default button, then go into the custom stuff again, you'll see that the "Launching applications and unsafe files" option is set to disable.  Scary thought, that Firefox 3 needs to have micro$haft's options changed and even more so than you do for the Windows Update thing . . .  Use at your own risk.  Might be a better idea to get a free download manager program from a site you can trust . . .

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  September 25th, 2008:

  Even higher gasoline prices, the $700 billion bailout, and palin and the wolves

  The real world's getting kind of nasty, lately!  Yeah, I know, I haven't added anything to this for a few months, but, times have been kind of tough lately, and the news hasn't helped . . .

  One of the main things that a lot of people are upset about are the even higher gasoline prices they're paying at the gas pumps, now, which, in the western corner of the Bermuda Triangle, in the Miami, Florida area, are around $4.00 a gallon.  While this doesn't effect me directly, since I don't drive an automobile, it still effects the prices we all pay for goods and services.  What's curious is that compainies like exxonmobil are constanly raising the price of gasoline at the pumps even for the chance that something will happen that may drive up prices, but, yet, they're showing record profits, so they don't really need to raise the prices, except to satisfy their own greed.  The corporations have even claimed that they can lower the cost of gasoline by drilling offshore, yet, they have millions of acres of federal land to drill on, but aren't doing it.  Instead, they're buying back their own stocks to make their companies more valuable.  Another strange thing . . . the price of oil is going up, even though global demand is going down.  Which of course makes us all wonder why.  Ah, but that answer is simple enough.  Greed, and the confidence the corporations have that the consumers are basically sheeple.  What are they going to do?  Bleet, bleet, bleet, while they get sheared?  LOL  Obama, meanwhile, is considering letting them drill offshore, seemingly having been duped into believing what he's been told.  He's also stated that in 20 years, he'd like 85% of the cars to be running on something besides gasoline.  Got news for you, Obama.  It may not take anywhere near 20 years.  LOL  In Texas, the state known for oil, many people are buying electric cars.  Regular gas-powered vehicle sales are now at the lowest they've been in over 16 years, despite the growing population.  The oil companies both in america and overseas are losing some of their current customers, and, as more people are driving around in electric cars (some of which, like the Tesla Roadster, have around a 250 mile range, go from 0-60 MPH in about four seconds, and recharge in an hour or so), more people will get interested in buying their own electric cars rather than paying close to $100 for every tank of gas.  There's even a five-passenger 'sedan' car coming out from that same company in a year or so from now, that'll cost at least one-third less than the current car they're already making, which they've only just started making two years ago, that has sold so well, they're already making a new plant to make the newer cars.  Looks like the electric car company is booming!  LOL

  Obamba or mccain?  While I think that both of them are a little on the dim-witted side, mccain seems to be the worst choice.  This is the guy who suspended his election campaign until after the government decides what to do about the current problems such as the bailout, so he doesn't have to answer questions at a debate about it.  So, what's this guy going to do if he's elected, and there's a national emergency?  Tell the entire government to take a month-long vacation?  LOL  In addition to this, I really don't like where his vice-president hopeful person, palin, stands on things like wolves.  According to some, mccain's vice-president cantidate, sarah palin, paid hunters $150 for each wolf, and used $400,000 of public money to defeat an initiative that would have banned aerial hunting of wolves for sport, and many people are calling her an environmental horror story.  The wolves are being slaughtered, and, in one instance alone, officials killed 14 wolf pups after killing their mother, by dragging them out of their dens and shooting them.  Don't know about anybody else, but I know who I'm not voting for!  In fact, I know people who have stated that they will move out of the country if mccain gets elected, primarily because it's expected he'll be just like george w. bush, and, if that's true, what's to keep the united states from continuing down this road, until things get much worse?

  The bailout . . .  So, the wall street bankers, those fatcats with yearly salaries of millions of dollars, got drunk with greed, made bad investments, and now we have to bail them out with $700,000,000,000?  Yes, that's 700 billion dollars!  That's thousands of dollars from each and every american citizen.  Where's this money going to come from?  Ah, there's the question nobody's answering . . .  How much you wanna bet it'll come from programs that the poor rely on?  Will the government now become the anti-Robin Hood, stealing from the poor to give to the rich?  You know it won't be from corporations or the rich, right?  They wouldn't stand for such a thing.  But, if the government does it to the poor, what can they do, when they can't even afford to move out of the country that's screwing them over?  *GROWLS*  And, would the government even let people escape, if there's hundreds or thousands of people heading for the borders?  If history is a guide, I can't help but think of what happened at the Massacre at Bad Axe and the Battle of Stillman's Run for examples of what's done to people even when they're under a white flag of truce . . .  And, that's the tame stuff!  Why the heck are we helping the banks, when they're essentially the same as gamblers that lose at the tables?  What we should do is do the exact same thing to the banks that they do to their customers when they ask the banks for a loan!  Tell them no!  Hey, they've gambled away their money, do they really sound like a good investment?  Judge them by the exact same system they judge everybody else by!  Aren't we always told to play fair, and have that hammered into our brains even from childhood?  Is this just a rule to govern the behavior of the majority of the population, while the 1 percent or so with most of the power and money can do whatever they want and to whoever they want?  Are some more fair than others?  If so, why?  And, why do we have to pay for the mistakes of the rich and powerful?  How about a bailout for the poor who can't afford to pay their medical bills, or for the uninsured poor, many of which have children?  If we ask a politician about noblesse oblige, do they even understand the concept, or is their primary duty to those with the most money?  Actions speak a lot louder than words, and all their fancy speeches seem to mean crap, when they turn around and give tax breaks to the rich and bail out corporations while the poor suffer.

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  October 2nd, 2008:

  Corinne Bohrer, star of Free Spirit (played Winnie Goodwinn, the good witch baby-sitter)

  Like me, you may've seen Corinne Bohrer in some recent television commercials for bounty paper towels (where the spill is on the floor headed towards a carpeted floor, and the father and son are saying things like "Three sheet job?"  "Four sheet job?"  And she says "No, one sheet"), totino pizza rolls (she's in the kitchen when the kid puts his hand through the wall to get some), apple inc (the get a mac campaign, in the commercial called Breakthrough, where she's playing a psychiartirst), and several more.

  However, most of us know her from television shows like Free Spirit, where she played Winnie Goodwinn, a good witch housekeeper for a family (one widower father, Thomas J. Harper, his one daughter, Jessie, and two sons, Robb and Gene) from 1989-1990, which, unfortunately, only lasted for 14 episodes.  The kids knew she was a witch, but, the father didn't.

  The names of the Free Spirit television show episodes were: Love and Death, Pilot, The Bosses Are Coming, Wedding Bell Blues, Too Much of a Good Thing, Guess Who's Staying for Dinner?, Hallowinnie (one of my favorites, her costume reminded me of Zatana), Two for the Road, Not with My Sister You Don't, Love That Winnie, The New Secretary, Radio Nights, We Gotta Be Me, and Blast from the Past.

  An interesting note is that their home was supposedly in Connecticut, which is also the state where the home in the television series Bewitched was supposed to be.

  Other television shows you may know her from are Friends (as Melanie), Diagnosis Murder (played Bobbie Burton), MacGyver (played Terry Ross in the episode called "The Assassin"), The Flash (as Zoey Clark), Veronica Mars (played Lianne Mars), Joan of Arcadia (played Sylvia Tardio), Will & Grace (as Judy), Murder She Wrote (Bea Huffington), and a lot more.

  The movies she's played in incude Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987), where she played Cindy, Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love (1994) in which she played Jeanie Humphrey, Star Kid (1997), playing Janet Holloway, a science teacher, Dead Solid Perfect (1988) as Janie Rimmer (only one where she was sans clothes, that I know of), and Stewardess School (1986) as Cindy Adams.

  But, I guess for me, I remember her most from that television show Free Spirit.  It was one of the better sit-coms on television back then, and, well, I guess I've always been crazy about witches.  ;-)

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  October 6th, 2008:

  Another bailout for the same thing that happened in the past.

  This is getting ridiculous.  The united states government is again using taxpayer money to bail out financial institutions during this 'foreclosure crisis' just like they did during the S&L crisis, for the same exact thing that caused the problem in the first place.  Why, exactly, is the majority of the population expected to give their money to the rich who gambled it away?  And, what's to stop the government from doing this to us again and again and again and again whenever the rich need more money?

  Even though the bailout might help the growing panic of the wall street fatcats who lost their money, what of the average citizen who has to pay ever-higher prices at the stores?  Will this bailout magically make the prices drop back down again?  Don't get your hopes up on that.  The bailout is mostly for the benefit of the rich, and the poor will have to suffer more, so that the rich can afford to keep their yachts.  Heck, you can't even get a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk at the store anymore with $5.  And those little 2 pound blocks of cheese that used to sell for a few bucks just a couple of months ago?  They're now over $8.

  Quick side note:   The worst cheese in america, IMHO, and the worst cheese I've ever tasted in my entire life is the kraft cheese made with 2% milk.  When I tasted the kraft's cheddar cheese made with 2% milk, it left a heavy plastic taste in the back of the throat and it stayed there for several minutes afterwards.  If you're looking for a cheese with less fat in it, and a better taste, try borden's sharp cheese made with 2% milk.  It won't taste as good as the regular sharp cheddar cheese, but, it's better than the crappy tasting cheese from kraft.  And no, I wasn't paid to say that.  For the first-time visitors to this site, I get thousands of unique visitors a month, but, I don't want to make money from them, so there's not a single ad on this site.  Besides, why would I want a sponsor who has a say in what I can and can't talk about?  No thank you!  LOL

  Some signs of the times:

  The unemployment rate continues to rise.  The united states national average for unemployment is now about 6.1%.

  Tent cities of homeless people are springing up everywhere, like the hoovervilles (guess the new ones can be called bushvilles) of the great depression, since the homeless shelters are filling up, and many of them have time limits such as one week to a month for how long people can stay, and some people are using scrap wood to build temporary shelters.  The homeless are harassed with police sweeps that seem like acts of militancy (exact quote from some).  Not really sure what the cops think they're going to accomplish with that.  Where can the homeless go?  Or do the cops intend to keep attacking them until the homeless try to defend themselves and get arrested for it?  Aren't the jails and prisons over-crowded as it is, and wouldn't having them there create an even bigger drain on the taxpayers?

  Many cities are seeing more people living in their cars and vans.  A few cities, like Santa Barbara, have let them use a parking lot.

  The national average price of gasoline is about $3.60 a gallon for self-service regular gasoline.  It's gone down a few cents because of the refineries getting back up and because of less demand for it recently, but, still . . .  Only a few decades ago, it was only 25 cents a gallon.  Haven't seen gasoline prices jump up this fast since the oapec oil embargo, but, back then, it was just a jump from around 35 cents to 55 cents per gallon.  There was also the jump from about 80 cents a gallon for gasoline to almost $1.20 per gallon during the 1979 energy crisis, but now . . .  Ouch!

  The american dollar has continued to fall in value against every major currency.

  The national debt is now over 10 trillion dollars.  Yes, that's $10,000,000,000,000!  This is growing at a rate of around $3 billion per day!  The debt has increased by more than 4 trillion dollars just during george w. bush?s presidency.

  Many families are no longer going out to eat once a week, but instead, staying home.

  People are borrowing from, and later, cashing in their life insurance policies just to pay the rent and buy food.

  Those who own their own homes can't afford to get leaky roofs fixed, and have had to spend the money they were saving towards fixing it someday just so they can make ends meet, hoping that the weather remains fair and fairly free of rain until they can afford to fix it.

  So, what happens next?

  If what somebody told me is true, and the bill lets u.s. treasury secretary henry paulson, or whoever he appoints to maybe have a scapegoat later (Azazel can't be reached for comment on this), have absolute financial power and the decisions they make can't be reviewed by any court or administrative agency, it's scary.  I mean, come on!  If this guy screws up, what are we supposed to do, then?  Have yet another bailout within a few months to a year from now, which will also fail?  Exactly how high does the national debt have to get before somebody figures out that we need to change things?

  It's only a matter of time before we start getting even more homeless people out on the streets, and not just individuals, but whole families.

  Will the politicians continue to claim that all is well, and that they can fix the problem while doing little but helping the rich as the average citizen becomes homeless?  Will we see widespread bread lines and soup lines and large crowds gathering up again in front of homeless shelters before the government does something that will actually work?

  Wonder how long it'll be before we get offered another 'new deal', maybe from president barack obama?

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