South Florida Entertainment Review by Cyberwolfman:

The Best Damn Brew Review

South Florida Entertainment Review

  This is my review of the Best Damn Brew Review that last happened on February 22nd, 2008.  Check the sections below for specific information about the event.

  Best Damn Brew Review start and stop time:

The start and stop times for the Best Damn Brew Review were listed as being between 7:00 - 11:00 p.m. on Friday, February 22nd, 2008, even on the advance tickets, but, they didn't start letting people in until almost 8:00 p.m. and the line of those with tickets was composed of hundreds of people.  This is the 'quicker entry' spoke about on the 93rock site?  Hah!  They even started selling tickets to those who hadn't bought the tickets in advance into the Best Damn Brew Review before letting in all the the others who had, and there was a line of hundreds of people waiting to get in.  In very little time, this ended up with several hundred people in this outside but space-limited event with many spots where people were crammed in like sardines.

  The beer:

  Un-like the lie they told about what time the Best Damn Brew Review was going to start, they were right about the fact that you didn't have to pay for the beer after you got in, or for the food.  However . . .  The plastic cups they gave you were only 3.5 ounces/99.2233 grams, but, you rarely got even that much, because at almost all the tables that you had to wait in line at there were people who only wanted to pour beer into it up to the '2oz' line on the cup.  Yes, I pay attention, and try to remember all that I am witness to.  How do you think I've gotten so much useless junk in my head?  ;-)  This is the 'more beer' mentioned on the 93rock site?  What did they serve beer in last year?  1 ounce cups?  LOL

  For those who don't know me by sight, yet, I'm the guy that was there who's over 6 feet tall, built like a football player, dressed in all black and was wearing a pentacle around his neck.  If you haven't been told yet, it's going to take a heck of a lot of beer to get somebody like me even to the .08 alcohol limit dictated by the government for drivers (any bartender or 1st year medical student can verify that), but, I haven't driven an automobile in decades and don't even have a driver's license (do they still have the crank on the front of a car?).  So, next time you see me, please, fill up the glass.  LOL

  Some of the more interesting tasting beer included brands like Sea Dog Wild Blueberry Ale (or maybe it was the Blueberry Wheat, the place was packed, and I didn't have time to talk with the people pouring the drinks), which tasted like one of those blueberry pie snacks (can't remember what they're called, exactly, but, you see them in some grocery stores), as if they had found some way to liquify it and make it look like beer.

  If I go to this event next year, I'm coming prepared, taking a small marker with me and that little pamplet with the list of the drinks on it to show to the pourers to put a dot in front of what the drink was so I'll know it and can put a note beside it after I've tasted it, and a small notebook to write down other things.  Maybe also a fold-up card table, fold-up chairs, a board game, and a cooler of drinks so me and the people I go with can have something to do while we wait for them to finally start letting people in.  LOL

  The food:

  The best food I had at the Best Damn Brew Review were the little cheeseburgers, which I think were from Dave and Buster's.  Didn't even have to use any condiments on them.

  The runner up was Kefi Restaurant and Lounge for the egg rolls.

  As for the rest of the restaurants and bars that were represented there . . .

  Ballers had some cool-looking people there giving out cards.  I've made a note to visit this place in the near future, and I'll write up a review after I've done so.

  To the sports grille giving out what somebody told me were 'cheese steak sliders': You need to put some cheese on them!  Didn't see any on them, and, about all I tasted in them were some peppers, bun, and meat.

  To the restaurant giving out the Barbecued Ribs:  The taste wasn't too bad, but, if you're going to give out messy food at a place where people can't even sit down anywhere to eat it, provide more absorbent napkins, or maybe give out a couple of good paper towels next time.  I was having enough problems holding onto that little teeny tiny 3.5 ounce plastic cup in my large paw er, hand.

  Franktitude:  All I saw of your food was little 1 inch sized hot dogs with nothing on them, and nothing else available for tasting.  So, I skipped your little tent on the way in.  Next time, get another item or two to give out to people, even if it's something small in size.  Plain hotdogs and buns we can get at the grocery stores.

  To the bar/restaurant or beer distributor people asking people trivia questions while walking around the Best Damn Brew Review:  You asked me if I was ready to play, and I said yes, but, then you turned to ask somebody else a trivia question who was more well-dressed that looked like one of the rich people who make more than $10,000 a year, then walked off.  If you're going to snub potential customers, don't expect a good review from them.  We'll just tell our friends that you're jerks and they should try someplace else, pointing out as many good qualities of your competitors as we can.  Who wants to do business with a business that ignores their customers?

  Recommendations to those running the Best Damn Brew Review if they do it again:

  Keep your word!  If you tell people the Best Damn Brew Review will start at 7:00 p.m. then let people in at that time whether all the vendors are ready or not.  If they're not even able to read a chronometer/clock/watch (or haven't figured out, yet, that they should start out earlier to give themselves more time in case something happens, which frequenly does for some people), then they really should choose a job that doesn't require them to, and they can make the explanations as to why they're not ready yet, when people go to their spots.  If you feel the need to punish somebody, punish those who kept us waiting around, not us, the people who showed up for the Best Damn Brew Review on time.

  Let those who bought advance tickets ahead of time in first before you start selling more tickets to those who didn't.  Unless it's your intent to penalize people who go to the places that sold them the tickets?  If that's the case, then maybe they shouldn't do it next year if you're going to do it again?  The people who went to the 'buy your tickets at the door' area got in very fast with almost no wait.  Those in the pre-bought tickets line had formed a line that went through the parking lot like a very long snake, hundreds of people long.

  Signs!  Like outside the place on the main road (South Federal Highway) telling people where to turn in at, in the parking lots, telling them where they should park, signs around the building telling people which way to the Best Damn Brew Review, over-head signs near both entrances to the event stating what each entrance was for, and at the very least, a big sign (so that people can read it over the heads of those standing in line) in front of the main area so that they'll know that this is the place they're looking for.  You wouldn't believe how many people came up to those of us in the line asking if this was the line for the Best Damn Brew Review.

  We need more space!

  Along with giving us more space, a central area with picnic tables with lots of room between them so people can walk through easily (including the janitors with their large carts even if there's idiots standing in the open spots between tables) would be nice, also, or maybe having the main entertainment area in the middle, surrounding it with picnic tables with lots of space between them and several garbage cans, then, a ring round that ring of the drink pourers and restaurants/bars and around that, another ring of picnic tables and garbage cans, so everybody can sit down and try out the food and drinks without having to stand around and be in everybody else's way.

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