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  January 13th, 2009: My computer's working, again, and I can now run my 3D world This Is It and all my bots!

  January 20th, 2009: Barack Obama gets sworn in by chief justice john roberts, kind of . . .

  February 16th, 2009: The Pirate Bay and technology on trial!

  July 20th, 2009: Today marks the 40th anniversary of the first Moon walk

  September 19th, 2009: Created a page about healthcare reform

  September 26th, 2009: HDI's 100 inch laser 3D TV and an update

  October 6th, 2009: ThisIsIt/This Is It has been shut down due to lack of funds.  :-(

  And now, for something completely different!  Hee hee hee

Enough Tang Tinkle to Fill the Big Dipper?? LOL   October 7th, 2009: Enough Tang tinkle to fill the Big Dipper??

  After hearing somebody use that line on me, it made me wonder.  So, on this new page, I talk about exactly how much Tang tinkle it'd take to fill up the Big Dipper that has stars in it which are several light years apart.  LOL  Along with that, some information on generation starships and spacecraft drive systems.

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  January 13th, 2009:

  My computer's working, again!

  My computer's working, again, and I can now run my 3D world This Is It and all my bots!  :-)

  On November 7th, 2008, my computer's motherboard finally died after a long period of time where it would be less and less likely to work, and finally, not booting up at all.  After that, I had to wait until I could afford to buy a new one.  This took a while, and I also had to be certain that the motherboard I got would work with the CPU, RAM, video card, and so on that I already had in the computer, because I certainly couldn't afford to buy even one new part along with the motherboard.  I'd be really stretched just to get $150 (US) together during the next two months.  Thankfully, a lot of the computer stores on-line list the specifications of the motherboards such as the CPU slot, what kind of RAM and video cards they can take as well as other things.

  A big thank you to my very special female friend who let me borrow her computer.  Thank you very much for your kindness, understanding, and patience, while I was suffering through my virtual homelessness, and lettting me borrow your computer to ease my suffering.  :-)

  So, now my own computer is working again, finally, and now, I have to install all the programs like the anti-virus, firewall, Mozilla Firefox, et cetera.  It came with on-board video, and I'd rather use a video card, because the on-board video they put on motherboards is about the worst video chips that you can find (and were probably the cheapest the motherboard makers could get) but, not sure I can afford an ATI card that'll work with it for a while, even though the one I'm thinking of getting is around $50 (US).  Maybe next month . . .

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  January 20th, 2009:

  Barack Obama gets sworn in by chief justice john roberts, kind of . . .

  Barack Obama got sworn in as president of the united states . . .  Or did he?

  If you watched the swearing-in ceremony for president Barack Obama, as the chief justice of the united states of america, who is not only the head of the judicial branch of the government, but also presides over the u.s. supreme court, you'd have noticed some fumbling for words on the part of chief justice john roberts.  It seems that this guy, who is getting paid $217,400 a year, who can keep this very cushy job for life, if he chooses, unless he's impeached, who decides the fate of united states presidents during impeachment trials, and who owes the very existance of his job to the constitution of the united states, doesn't know the oath of office that's to be read to the next president of the united states, even though it's only one sentence in length, and a lot shorter than this one.  ;-)

  The presidential oath of office is, and I quote:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the united states."

  So, the chief justice of the united states can't even recite one single sentence out of the united states constitution that he's had years to learn?  Chief justice john roberts has been in office since September 29, 2005.  I'm strongly suspecting that he's un-familiar with the rest of it, as well, since that one sentence would have to be the most familiar sentence in the entire united states Constitution to the chief justice of the united states.

  Makes you wonder exactly what the justice system is using as a guide to the law if it's not the united states Constitution, doesn't it?

  In a kind of un-related matter, on the same day that president Barack Obama was getting sworn in as president of the united states, the google news page had a spot on it about the m110 sniper rifle (it replaced the M24) being out-fitted with an ipod touch device in an otterbox protective case with the bullet flight ballistics calculator application on it, that displays information such as distance, elevation, temperature, wind direction, and speed.

  So, what was google thinking?  Is this a hint to potential presidential assassins to go out and shoot the president?  Yikes!

  Honestly, though, I'm not a big fan of weapons based on stoners' stuff, after having to use the m16 during one of my stays in the military . . .  As for other assault rifles, the AK-47 is more reliable, but not very accurate at long distances, the bullet's a heck of a lot slower than the one coming out of the m16, and a weapon with wood parts doesn't fare too well in areas with a lot of moisture in the air.  The XM8 did great in the dust test (and looked pretty cool, too, and had a better sci-fi kind of look to it than the f2000), but they cancelled it.  Heckler & Koch's HK416 has a nice shiny black finish on it, has a 40mm grenade launcher, and has a rate of fire of about 800 rounds per minute and seems the best choice for wet or sandy locations.  Would've been nice to have had it during operation overlord . . .  Unfortunately, it only uses 5.56 rounds, which don't have as much stopping power as the 7.62s.

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  February 16th, 2009:

  The Pirate Bay trial starts today

  Today is the day that the rich greedy fatcats who control the entertainment industry try to steal yet another piece of technology from the world.


  Quoting one of the Pirate Bay or Piratbyrån people, Peter Sunde (AKA Brokep):

"Defending the idea of the technology and that?s probably the most important thing in this case - the political aspect of letting the technology be free and not controlled by an entity which doesn?t like technology"

  This trial of course, is controlled by the rich greedy fatcats who control the entertainment industry and choose to ignore previous cases such as the Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, 464 U.S. 417 (1984) AKA the Betamax case where the supreme court declared that those who provided the technology could not be liable for people using it to infringe on copyright as long as it's capable of substantial non-infringing uses.  The ruling was made even though the majority of people who were using betamax were using it to make recordings, and most of them were copyrighted movies.  This ruling still stands, today, and, in June 27, 2005, the Supreme Court made a ruling that they would not overturn the betamax ruling to help out greedy music companies.

  Even in Canada, the united states's closest neighbor to the north, file-sharing is declared legal by a judge, when the CRIA tried to get authorization from a court to learn the identity of 29 alleged file swappers.  They declared it legal both to download copyrighted material as well as to make it available to others.

  In regards to the lies about file-sharing cutting into the entertainment industry's profits . . . the drop in sales is probably due to the fact that there's fewer albums being released (and most of what's released isn't worth wasting money on), there's more competition from other forms of entertainment such as more television channels, internet radio stations with streaming feeds so there's no waiting around for a download, which allows you to listen to any type of music or talk show you want from all over the world (there are links to some in my 3D world This Is It in the Internet Radio stations area), businesses like netflix that deliver movies to your door within a day or so of you putting the last one you watched in the mail (was given an apology by them the one and only time that it took them two days to get one to me!), the fact that many people are afraid to buy CDs, DVDs and what-not because they are aware of the fact that at least some of the money they give these companies is used to persecute people with outrageous lawsuits so they're actually aiding in that, and, perhaps the biggest reason of all that there's fewer sales is that people don't have as much money for such luxuries, anymore.

  However!  In surveys taken, it's found out that those who are sharing copyrighted files spend more than four and a half times as much on buying them as those who don't.  One of the reasons for this is that while you might be able to get a movie through a file-sharing service, you likely can't find the extras included with it, such as deleted scenes.  Or, if you're a history freak like me, you can't get the special feature about the real gangs of New York unless you buy the Gangs of New York DVD.  And yes, I looked, and, when I can't find something on the internet, with all my experience with it, it's almost certainly not there.  LOL

  File-sharing should not be stolen from the world.  There's too much repressed technology as it is, most of it can't even be talked about now, after 9/11, without getting certain government agencies ticked off at you . . .  One of the better reasons that the file-sharing and torrents thing should be allowed to remain is that it gives those who are being hurt by oppressive governments a chance to share video and audio files of their deeds with the rest of the world.  Unless the music and film companies are in league with those oppresive governments, and are doing this because they condone all they do?  It certainly makes you wonder, because shutting down sites like The Pirate Bay would be the most helpful thing they can do for oppressive governments, since censorship is their most powerful tool, and anybody who helps them with that is, in my humble opinion, not much better than them, since they're stifling their victims' cries for help!  It's similar to placing a gag in the mouths of thousands of people being tortured to death, to help their torturers from being discovered.  But, maybe that's something they want, and they're proud to help them?  By continuing with this attack on sites like The Pirate Bay, they reinforce that belief to the entire world!

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  July 20th, 2009:

  The 40th anniversary of the 1st moon walk

  Yes, I am still very much alive, reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated, and all that rot.  LOL

  Since my last blog entry, I have been doing some research, learning a lot more, studying a rather large number of people from all over the world, and keeping myself very entertained.  You want specifics?  Considering the fact that I can learn enough in only a few hours to impress a specialist in their chosen field, giving a detailed account of what I've learned in the last five months might frighten some of you.  WEG  Others, if they knew where to find me, would be trying to tag and bag me!  Hee hee hee

  But, on to our topic du jour . . .

  It's been 40 years since Neil Alden Armstrong and Edwin Eugene 'Buzz' Aldrin, Jr walked upon the surface of Luna AKA 'the Moon'.  Neil Armstrong's little 9 and a half boot print is still there in the Sea of Tranquility.

  An interesting piece of trivia about Apollo 11 that you probably won't hear about is that because of the Extra-Terrestrial Exposure Law (no, it has nothing to do with the more prudish countries of the Earth trying to force aliens to wear clothes!  LOL), the three astronauts had to spend weeks in quarantine because of fear of them spreading germs from Luna.  No doubt they had visions of most of the world's population being wiped out by diseases which would make influenza, smallpox, and measles look tame by comparison.

  But what has mankind done since the 1st lunar landing besides destroy more of the planet he relies upon to survive through greedy corporations who only see the bottom line and not what effect they'll have upon the ecosystem, as they cut down more trees, pollute the air and water, and destroy more habitats of wildlife?  The landfills grow larger as well, much of it from plastics.  Bacteria can be made to break them down, but that would add more carbon to the ecosystem because plastics are made from oil and oil by-products.  So, until carbon emissions are drastically cut, this isn't an option.

  Aside from that, the only things which the majority of people have been given is more gadgets such as computers, PDAs, laptops, pagers, cellphones, and the like which would make people work more and would make it far more difficult for them to relax at home and not be made to do extra work there or called in whenver their bosses want to pull their chain, so to speak.

  Then there are the pacifiers, the various forms of entertainment such as television (the number of channels available has grown from the 'big three' of the 1940's (which didn't have any real competition, unless you count the DuMont Television Network, until Fox was founded in 1986) to Bruce Springsteen's "57 Channels and Nothin' On" in the early 1990's to the hundreds of channels we have to choose from today), video game consoles (PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and the Xbox 360, among others) and other things, which are good for keeping you . . . well, pacified.  LOL

  Not to mention the technological advances that can be used to keep track of you such as RFID, GPS, and others.

  There are other technological advances and discoveries, but they are not known by the ordinary citizen, or allowed to be used by them, and I'm not just talking about things that have been kept from the public like a device which gives the user eight hours worth of sleep in only one hour as I've mentioned on my Repressed Technology page.  I'm talking about things such as testing the amount of carbon-14 in the tooth enamel of someone to identify when they were born, provided they were born after 1940.  Rather scary, don't you think, that there was so much atmospheric nuclear testing that the amount of carbon-14 in a person's tooth enamel can be used to determine when they were born?

  I could tell you of scarier things, many of which are still regarded as science-fiction by the general population, but . . . I get into enough trouble as it is.  LOL

  Perhaps it's only me, but, I'm seeing a pattern here . . .  Technology's purpose now would appear to be to destroy the world while keeping people working harder, keep better track of them, and to keep them pacified when they are not working.

  Anyway . . .  I've been thinking about sharing some of what I know with the general public, things which could help people and change things for the better.  Things aren't looking very good and the world's population is growing at a very fast rate, which means that something has to be done, and very soon.  Just to give you a general idea of what I'm talking about, there were five billion people on Earth in 1987, and now, there are almost seven billion people on Earth, a mere 22 years later.

  So . . . you should check this page often from now on because I'll post some of what I know very soon.  Although, considering all that I want to tell you, it may be better if I just create a new page for it all, and link to it from here.  You're more than welcome to give out the location of this page to others if you want them in on it, but . . . if they're the easily excitable type, it may not be for the best.

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  September 19th, 2009:

  Created a Web page on much-needed healthcare reform!

  After about a century of sabotage of healthcare reform, people in the United States might have a chance of getting something good.  I've created a Web page called United States of America Healthcare Reform and Universal Healthcare Public Plan which contains a lot of information and real solutions to the problems in the current healthcare system!  And yes, I created the picture on that page, and I screwed up, using the same little picture within it more than once.  You can see how long it takes you to spot it, if you'd like.  ;-)

Healthcare Reform page picture

  Also created a page that I linked to it on called What's Wrong with America and How to Fix it and I hope to be adding more pages to that in the days ahead, as well as making a better picture for it.  LOL

What's Wrong with America picture

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  September 26th, 2009:

  HDI's 100 inch laser 3D TV and an update

  One of the more hyped things in consumer eletronics is a 3D television.  I've been attempting to stay off the hype bandwagon on things like this after being let down so many times by technology that should've already been made available to consumers for over a century, such as electronarcosis and other types of repressed technology.  Well, that, added to the fact that wearing red and blue glasses and getting a headache from slow refresh rates in the old style 3D TV really didn't appeal to me . . .  However, now that the powers that be have finally deigned to let the consumers have products built on this technology, I'll give you some information on it.

  The first 3D laser TV has been created by HDI, that's not only a huge 100 inches (diagonal measure), but is also 1080p (which means that there's 1,080 pixels from top to bottom, in comparison to 780p, which only has 780 pixels from top to bottom), but also 1,080hz (that's over 1,000 fps, as Edmund Sandburg, the CTO of HDI stated in a television interview with Richard Hart (the same Richard Hart who used to be on some of the Cnet TV shows like C|net Central or Cnet Central back in the 1990's).  Its native resolution is 1920x1080.  The lasers are only 1 watt each, so the 3D laser television doesn't use anywhere near as much power as plasma televsions.  It's also true HD, as in HDTV.  One of the people watching the demonstration walked over and tried to touch the tree being shown because it looked so real.  Hee hee hee

  Doing a little more research (no, I'm not like most people and content to limit my research to only one source.  LOL), I found out that it uses LCoS microdisplays, the HDI 3D laser TVs have IMAX quality, and they only use 150 watts of power, which is a lot less than even the power supplies in most personal computers, espcially the newer gaming computers that use four video cards.  Buying one of these HDI 3D laser television sets would also be good for the environment, because it reduces manufacturing pollution by 95 percent and have 60 percent less chemical and radioactive materials than regular HDTVs.  The cost should also be about 60 percent less than it is for plasma televisions (at least to start out at).

  Woz (Steve Wozniak, the guy who co-founded Apple Computer with Steve Jobs) was impressed with it, too, and said "Without a doubt, this is the best demonstration of 3D technology I have ever seen."

  Also added some information to the Help Cyberwolfman page.  Few people ever go to it, but, I thought that it could use an update after so long, and there's links on it that allow people to help others from all over the world on it, as well.

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  October 6th, 2009:

  Had to shutdown This Is It/ThisIsIt due to lack of funds

  After all these years, I've finally had to shut down my 3D world, This Is It, because I can no longer afford to keep paying for it.  If you'd like, you are welcome to click on that link and visit the Web page about it and see some of the pictures I've taken.  Although I'm still hoping that someday in the future, I can again afford to run it, that day may be a long time in coming due to financial difficulties here.  :-(

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