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Honest Movie Reviews

  *    More will be added to this list as soon as I make them fit for viewing by the general public.

    Some of these reviews contain spoilers!  You have been warned . . . 

    VidScans - An American Werewolf in Paris movie review (1997)

    VidScans - Barb Wire movie review (1996)

    VidScans - Beavis and Butthead do America movie review (1996)

    VidScans - Doctor Dolittle movie review (1998)

    VidScans - Dragonheart movie review (1996)

    VidScans - Elf movie review (2003)

    VidScans - Fifth Element, The AKA The Fifth Element movie review (1997)

    VidScans - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie review (2005)

    VidScans - Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy movie review (1981)

    VidScans - Independence Day movie review (1996)

    VidScans - Paulie movie review (1998)

    VidScans - Saint Sinner AKA Clive Barker's Saint Sinner movie review (2002)

    VidScans - Star Trek: First Contact movie review (1996)

    VidScans - Stupids, The AKA The Stupids movie review (1996)

    VidScans - Titanic movie review (1997)

    VidScans - Twelve Monkeys AKA 12 Monkeys movie review (1995)

    VidScans - Underworld movie review (2003)

    VidScans - Underworld Evolution movie review (2006)

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  Cyberwolfman's Pix #1.

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  Cyberwolfman's Pix #3.  Pictures taken in the ActiveWorlds 3D chat program.

  Cyberwolfman's Pix #4.  Back to the real world.  Includes Halloween pictures, party pictures, more pictures of Bloomington-Normal Illinois including events, people, and theaters.

  Cyberwolfman's Pix #5.  Pictures of fountains, buildings, and people, including some radio D.J.s.

  Cyberwolfman's Pix #6.  More pictures of Bloomington-Normal Illinois, including a multiple-car accident, skateboarders in a parking garage, pictures of the inside of the nearly totally abandoned College Hills Mall and a picture of the Miller Park lake showing it almost perfectly still and mirror-like.

  My next pictures page should include pictures taken in south Florida.

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Latest Reviews:
Underworld Evolution movie review

  VidScans - Underworld Evolution movie review (2006)