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Underworld Evolution Movie Review (2006)

Underworld Evolution

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Underworld: Evolution



  First impression of the movie Underworld Evolution:

  Dark and confusing with the vampires in plate armor with helmets that obscured most of their faces.

  Underworld Evolution movie music:

  Not as good as I would have hoped for, and the majority of the music I heard didn't inspire me to look up the music artist or group upon returning home.  But, it seemed to fit in with the theme of the movie, for the most part.

  Underworld Evolution movie plot:

  Picked up where the original Underworld movie left off at.

  Selene (played by Kate Beckinsale, who also played Anna Valerious in Van Helsing back in 2004, and I'm truly hoping will learn to smile during the Underworld 4 movie, even if the director has to resort to laughing gas), is the sole surviving member of a family who built the prison for the original werewolf (in this storyline), William (played by Brian Steele, who's played many creature type of roles in movies and television shows like Harry, the bigfoot creature in the television series Harry and the Hendersons (1991) to Sharkmouth in Men in Black II (2002) and the Drake Creature in Blade: Trinity in 2004).

  The early werewolves were supposed to be little more than animals and un-able to re-take human form.  And, anyone killed by William's bite returned to life in a matter of minutes as a werewolf.  Marcus (played by Tony Curran, who you might have seen in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) playing Rodney Skinner who was the Invisible Man in that movie (although I rather liked Claude Rains in that role better, and Vincent Price's voice was a nice surprise as he played the Invisible Man in the movie Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein) and Vincent van Gogh in a Doctor Who show in 2010), who we saw was awakened with the blood of one of the lycans when the lycan was killed in the vampire's throne room where the other head vampires were stored under the floor in a torpor-like state until needed, or given the chance to rule for a century or so while the others slept.  The blood of the lycan who was killed above him dripped down to his body and after he consumed it, he became what the vampires called an abomination having the strength of both a vampire and a werewolf, being perhaps limitless in power.  The only way he survived the change to an abomination was because he was the son of Corvinus (played by Derek Jacobi, who also played characters such as Professor Yano in a Doctor Who show called Utopia in 2007), the guy who survived the black death AKA bubonic plague.  Which really wasn't that unusual since about one out of three people who contract it survive it if they don't get treatment, but this is one of those movies where you're supposed to suspend disbelief, so, in this movie, he was special.  LOL

  His son William, was bitten by a wolf and became the first werewolf.  His other son, Marcus, was bitten by a bat, and became the first vampire.

  I won't ruin the ending for you, however.


  Specifc things which I liked about the movie Underworld Evolution:

  The ultraviolet bullets used to kill the vampires.  None were shown being used against anybody in the movie, however, unless they removed the special effects from the UV rounds hitting the targets.

  Corvinus being a part of the movie.  However, he just didn't act as though he was hundreds of years old.  There was no talk at all of anything not directly related to the other characters in the movie, like his sons, and what they and those they created, had done.


  An interesting Underworld Evolution movie cast member:

  (Not including the ones I've already mentioned above.)

  Tanis (played by Steven Mackintosh), the exiled historian, who managed to set up a nice little place for himself, complete with a nice collection of rather old books, some women to keep him company, and a very interesting defensive set-up.  ;-)


  Underworld Evolution was directed by:

  Len Wiseman.  He also directed Underworld (2003) and Live Free or Die Hard (2007), both of which I've seen and liked.

  The movie Underworld Evolution is rated:

  R.  Supposedly for nudity (although I didn't see any women's nipples or anyone's genetalia, there was a brief scene where there were two bodies that the audience was supposed to believe were Selene and Michael, but, they were laying on top of each other in a way that all private parts were well hidden from view) language (there was very little cussing in this movie), and strong violence (nowhere near as much violence as in Saving Private Ryan).

  My overall impression of the movie Underworld Evolution:

  This movie really could have been a lot better.  The overall feel of it was too dark and there was limited encounters with humans who were un-aware of the existance of the lycans and vampires, which would've made for a more interesting movie, as you'd see the reactions of the humans as they were face-to-face with creatures that they had previously regarded as mythical creatures.  They put a lycan-vampire mix guy in a bar and the most they could do with him was have him eat a few bites of food off a plate and throw it up and get shot at by some cops after they saw his picture on the news?  LOL  A lot more imagination and a sense of humor is needed . . .

  The flashback scenes were also annoyingly speed-zipped as though someone were remembering parts of a dream, snatching bits and pieces of it before it was buried from the conscious mind.

  Also, there should've been just a little more information on Corvinus.  All those centuries, and not a single flashback for him, a guy who didn't have any problems with walking around in the daylight or had a fear of garlic, holy water, crucifixes, and silver, and thus, didn't have those to limit his life experiences or what he could accomplish?  It seemed rather surprising that the one responsible for the very existance of both the lycans and vampires in this movie wouldn't have a single flashback.  All we got out of him was some lines about his sons and those they created.

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