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My Favorite Movies

    These are some of them, and, I'm sure your tastes will vary:  Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast (loved the misunderstood monster theme (most people judge others solely on their appearance and miss out on a lot) and the nice ending), Big Hero 6, Guardians of the Galaxy (although it would have been better with the sentient space vessel in it who was named Ship AKA Rora AKA Aurora, who I remember from comic books like Marvel Preview 11), Highlander, Hot Tub Time Machine, the Short Circuit movies (especially the first one with Stephanie in it!  Not too many humans can give you a grinly (a grinly is a smile from the heart) that well), The Princess Bride, Miracle Beach (the female genie played by Ami Dolenz was another great smiler.  Wonder if she's related to one of the old Hollywood Vampires?  Hmm...), The Cabin in the Woods (from 2012, and I thought that their incorporating characters from other horror movies in a not stupid way was cool), Van Wilder (I liked some of the songs, the lead actress and how she beat the main character at ice hockey), Steel Dawn (mostly because of the cool swords and the fact that it was a post-apocalyptic movie.  It was pretty slow though and didn't go into much of the history of what caused the desolation), Labyrinth (1986), Trick 'r Treat (from 2007, and it is now one of my absolute favorite Halloween movies), Omega Man (1971), Real Genius, Harvey, Escape from New York, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (both of them from 1981 and 2005 and I watched the original on PBS once upon a time), Electric Dreams, Spaced Invaders, Howard the Duck, Mannequin, The Addams Family (the movies as well as the original television series), Big Man on Campus (1989), Riders of the Storm, Tank Girl (she had some wicked one-liners), Strange Brew, Xanadu, and Rock & Rule AKA Rock 'n' Rule.  Which finally came out on DVD . . .

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Pictures pages:

  Cyberwolfman's Pix #1.

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  Cyberwolfman's Pix #3.  Pictures taken in the ActiveWorlds 3D chat program.

  Cyberwolfman's Pix #4.  Back to the real world.  Includes Halloween pictures, party pictures, more pictures of Bloomington-Normal Illinois including events, people, and theaters.

  Cyberwolfman's Pix #5.  Pictures of fountains, buildings, and people, including some radio D.J.s.

  Cyberwolfman's Pix #6.  More pictures of Bloomington-Normal Illinois, including a multiple-car accident, skateboarders in a parking garage, pictures of the inside of the nearly totally abandoned College Hills Mall and a picture of the Miller Park lake showing it almost perfectly still and mirror-like.

  My next pictures page should include pictures taken in south Florida.

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