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Truly Honest Reviews!

  Yes, on this Web site, at least, you will find truly honest reviews.  This includes (but, not limited to) truly honest movie reviews and truly honest TV show reviews.

  While other people may get bribed or coerced for giving sponsors, movie companies, or others good movie reviews for their movies, I can honestly say that I've never received a bribe for giving a good review, or earned a single penny (true up to May 17th, 2014, at least, the date I last updated this specific Web page) for writing a review, and I've been writing honest reviews for decades, now.

  Heck, I've never even gotten offered a ride as a kind of bribe to go see a movie and give a good review of it.  In many cases, I've gotten on my bicycle and rode it to the movie theater.  How many movie reviewers can say that?  LOL

  Still not sure how honest are the reviews here as compared to other Web sites?  Compare the number of ads.  You should figure out pretty quickly which review Web site has the most sponsors and corporations it doesn't dare upset.  If you ever see an advertisement on this Web site, you can be very certain they are not dictating to me what I can say.  If they ever do, you'll see one of the fastest HTML edits in the history of the Internet!

  When it comes to product reviews, I'm very picky.  Things that don't work the way that they're supposed to and aren't built to last are two things that tick me off the most.  Not only will I tell others that something is a piece of crap, I'll likely never buy anything from that company ever again.

  If you want to read a review written by somebody who's been given money to tell people that a movie, TV show, or product is good, or even just transcribed what they were told to say about it, by all means, try another Web site.  You won't find that kind of thing here.  When I review a movie, I tell you what I think of it, not what somebody else tells me I should think.  From reading the reviews on other sites, many of them may not have even seen the movie they wrote a review for.  And, I suspect that there's one person out there who wrote down things they thought they saw, and many of the other reviewers are copying it as their reviews are so similar.

Movie reviewers that do not watch the movies! LOL

  Are the professionals clueless or intentionally deceptive?

  Here is an example from someone who wrote up a review that worked in the entertainment section of ABC news.  It would appear that even those working for the big corporations do not watch the movies they comment on, or they say it in a way to make the average reader think that they mean something else.  If they are clueless, they should not be commenting on these things, because it reflects badly on their employers.  If they are attempting to be deceptive, they are not people I would trust.  Either way, not good.

  The movie and TV show reviews you find here are written by me, not somebody else, and I've actually watched what I review, or, in a few cases, the trailer, but when I do that, I tell you so.  Not going to lie to you and tell you I saw the movie or TV show and I didn't, or to make it appear as though I did when I write a review about it.  I'll leave that to some of the professionals.  LOL

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  My next pictures page should include pictures taken in south Florida.

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