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Movie Theater Complaints

    The worst movie theater I've been in so far:  AMC Aventura 24 in Aventura Mall, in Aventura, Florida is the absolute worst movie theater that I have ever gone to.  They have diluted soda pop that's so diluted, you cannot tell that it's a Coke even when there's no ice in it to dilute it further.  It doesn't have nearly the same amount of syrup per volume as does a bottle of Coke you buy at the store.  On top of that, they have popcorn which at least a third of it seems like it didn't fully pop or pop at all and doesn't taste as good as the popcorn I make myself at home.  But, maybe I'm the only one who doesn't enjoy un-expectedly chomping down on an un-popped kernel of popcorn several times from the same bag . . .  Then, there's the no outside food rule, like there is in most other theaters, these days.  But, maybe if their concession stand food wasn't so crappy and expensive, people wouldn't try to bring their own food in.  Although I'm sure they figured that out, hence the rule about bringing in outside food . . .  Sometimes, they also have at least two hundred little kids in the place at the same time, either standing around, or in rows blocking the way in and out of the theaters between the main concession stand and the theaters in the back.  This occurred sometimes between 10:00 A.M. and the very early afternoon on a week-day.  From what I've been told, the students were given free movie theater tickets if they rat on themselves and others with a psychology evaluation test which asks them such things like if they've every thought about killing themselves, had thoughts of suicide and so on.  Well, if they didn't before, they have now, thanks to you asking them about it!  Of course, the test has to be completed at the school, and not taken home or the parents may see it, who will likely have questions of their own for the school to answer . . .

    Going to see a movie at the movie theaters is too expensive:  What is it now?  $6.00 for a regular movie ticket and $12.50 for a 3D movie ticket* (or more) just to get in to a new movie, another $13.25* (or more) for refreshments AKA concessions at the concession stand in a movie theater's lobby for just a large drink (48 ounces) and a medium sized bag of popcorn (I'm getting a medium drink and small popcorn next time) and their combos won't save you any money, either, since they're the same price you'd pay for buying the stuff individually.  This has got to be one of the biggest rip-offs I've ever seen.  At the very least, it sounds like price-gouging, because you can get the same stuff at your local store for a heck of a lot less, and they obviously make enough of a profit to stay in business with those prices.  One bottled water for how many dollars per bottle?!  I frequently see 24 pack cases of name brand bottled water for less than 20 dollars per case.  Here's a real dumb (even for humans!) system: Get the special with free refills of your soda and popcorn (it's often the large version of each, but, can you really drink more than a liter and a half of soda pop (and more importantly, should you?)?), go in the theater and watch about half of the show, come back out to get a refill on soda pop and they make you wait in line again making you miss more of your movie.  Why this is so stupid is that the movie that the other people waiting in line to see hasn't even started yet.  The only thing they're missing is commercials and movie trailers, if the latter have even started.

  *    Last updated the prices on May 29th, 2014, and the prices represent the cheapest I've seen, lately, at the big name movie theaters.

    No outside food rule at the movie theaters:  Look, we know you're greedy.  The prices on your over-priced and crappy-tasting concession stand food proves that all on its own.  But, to tell your movie theater customers (even those who bought one of your movie theater chain discount cards!) that they cannot bring in a bag of popcorn that they made themselves at home which doesn't have any un-popped kernels in it (un-like yours!) or a large plastic insulated glass filled with iced tea or soda pop and regular ice cube tray icecubes in it so it lasts longer is asinine, and is making what few movie theater customers you have left that come in during the daytime hate your guts because you're trying to force them to buy your over-priced and crappy tasking concession stand food, that, in most cases, the theater employees themselves wouldn't feed to their own pets.  Charging more than double what it costs at the local discount store and keeping your guests from bringing in those cheaper foods should be a crime!  If I find a movie theater in an area I'm living in that lets me bring in my own food, they are the only movie theater I'll go to, and they'll get the money you could've had.  If anyone knows of such a movie theater in your area, tell others  Maybe the movie theaters will buy a brain cell after they lose even more business!  LOL  And they wonder why so many people would rather watch movies at home . . .  And, there are even more such people, now, thanks to larger television screens!  If America wasn't a corporatocracy, there might be laws such as the Israeli popcorn law which forces business to allow people to bring in their own food and drinks.  But, because most politicians appear to be little more than slaves of big business and put their interests first before that of the citizens they've sworn to serve, that will likely never happen.  In America, there's supposed to be freedom of choice, not a forced monopoly of your captive audience where a consumer can either 'choose' to buy your overly-priced and crappy-tasting products or go without.  If you're going to gouge your customers, maybe they should stay home and watch movies from a streaming Web site.  Seriously, if this is how you treat your guests, they should stop coming!

    Stale popcorn:  Ugh!  Many theaters save the popcorn that didn't sell the day before in clear garbage bags to be used the next day, or make it up early, then store it in those clear plastic garbage bags.  In addition to this, they never run out of popcorn, always popping up more if the level of popcorn starts getting low, letting it fall onto the old popcorn.  Just because it's warm doesn't mean it's fresh!  If you ever ate a single piece of popcorn that tasted like it was a week old, or even older, now you know why.  What?  You think we don't notice or that we don't know that you try to cover it up sometimes by mixing in a little fresh popcorn?  Yeah, right!  LOL

    Popcorn with too many kernels, or that doesn't fully pop:  Ack!  Movie theater popcorn sucks!  Seems even if you take a very small handful of popcorn, you'll almost always have at least one un-popped kernel or a kernel that didn't pop all the way in it.  While I realize that movie theaters are run by greedy people who are trying to make every single penny they can off of their customers, having a metal plate with holes in it which are a little smaller than the average fully-popped kernel in the bottom of the popcorn machine where the (mostly) popped popcorn falls into would help to prevent un-popped kernels in the popcorn.  The movie theater employee can move the popcorn around just over the height of the filter so the un-popped kernels and those that didn't fully pop fall through into a shallow pan.  This would make customers less un-happy because they'd have kernel-free popcorn and may get them to buy it more often.  The lack of un-popped kernels in the popcorn wouldn't cut out that much profit since they don't take up much space, and buying a thin metal plate and drilling holes in it just a little bigger than un-popped kernels isn't that expensive.  So, why don't movie theaters use such a simple solution?  My guess is that they're not only greedy but also sadistic.

    Concession stand combination deals that aren't deals:  Ever notice that the combination deals at many of the concession stands are the exact same prices you would have paid if you had gotten the items separately?  The combination 'deals' are just ways to get you to buy more.  They're trying to con you by making you think you're going to save money somehow, which may encourage you to spend even more money.  Do the math and don't fall for it!

    Commercials before the movie:  Having to watch the stupid commercials (they used to put cartoons on before the movie started in the past.  Shows how greedy some people are I guess) on the screen until your movie starts (where's the remote?  I can't change the channel or fast forward.  This sucks!) which never seems to have started at the advertised time since at least some time in the 1990s.  Just for kicks what I'd like to see is everybody hang outside of the doors to a theater until the movie actually starts.  Post a sentry inside the doors (whoever picks the short straw, maybe) if you have to.  ;-)

    No more newsreels, adventure serials AKA movie serials AKA chapter plays:  That used to be part of the fun of going to the movie theaters for Saturday matinees.  *Sighs*  No more Exploits of Elaine (who was the mysterious Clutching Hand, anyway?), Perils of Pauline, and Hazards of Helen?  Yes, there's definitely a theme going on here, and it didn't help that the first two had the same woman in them, Pearl White.  Well, they had some Tarzan serials, too, but, not many . . .  At times, though, the newsreels and animated cartoons were more entertaining.

    Hundreds of little school children in movie theaters on school days while school is in session, blocking up the entire hallway:  Why are young school children in movie theaters on school days?  Are the schools substituting movies for education, now?  Why are adults with the students, making them stand in lines all close together so that they block access to the movie theaters?  You would think there would be a law against that kind of thing.  At the very least, a fire code making it illegal to block hallways in case there's a fire or shooting!  You think humans would hesitate even for a moment before trampling little children to death if their lives were at stake?  They show none when people are in their way during a store's black friday sale.  It's a fair bet that they would care more about their lives than saving a little money on a product, so they would be much more likely to kill others who got in their way if their lives were threatened with a fire or someone shooting a gun in a movie theater.  Last saw this on a weekday at AMC Aventura 24 in Aventura Mall in Aventura, Florida.  The specific location was AMC Aventura 24 movie theater in the hallway between the gaming area and where most of the movie theaters were in back.  Date: November 28th, 2012.  Time: Around noon.  The noise from them all is bad enough, especially when you can hear it even though you're watching a movie.  But, to block people from getting in and out of the movie theaters?  Not good!

    Movies should start at the time they're scheduled to start:  Seriously, how many movies have you gone to where you get into the movie theater near the time that the movie's supposed to start, and you have to sit through 15 to 20 minutes of commercials?  If they're going to lie, and force us to watch commercials, they should reduce the cost of the tickets because they're making more money off of us having to watch that crap!

    Crappy sound systems or damaged speakers:  While watching the movie Looper in the theater, there was a blown out speaker giving out distorted sound.  Wasn't a good time for me, as this was also the very same movie with the strobe-light kind of effect with the white background scenes in it.  If you're going to charge outrageous prices for movie tickets and snacks that cost very little money to make (or buy at the stores), so you get high profit off of them by gouging your captive customers there's no excuse why you cannot afford to keep things in good repair and working the way they should!

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