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Movie Mistakes

    Sound effects drowning out the dialog:  One of the movies where I first noticed it as being a problem was during The Dark Knight Rises (2012), when there was one scene with Catwoman in it and you missed part of what was said due to the overly-loud sound that someone thought it would be cool to put over the words.  Either that, or someone was too incompetent to check the movie before they shipped it out, or they just didn't care.  Guess nobody screens the movies, anymore . . .

    Dialog sound is too low:  In many of the movies made since the 1990's, it seems like they have the sound effects volume cranked up to 10 and the dialog volume or voice volume down to about 2 or 3.  Is the dialog that bad that they need high volume sound effects to make you think it's a good movie?  When was the last time you saw a movie in which there were several memorable movie lines in it that you could remember and told others about?  Or, did I just prove my point?  LOL  Then, there's the problem of watching the movie at home, where you have to choose either having the sound effects blasting out the speakers in your apartment in order to hear what the characters are saying or lowering the volume and putting on subtitles or closed captions.

    Using colors such as cyan or turquoise to convey the look of high tech on computer monitors, screens, or neon lighting in the movies:  Is that what they really think people will associate with it?  LOL  All it does is make the viewer think that the people only have near-monochrome monitors, or their color needs some serious adjustment.  *Sighs*  Although I kind of miss the old monochrome monitors with black backgrounds and green text, and used that on some of my Web pages . . .  But, few people have figured out that I've been using computers for that long.

    Crappy colors in movies:  Ugh.  The colors in movies are really starting to suck.  Movie colors seem to have this odd tint to them.  This is most noticeable in scenes with flames in it.  And, what's with that nasty-looking shade of green in most movies?  Makes you want to hurl.

    Low frame rate:  The flickering and jerky motion in movies is annoying to me.  Most people don't seem to notice it, for some reason.  Okay, so I know the reason I notice it, but . . .  It's not as bad as it was in the silent film era, and seems to be about twice as fast, but . . .  It's still flickering.  This is most evident when there's a scene with an almost solid white background, like they had in Looper (back in 2012), which also seems to make it more noticeable to humans.  To me, it was like a strobe light.  I know that in the future they had they'll have much higher frame rates, but, for now, it takes an effort of will to sit through a movie and not want to rip out the chair in front of you and hurl it at the screen!

    Dumber than usual humans:  In some movies, you have potential victims standing around watching something or somebody coming towards them that they're fairly certain means them harm, but not running or grabbing something to defend themselves with until it's almost too late, and in some cases, is too late.  You want to scream at them saying "What are you going to do, run, or just stare at them until they get close enough to kill you?  Stupid humans!"

    Characters with zero tactical sense:  In almost all of the adventure movies I've seen that had someone fighting for their lives in different situations:  They knock out or kill one of the bad guys, but don't bother to pick up the weapon(s) they've dropped.  They do this even when they know that they're still in danger!  I would!  Oh, yeah!!!  Even if you can't bring yourself to hurt someone that's trying to hurt you, they might not know that and displaying a weapon may make them keep their distance.

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