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The After Television Show Review (2014)

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The After review

  This TV show was created by Chris Carter, the same guy known for the X-Files, so, if you liked that, you may like this.

  Advisories for The After TV show:

  This television show is rated TV-MA for adult content, adult language, graphic violence, and nudity.

  Let me add to that . . .  In regards to the violence, in the pilot episode of The After TV show, there were two guys who got shot, a motorcyclist that ran into an ambulance (but seemed to be okay for the most part), a lawyer who broke his leg and there was a bone sticking out of it with some blood.  For language, there was repeated mention of the F-word and other cussing (primarily done by the same character), and the nudity was a woman's breasts obscured by shadows and seen through swimming pool water, unless you count a side shot of her butt.  Compared to other things you could watch, The After television show was mild by comparison.

  First impression of the television show The After:

  A sampling of what was to come in Gigi Generau's (one of the show's main characters played by Louise Monot) dream followed by a normal-seeming short stretch of time where she has a video chat with her husband and daughter on her mobile electronic device which looked like an iPod but lacked the stylized apple icon they usually have on them.

  The After TV show's music:

  In the opening credits, John Debney is credited for the music.  Didn't see any song credits in the final credits, although the music editor was listed as Jeff Charbonneau.  Don't recall any lyrics in any of it, though, so it was likely all instrumental music.

  The After television show plot:

  A post-apocalyptic television show (which may have been limited to one city since we didn't see any other city but that and they had lost communication, so they didn't know what was going on elsewhere in the rest of the world) of sorts with a few twists, X-Files style.

    Warning:  The following contains spoilers and is meant as a brief summary or synopsis of the pilot episode of The After TV show. 

  I swear, almost all my Web pages start off with the idea of them being brief but I keep getting carried away.  Not by the men in the white coats.  Or, at least, not yet . . .

  The first indication of trouble in The After was when some people from some fancy hotel in a big city trapped in an elevator with a clown and a cop.  Apparently, these humans were dumber than even the regular kind of humans.  They expected their cellular telephones to work when they're trapped in a large metal box, which was probably surrounded by concrete, cables and wires (okay, so most people have probably never heard of a Faraday cage, Faraday shield, or Faraday room but, still . . .), and they didn't think about putting anything they had on them which would be slim and non-bending between the elevator doors to pry them open with.  Eventually, after several minutes, the cop was told to put her stick between the doors and use that.  Then, once they got out into the parking garage, which was the only floor they could get out on in the elevator after prying the doors open, a lawyer named Wade (played by Adrian Pasdar (who also played a character in the Heroes television series) and some woman came out of the stairway door and ignored multiple requests to not let the door close.  Either not very smart, or, they didn't care about anyone but themselves.  Okay, so that pretty much defines 99.999 percent of humans in my experience, and, I'm being very generous with that percentage.

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  Yeah, I didn't think so.  Actions speak a lot louder than words, and your past actions towards others, to other species, and to the very planet you're all living on are ample proof as to your true nature.  Get off my Web site, and go read the news about your latest atrocities.

  Now that we got the sadistic monsters to go away, I'll continue.  :-)

  Later on, after a skirmish in the parking garage with some guy named D. Love (played by Aldis Hodge) who the cops were after in connection with a murder, who had a shotgun, Gigi Generau (played by Louise Monot), who auditioned for an acting role earlier, was able to escape the parking garage and said she'd get help.  She tried, for about a minute.  Oddly enough, the cop she talked to said that they lost communications the day before, but, to Gigi, and to those watching, what happened was less than an hour ago.  Unless they were stuck in that elevator (or were somewhere else and had their memories wiped) a lot longer than they thought, but, then, a digital watch or electronic mobile device sould have shown the correct date and time.

  After failing to get any of the humans who, as usual, could only think about themselves, she decided to just help herself, including using a pistol (it was a realistic-looking squirt gun for her acting audition) to threaten someone to get her in her hotel room.  But, I didn't have any sympathy for the hotel employee, either, as he took all of Gigi's money a few minutes ago as a bribe to let her get into the stairway.  She then got her luggage and left the hotel, not bothering to tell anyone there that there were people trapped in the parking garage.  After the murder suspect rescued them from the parking garage, the humans outside tried to roll over the ambulance.  For some odd reason, even though both him and the cop were armed, neither of them had enough brains to pull their weapons and fire a shot or two in the air to get people to back off.  You would think at least the cop would have done that . . .

  They then drove to the rich lady's house in Bel Air, Los Angeles, that Ward said probably cost 100 million dollars.  D. Love, after forcing the gates open, continued to drive up the the driveway, making everyone else walk.  Didn't see whether or not they had bothered to secure the gates before they left them, which, anyone with half a brain would have done in that situation because of the danger of looters and groups of armed people going into people's homes and taking what they want and killing others while the police are busy with crowd control.  Seriously, am I the only person on the planet who has studied history and realized that humans don't have a 'better nature' or has watched at least one post-apocalyptic movie?  LOL  After they got into the house, Wade, the idiot lawyer, opened the refrigerator door and said that all of the food is going to spoil.  Yes, it most certainly will, especially with some moron talking while keeping the refrigerator doors open during a power outage . . .  Gigi, meanwhile, was apparently trying to run her mobile device's battery down as fast as possible by watching a video on it.  Wonder how she thought she was going to be able to re-charge it when there was no power?  LOL  McCormick (played by Andrew Howard) found the room with wine in it, and grabbed a bottle, saying he was going to marry the woman (the rich home-owner, I'm guessing).  David the professional clown (played by Jamie Kennedy), had stripped down to his underwear and had taken off his make-up.  That was how the rich lady found him, and thought he was an intruder, since she didn't recognize him.  There was a little nudity, showing a woman's breasts and butt (but always obscured by shadow or water) starting at 38 minutes when Tammy (played by Arielle Kebbel), the woman that had left the hotel's stairwell with Wade, took off her clothes and jumped into the pool.  And, we see she had a tattoo of 888 on the back of her right shoulder.  At 41 minutes, they discover they were all born on March 7th.

  The cop told McCormick that being drunk on an elevator is a misdemeanor.  Didn't know about that one until now, but, the television show was supposed to be based in America, so, it wouldn't be any big surprise that there's a law against that.  What is it, elevating under the influence?  LOL

  At 44 minutes, we learn that the main characters were too stupid to secure the gate they forced their way into, as a car drove up the driveway with people armed with shotguns in it.  Then, the cop gave up her gun, not even firing a single shot or uttering a word of protest after claiming that she's a cop and she'd shoot them.  She just let one of the guys walk right up to her and take it away, leaving them all defenseless.  But, maybe she was the kind of cop who didn't think that armed people who come to people's homes would never ever do anything bad . . .  LOL  The head bad guy told the main characters that they want the combination to the safe, and they had the rich lady's housekeeper as a hostage.  D. Love shot the head bad guy, but, then, instead of continuing to shoot in order to make the enemy retreat (since he had clear shots at them and was obviously a good shot from his being able to pick off the guy from a distance) and going up and grabbing the bad guy's shotgun, he backed up to the house, willing to risk all of their lives on the hope that bad guys would never shoot anyone in the back.  But, maybe he thought he had a shotgun which would never run out of ammunition?  Right, and I believe in honest politicians who aren't paid off by corporations.  LOL  This left at least three hostiles, two guys and a woman, each armed with a shotgun, unless the housekeeper was also in on it and was just acting like she was in danger of being killed unless the rich lady gave them the combination.

  At 50 minutes, D. Love shoots a guy who looked like he had gray skin and was covered in tattoos and had either a couple of little horns on top of his head or small ears. One of the tattoos reminded me of the Ouroboros snake eating its own tail, but, the end of the tail wasn't in its mouth. McCormick had the same tattoo on his left hand. The gray man also had the triple eights tattoo on his back, as well, like Tammy. On his neck was an Aries the ram zodiac symbol tattoo. When he opened his eyes, he had red irises with a black ring around them. He then reached his arms over his shoulders to push his body up a little up off the ground and ran off into the trees on all fours, with his back to the ground and his arms over his shoulders.

  This television show was made by Amazon, as shown in the credits.

  Specific things which I liked about the TV show The After:

  The style of the tattoos on the gray man all seemed to be from the Renaissance period (from the 14th through the 17th centuries).  Not to be confused with the 'dark ages', a period of time of intellectual darkness following the fall of the Roman empire. The phrase is used to point out that there were few written records of the time, which some believe span the 5th through 10th centuries and others believe the dark ages were from the 6th to 13th centuries.

  An interesting cast member in The After TV show:

  I'd have to say I liked McCormick most of all, even though his priorities seemed silly and put himself in danger, he had a good time.

  My overall impression of The After television show:

  While I personally feel that all movies and television shows are nowhere near perfect, this one was worth watching at least once, and, I'm interested in seeing what they do with it if it becomes a regular television series.  Is the gray man part of a larger group, or is he a solo act?  Is he or them responsible for what's going on, and what exactly is going on?  If they're not, are they hostile to the group or friendly and the one we saw just got shot because he looked different and D. Love assumed from his appearance that he was violent?  So many un-answered questions that additional episodes may answer or string us along until the first season finale. Hee hee hee

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