South Florida Entertainment Review by Cyberwolfman:

Toucan's Oceanside Bar & Grill in Hollywood Florida Review

*Update: They later changed their name to Bonny & Read's Toucan Hideout

South Florida Entertainment Review

  This is my review of Toucan's Oceanside Bar & Grill in Hollywood Florida, that I visited on March 17th, 2011, which later changed its name to Bonny & Read's Toucan Hideout.  Check the sections below for specific information about the place.

  What Toucan's Oceanside Bar and Grill in Hollywood Florida is like:

They had cheaper beer prices than anywhere else I have found in the area, and, during happy hour, they had domestic bottle beer for only $2 a bottle, although they didn't have any Icehouse.  The jukebox was one of the newer ones with a search function, and I played House of Pain's Top O' The Morning To Ya, being in one of those odd moods, while remembering the scene in the 2003 Daredevil movie where Bullseye is playing darts in a bar.  The jukebox even had Alice Cooper songs in it.  ;-)  The daytime staff were good at their jobs, and friendly, making the customers feel welcome.  The customers seem like a nice mix of both locals and tourists, and the place is relaxed and laid back.  It's right next to the beach, and you have an un-obstructed view of the ocean there, and, if you don't want to be inside the bar, you can sit at a table outside, by the sidewalk, and watch people walk or ride bicycles along the beach.  A great place to try if you're in that area, and I recommend very few places.

  The beer at Toucan's:

  Cold and cheap.  Can beers at a bar be any more perfect?  Hee hee hee

  For those who don't know me yet, on sight, I was the six foot, four inches tall guy who was there, and had on the bright green T-shirt, which had Mutant Leprechaun written on the back of it.

  Toucan's Oceanside Bar & Grill food:

  Only had a hot dog, plain, with no condiments but mustard on it, and some french fries, which were crinkle cut, and had seasoning salt on them, I think, although I'm not a chef, so, I'm not certain of that.  But, they were cheap and somewhat filling, and tasty.  The kind of thing that's just right for someone on a tight budget, at a bar.  :-)

  Toucan's Oceanside Bar & Grill AKA Bonny & Read's Toucan Hideout cleanliness:

  The latest inspection information can be found here, if you are interested in the details.

  Recommendations to those going to Toucan's:

  If you don't like crowds, I recommend getting there before noon, and, if you drive an automobile, you stand a good chance of getting a parking space near the bar on Taylor street (provided it's not blocked off by the city for road work . . .), which runs along the south side of the bar.  If it is blocked off, or, you show up later, finding a parking spot near it could be a problem.  If such is the case, I recommend using the public parking garage a few blocks south of Taylor street.  There's another parking garage to the north of it, but, it's farther away, and, when I went by it, had a sign stating that it was full, so it might fill up, first.

  Drink responsibly, and don't drive if you've drank enough to be considered a drunk driver, or even less, if you're tired.


  Outside picture of Toucan's Oceanside Bar and Grill shortly after noon:

Toucan's in Hollywood, Florida

  Two pages of Toucan's menu:

Toucan's menu in Hollywood, Florida

  The view from inside Toucan's:

The view from inside Toucan's in Hollywood, Florida

  The view of Hollywood Beach near Toucan's:

The Hollywood Beach near Toucan's in Hollywood, Florida

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