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I try to respect people's privacy.  I don't collect, use, store, and disclose data collected from visitors except to sometimes look through my site's traffic and see things like what the percentages are for the various operating systems that you, the visitors have, or to tell people how many unique visitors I have to this site and stuff like that.  I don't even use cookies (but, I do eat them, sometimes), although most other Web sites do.

  3rd parties, some of which may have an advertisement on one or some of the Web pages:  They might serve up an ad or put up some content and, like most other Web sites, could collect information about you as well as place cookies and/or recognize them in your Web browsers.  However, I will only try to have ads from Web sites that I use myself to minimize any problems you might have.  It may be a little old-fashioned of me to think of it this way, but, I see my Web site visitors as guests to my Web site.

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