The Worst Schools in America AKA The Worst Schools in the United States



  Your opinion may vary, but, few can argue with the selections if they know the history of the schools and what went on there.  Much of the information you can find about these schools are available for free on-line, but, there's other sources you can check, if you know where.  Many of them are mentioned by name on the School Violence: What Causes School Violence page.  In some of the newer entries, I've added a little further information.  This is my listing of the worst schools in America AKA the U.S.


  The criteria for selection:  In many cases, students were bullied to the point where they felt they had to be violent in return or ultra-violent, if you will.  In some cases, the students had to die before the schools listened or at least acted as though they were listening and gave empty platitudes and claimed that they were going to change so that it wouldn't happen again, even if they didn't say those exact words.  If a single student has to die due to violence against them or suicide to show a school that something is wrong, then the school should share the responsibility for the death(s).  The very worst schools are those where the student(s) actually tell those working in the school about the problem and it isn't resolved.


  The worst schools in America/the United States of America:


  (These are in no particular order, except maybe the first one, which seems like the very worst.)


  Columbine High School in Columbine, Colorado.  Quite possibly, one of the very worst schools in america, from the details of the bullying involved, and the school's unwillingness to do anything about it before it was too late.


  Deerfield Beach Middle School in Deerfield Beach, Florida, where schoolchildren apparently aren't taught that setting other children on fire is a bad thing, like they did to Michael Brewer.


  South Hadley High School (AKA SHHS) in South Hadley, Massachusetts, where children like Phoebe Prince are bullied and harassed to the point of suicide, but, it seems that the school didn't think it was serious enough to do anything to stop it, and, according to some news reports, the accused weren't even expelled, and the Northwestern District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel only considered that the staff's actions and inactions in regards to this incident were only troublesome.  Apparently, it's not a criminal act to be the only adults at a school who can stop parents' children from being tortured this badly and do nothing at all to stop it, even though most people would consider them an accessory to the crime.  If a school can't keep your children safe, why should you trust the school with them?


  Holy Angels Catholic Academy in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn where 13 year old Daniel Fitzpatrick felt he had no other recourse but suicide after both he and his parents told the school that he was being constantly bullied and harassed.  At least one teacher also humiliated him in front of the other students.  According to his parents, the school had social workers sent to their home, possibly to shift the blame to them.  Both parents submitted voluntarily to drug and alcohol abuse and passed the tests.


  Pensacola Christian Academy in Florida for punishing children for their beliefs in another religion besides that of the school's.  The Pensacola Christian Academy in Florida violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as well as the First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Or, are they denying that children have less rights than those in prison?


  Alfred University in New York.


  Mepham High School in Bellmore, New York.


  Tri-Valley High School in Downs, Illinois.


  Loranger High School in Loranger, Louisiana.


  Bloomington High School in Bloomington, Illinois.


  Pearl High School in Pearl, Mississippi.


  Red Lake High School in Beltrami County, Minnesota.


  Lindhurst High School in Olivehurst, California.


  Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) in Blacksburg, Virginia.


  Miami Norland Senior High School in Miami, Florida.


  Heath High School in West Paducah, Kentucky.


  University of Texas at Austin in Austin, Texas.

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